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  1. The latest batch of 3D printed cars are in the paint shop today, 4 Mk4 Cortinas and a Mk1 Escort Van……I’ll probably get some pics up tomorrow when they are finished. The Railease carflat has been weathered, I’ll start fixing the tractors down tomorrow. It’ll be a mixture of chocks and rope……well for rope read cotton!
  2. Been out since last midweek along with the Airfix and Scalextric catalogues. Monk Bar Modelshop got theirs on Wednesday.
  3. Is this part of the long lost missing verse from the Men at Work “Down Under” song?
  4. Looking forward to seeing this in the flesh at Doncaster next month.
  5. Well I’m disappointed there was no Hastings DEMU announcement from Hornby! Maybe another year….watch out for those flying pigs!
  6. A new vehicle from RedAndy767……Mk4 Cortina….I’ve some on order. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/70s-80s-Detailed-N-gauge-Resin-Printed-Model-Ford-Cortina-Mk4-4door-Primed-/165274505992?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m2548.l6249&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0
  7. A little bit of progress with the town houses. Some window sills added, lower brickwork added…..Scalescenes….and the first of the front porch and steps attached. The glue has stained a bit through the paper, not had that happen before but it looks a bit like distressed plaster.
  8. Monk Bar Modelshop in York are Tier 1. I will hazzard that most decent bricks and mortar model shops will also be in Tier 1 too.
  9. A few flurries of snow yesterday lunchtime then it poured down. I’ll leave them next to the window for a bit……might be ready by March!
  10. There are yet more Georgian town houses to add to the north end of Olympia. I’m using the Kingsway Models kit again, but as it right at the front of the layout I’m going to add a lot more detail. The first photo shows the kits contents, two thick sheets of card at the top and a thinner sheet with the front and rear walls at the front. To start I have reprinted the front wall with a cream finish. This has had the windows apertures cut out of it. The original windows are being painted with varnish to give a better finish. The cream wall will then be glued over the original front wall.
  11. I’ve made a start on detailing more of the north end of Olympia. The North Main signal box is now bedded in with cork around it….ballast and walking route to be added. I’ll add some pictures when there’s something to show.
  12. I did a a bit of measuring today both the Transit and CF should have wheelbases of 2690mm which in 1/148 is rounded down to 18mm. They are both 17mm which makes them 1/160 scale. My Transit is very sticky does anyone know is that just that the resin needs washing? The Redandy 767 Transit is pretty well spot on for WB but looks a bit narrow. The other transit looks better proportioned
  13. Yes they are….and thoroughly recommended.
  14. Slightly different cars completed today. Mk1 Transit, Mk1 Fiestas, Marina, Zephyr and BMW 2002.
  15. I completed another batch of cars today. Mk1 transit, a pair of Mk1 Fiestas, Morris Marina, Ford Zephyr and BMW 2002. The Zephyr needs to be rusted up a bit as it would have been fairly ancient by 1980.
  16. I’ve just finished painting a small batch of cars, Allegro, Maxi, Princess and Marina. All from Redandy767 on eBay…..just realised I’ve missed painting the quarter lights on the Marina….another job for tomorrow. Tomorrow I should get a Mk1 Transit, BMW 2002 and a Mk1 Fiesta finished along with another Maxi.
  17. To paraphrase the Fast Show…..today I are mostly been painting cars. Four of British Leylands finest, a symphony in beige!……the Marina looks bright red when it is in fact Maroon.
  18. …….just outside the European cup position…..at the moment!
  19. Link to Volvo F10 Link to Scania 140 cab Link to Ford D Series truck These might be useful links.
  20. I am currently building a model of Kensington Olympia circa 1980 in N gauge. As you can imagine there are a lot of buildings. Over the years I have tended to prefer scratchbuilding in plasticard. But for Olympia have used modified Metcalfe card kits for retaining walls. Modified Kingsway Card kits for the streets of Georgian town houses. The station buildings and signal boxes are all scratchbuilt in plasticard but with Scalescenes downloaded brick paper etc. The rest of the feature buildings are scratchbuilt, mostly card frames with plasticard facias. I have even used a couple of Faller kits where appropriate. The long and the short of it is I don’t think there are two camps, three, four or even five. It’s largely what ever works for you. There’s no right or wrong. There are some great layout threads on RMweb, many with some superb buildings. I’d check out Grahame Hedges card building thread for London Bridge……also Shirebrook, Blueball Summit and Chandwell and those are just a few on the N gauge ones. Kensington Olympia isn’t bad either!
  21. A Scania cab is available through Shapeways and RailNscale do the Volvo F10. The Tomytec tractor units and trailers scrub up well and can be easily be modified. The Gibb’s trailer has been converted to a Reefer. The Edwin Shirley trailer is scratchbuilt. The TOE trailer is also a modified Tomytec one.
  22. For the main body I’ve used spray cans and brushed on acrylic paint. Small details are touched in with fine point paint pens, red, orange, white, silver and black. Other details are painted in with small brushes and a steady hand. I also use an illuminated magnifier. I think Grahame has used similar items.
  23. That’s a shame, mine haven’t arrived yet. I have R Parker and a Redandy767 ones to compare with. Is the CF similarly small? https://www.transitcenter.uk/transit-mk1-data-specification.php
  24. Thank you…..no doubts there, they are very definitely tied down.
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