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  1. Thanks the very helpful - There are very few pics on the internet Ive been able to find and none of the inside of a weightbridge office. So these are helpful. BW DC
  2. Been a while since I've updated, but just to say I'm still working away on this! I wasn't happy with some of the building seen in earlier shots. The warehouse overpowered this end of the layout so I've moved it to the other side of the bridge and put in smaller buildings. This will mean I have to redo the bridge this end. On the weightbridge i have a question, looking for advice on how i show the fixings of the track to the weightbridge. Also what equipment would be the weightbridge hut. Best Wishes David
  3. Picked up my copy yesterday. What a great book, I'm very impressed with the level of research that has gone into producing such a well informed, well researched book. Best Wishes David
  4. Thanks Chris thats really helpful. Best Wishes David
  5. Around 2004-6 ish Rail Express did a set or articles on loco liveries. I've found the set on Railfreight sectors but can't seem to find the one on the first version of the Network South East Livery. (I've found the one on revised NSE) Any clue to which edition of rail Express covered this would be really helpful. Thanks David
  6. Thanks for the info, It does seem that the first of the class to receive the yellow waring panel were those based at Darnal? Best Wishes David
  7. Neil, thanks for you assistance - I’ve got a copy of the Haresnape book somewhere so I will take a look. But the answer does seem to be that some 30/31 did start to receive yellow warning panel early - May 1962. I will keep looking. Best Wishes David
  8. Thanks What I’m specifically after is an example of loco getting it’s yellow warning panel before June 1962. So have had a very enjoyable good look at Brush Veteran Flickr site. Has a picture of D5656 at York May 62! Was a 41A loco at the time so not EA, but does start to answer the question. Thanks David
  9. Hi, Just looking for an example of an East Anglian based Class 30/31 which received its small yellow ends early. Understand that they started application in 1962 but would like to identify a loco that had an early application especially if it’s before Stratford/ Cambridge etc closed to steam in the summer of 1962. thanks David
  10. Oh wow - I hadn’t come across that site before! thanks Thats really helpful. Best Wishes David
  11. Looking for a bit more info on which shed's the Class 05 Shunters were allocated to. Thanks David
  12. IS there a guild to fitting a DCC chip to the Class 05 Shunters. Looking at it I cant work out how you do it!. Thanks David
  13. Very basic question, but this is my first go. I am fitting the Hornby TTS to Hornby Class 08. I assume that the speaker fits at the grill end but the padding seams to rub on part of the motor. What do I do? Is it ok to remove that padding or is that important for the whole thing to work? Thanks David
  14. I was looking at what shows local to me were likely to be happening when I found the following note on the St Neots MRC website. Don't think there is a thread running already on this, sorry if I have missed it. https://stneotsmrc3.webs.com/ East Anglian Model Railway Exhibition Update: It is with regret that we have decided that we will no longer organise the big East Anglian Model Railway Exhibition. St Neots MRC will go back to running a one-day exhibition in a local school, community centre or similar venue. We are aiming for September/October starting in 2022. Further details will follow when a venue and date are confirmed.
  15. Just to add in that got round to looking at my copy over the weekend. And would agree with other comments here - great, well researched and presented publication. Hope there will be more editions. Best Wishes David
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