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  1. EE type 1, Class 20, blue with head code discs not the boxes which rather spoil the line of them.
  2. Deltic, The Black Watch in filthy BT blue and 56 in pretty much the same condition.
  3. I read posts, if they are of interest, but odd times venture outside of what I normally view. The restriction for most people is the time that you can spend just browsing and not realise it hence the limiting to what interests In my view I would say continue posting as people do read your posts, but the posts which seem to attract the most views on RMweb are ones where the OP is well know in the modelling field or has many friends, sometimes the same thing. The most informative posts often start as has been said often start with a question and they garner replies both people offering advice and people with the same or similar issues. The Blogs get views because they have a story to tell and they are informative, which is the same as popular posts.
  4. Scruffy split head code 37 in BR blue. Got to be the one.
  5. Brush type 2, just something about them.
  6. V2 and BR standard 3MT, both lovely engines.
  7. Duncan, It looks as if somebody has photoshopped a head of broccoli onto a tree. Very unusual.
  8. Laurie ,you really are powering on with YT making the most of lockdown and filling the room it is really good to see the progress. At this rate it won't be long before you have a continuous run FY to FY, I look forward to seeing it in action if we ever manage to get out of the present situation.
  9. Well, I managed 2 out of 3 in North Lincolnshire, so pretty good effort all things considered. I'm a very happy chap.
  10. Hi Duncan, The rain strips seem to vary quite a lot between vans but there are some photos on Paul Bartletts wagon site which show similar vans to yours with virtually straight rain strips very close to the edge of the roof above the entries. They have a very large radius curve to them but there are quite a few others where the rain strip is a straight strip diagonally across the corner of the van roof so plenty of choice. The chimney probably is too large and fixing these two issues will leave you with two lovely vans and you can never have too many! I think that the rain strips issue has been discussed before in connexion with the Slaters and Dapol vans in 0 gauge and many people seemed to think that the original Airfix kit set the standard location for the rain strips wrongly and other manufacturers have continued to follow. Right or wrong a good story at least. Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your excellent layout in the future. Michael
  11. I think Lance is about theatre as he seeks to display the railway in amongst the scenery, often a small part of it and sets the scene on that basis. I really like his work and his approach is quite suitable for UK homes with its relatively compact, by American standards, size.
  12. From reading about the large basement layouts in the States they seem to be very operation orientated which is why they run between several places often at differing levels but the common theme seems to be that they have regular group operating sessions and the layouts are constructed for this purpose.
  13. I seem to remember there used to be a scam where you could choose this service or similar at the time to send empty parcels to the USSR, when they were basically a closed country, and they would never be delivered, receipted or returned so you could claim back from the Post Office the imagined value of the contents of the parcel and make a profit.
  14. Reminds me of when I worked for a nationalised industry and one of the senior managers wanted an additional two units of motorised plant, Expensive and specialised around £40K at the time, so he bid for 6 and got them all approved. He then had 3 times the number that he wanted or needed or had work for and had no one trained to use them. another complete waste of money. It wasn't only on the railway. Sorry for the thread hijack.
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