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  1. Thanks for the quick replies - now I know what these things are called I can have a look at the. Am thinking that the earth terminal blocks is all I need. Best Wishes David
  2. Sorry, really basic question here, I need to join 8 wires to one on a common return in to a CDU Capacitor Discharge Unit. What's the name of the 'thing' that I can uses to do this. Can't search for something when I don't know what its called, if you see what I mean! Thanks David
  3. Thanks Ian, how interesting - Best Wishes David
  4. Really like the wall - how did you make the coping stones? Best Wishes David
  5. Nice to see this layout still going, Remember the article in MRJ and seeing it at Expo EM (I Think) years ago. Look forward to see how you develop it. David
  6. I recall seeing Albion Street at the York show a number of years ago - one of my favourite layouts, so looking forward to seeing this 7mm project. Best Wishes David
  7. Hi another question, but what size is the layout please? Also would love to see some more pictures of the layout. Thanks David
  8. Good to see this layout at the show, thought you had caputured the 'fen' feel. Really enjoyed seeing lots of trains I recall seeing an travelling on! Best Wishes David
  9. What a really interesting project. I’ve just re-read the whole thread, what I particularly like is the research into the train formation that you are doing to identify which services would of run under the scenario you are playing out. Please keep this coming as you develop the project. I think you will end up with a unique layout which I look forward to seeing. Cheers David
  10. I thought that when the first two 04 were delivered that one was facing one way and the second the other. Im sure there is a photo showing this at Wisbech. Best Wishes David
  11. Thanks Neil, that is really helpful. I've been mocking up various heights before I saw your new venture and had come to about the same height of baseboard and track level to my height ratio that you had come to. I'm a bit shorter than you so slightly lower baseboard and track level! Looking forward to seeing you develope this one. Best WIshes David
  12. Neil, couple of quick questions, what height did you settle on for the height of the baseboards and how wide have you made them? I'm intrested as I have about the same amount of space to play with. Best Wishes David
  13. Sorry typo, yes I guessed that there was litte work for them and some were stored. Ive got a picture of one working a Cambridge - St Ives loop line parcels train for example and was wondering if this was a regular turn?
  14. Towards the end of steam on the Great Eastern (1961) the 30A Stratford and 32A Norwich based Brits were transfered to 31A. What worked did they do while based at March? Thanks David
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