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  1. Sir Francis Drake for me, the insouciance of the bowls match and the victory are the stuff of legend.
  2. Images of Steam was my first real railway book, very expensive at 63/- so it was a Christmas present in 1968 but inspirational photography for its time. Still on my bookshelf today. The next book that really showed the gritty side of steam was Steam Portfolio introducing Dunnett, Hocquard, Hoyle, Krause, Lesley Nixon and John Vaughan a. school prize for my younger brother but so utterly different in object and style of photography but much closer to the railways Knew best at the time. Once again still on the bookshelf, but the power of the photography never diminishes.
  3. Personal again, 46109 royal Engineer where my my late father served in East Africa and Burma.
  4. Duchess of Montrose for me just because of my old Hornby Dublo one converted to 2 rail by an enthusiastic but somewhat lacking in skill teenager. Still got it somewhere, the Duchess not always the enthusiasm.
  5. Half a vote each for 45536 & 45537. Not many people get a VC and a locomotive named after them so stand as actual Patriots.
  6. 45624 St. Helena. Absolutely in the middle of nowhere.
  7. 62756 The Brocklesby. 5 miles from my house and I often used to see them out, can't get much more tribal.
  8. Tribal once again. 62710 Lincolnshire.
  9. 61650, got to be my choice, tribal stuff etc.
  10. Black Watch is my favourite, saw them all and travelled behind them many times but 55013 was the best.
  11. 70004, William Shakespeare, best name for a Britannia.
  12. Mayflower. Quite an evocative name for its historic links.
  13. Velocity seems like a suitable choice for a pacific, so it is todays selection
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