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  1. Thought I’d better sort out the very small fiddle yards before I got to much further on - at only 5ft in length would be too easy to ski jump stock of the end. Next will sort out the backscene and lightning. Then we can get on with the interesting stuff.
  2. So thought I would take advantage of the weather to paint the ‘railway box’. Most times I leave this to later in the process but on a day like today progress has been rapid as everything drys super quick. And the splodges dropped on the lawn are easier to hide. i’ve moved away from the traditional back to a more neutral browny/grey. I think the softer colour works. But let’s see when we get some lighting installed. Next thing to consider are the lighting and backscene. So need to start looking at all these natural light LED’s. Any suggestions welcome.
  3. The track is all down and working including the new peco point motors. (Very very easy to fit). So the backscene, sides and front arch have been assembled. Had a lot of help from a mate who is much better at woodwork than I, his daughter came out to see how the railway box was going. Picture shows the progress with the ‘railway box’. Very fiddly to get the holes for the point switches in the right place. But pleased with the result.
  4. I haven't seen that book. The trackplan is mainly based around using up the code 75 finescale track I had left. Clearly, it has an element of inglenook, with the three sidings. But it was mainly to keep the loco in the middle of the layout when shunting. Best Wishes David
  5. Some wiring - those of a nervous disposition need to look away now. Will say one thing though' these new Peco point motors are an absolute joy. Much much easier to fit! Best Wishes David
  6. Very good, I wonder if Module do a large enough version I can use....
  7. Ok, so this is Dinsdale Lane (Monty Python fans will get the reference)* It’s a shunting plank of around 5ft in total for me to push some truck around while I build a bigger layout. Well that’s the plan. I’ve imagined some former running lines which have now been downgraded and truncated into some sidings that remain to serve local industries. The back scene will be some anonymous industrial building. I’ve a range of interest, manly East Anglian from the 1950’s to 1980’s so I’m looking for a neutral setting defined by the loco and stock that is working.
  8. Just looking at these classes J17, J19 and J20 couple of questions. 1. Is any current RTR 060 chassis the right size to be used on any of these locos? 2. Also is either the D16 or B12 bodies a suitable donor for the J17, J19 or J20? Basically is it possible with a bit of work to get a J17, J19 or J20 from RTR stuff? Would be interested to hear if anyone has a view on these questions. Best Wishes David
  9. Thanks for the quick replies - now I know what these things are called I can have a look at the. Am thinking that the earth terminal blocks is all I need. Best Wishes David
  10. Sorry, really basic question here, I need to join 8 wires to one on a common return in to a CDU Capacitor Discharge Unit. What's the name of the 'thing' that I can uses to do this. Can't search for something when I don't know what its called, if you see what I mean! Thanks David
  11. Thanks Ian, how interesting - Best Wishes David
  12. Really like the wall - how did you make the coping stones? Best Wishes David
  13. Nice to see this layout still going, Remember the article in MRJ and seeing it at Expo EM (I Think) years ago. Look forward to see how you develop it. David
  14. I recall seeing Albion Street at the York show a number of years ago - one of my favourite layouts, so looking forward to seeing this 7mm project. Best Wishes David
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