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  1. Since you mentioned it, I will pick Dereham, still in use by the MNR
  2. Pitlochry this time, I remember being there in the early 70's when everything was blue.
  3. Probably plenty of empty houses to choose from and demand must be low give the mortality rate?
  4. The same with me but in both cases one of us is an enthusiast and that is really why we are there.
  5. There probably are some as I have seen some Bame families and individuals at some exhibitions and I expect they had reason to be there as they were relatively expensive to get into just to have a browse on a whim. I have also seen Bame families at preserved railways enjoying the journey and it was great to see.
  6. I have one, built by the previous owner of Retford back in the 70`s which has suffered the ravages of house moves etc.
  7. Barnetby, still a Mecca for photographers and "spotters" today. Pity the buildings went but apparently that is progress.
  8. Louth, which would be ideal for commuters today if only there was a railway.
  9. Great work resulting in a very realistic pole, not to nit pick but a technical point is they are cross-arms.
  10. I think the difference between watching a video and watching the layout at an exhibition is that the video has a fixed viewpoint and when you are alongside the barrier at an exhibition you are free to look around the layout and spot the locos, wagons, signals, scenery, buildings, track work etc so six or seven seconds is not that long given the length of the layout. It isn't just about the trains as there are plenty of other things to see and admire.
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