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  1. That takes me back... In the 1980s, I worked over the road from what became the Globe Theatre, but was then partly a stabling point for some of Southwark Council's allocation of such vehicles. The area still had some active warehousing (now no doubt luxury flats) and I used to watch the drivers reversing artics across the narrow road and into an opening with about six inches clearance all round. There were black redstarts breeding in a derelict building and singing from Bankside Power Station. Classic London from a time before the money really began to leak out of the City.
  2. The Class 55 Group subforum would be appropriate: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/forum/157-class-55-group/
  3. With the main lines wired to run in the same direction I think you would need to wire the orange sections as reversing loops. That needs more than a single section break as otherwise even a wheel crossing the gap is bridging rails at opposite polarity and will cause a short. I think operating a reversing loop on DC would inevitably involve operator action unless you had a very cunning cab control setup. The advantage of wiring the main lines to run in opposite directions is that driving through from one to the other is simple to arrange, with no reversal of polarity involved and
  4. A waste of play value if you do it this way in my view More fun to shunt to the other line and depart right direction.
  5. Looks like the site has been rehosted at shopblocks.com which is primarily a provider of ecommerce sites. However, I just got it via your link to the original domain posted in February 2019 which was certainly giving the same result as @Aire Head got up to a couple of days ago (the reason I came looking for this thread!). Checking the dns records for both domains shows they point to the same address. A great relief that the site is still available as it is a wonderful resource. Edit: unfortunately pages within the site have been renamed, so links from old threads won't
  6. They allow a lever to move through its full travel when connected to points with a much smaller travel. The loop expands and contracts to absorb excess movement. I really hope you didn't google this - not recommended at all!
  7. If you click through to Flickr, the caption gives the details. It's on the Nantlle Tramway, just after it was dieselised when the horse passed away.
  8. Following on from a post in the Deltic thread it occurred to me that there is a major gap in the provision of loads for late steam era layouts. Have @Accurascale Fran and the lads had any ideas about a set of these chaps, resized for a sixteen tonner, say? Should even be possible to fit a smoke unit in the wagon for working pipes.
  9. Because of the reversing crossovers, the red and blue circuits will need to be wired with "forward" in opposite directions. This will allow running between them without changing the polarity of the supply. Again, that isn't how you would wire a layout with plain crossovers.
  10. There sort of isn't, but the orange routes do change the direction in which the train is circulating when it switches to the other running line. That isn't how a simple crossover on an ordinary double track circuit works.
  11. Granted, the south end of York station is a major job to simplify, but the trackwork I've outlined doesn't look right to me.
  12. The booked traction had failed terminally and I doubt the substituted diesel was actually that popular at the time, except with the oddball D&E basher (is it @Clive Mortimore?). "...unfortunately, the horse that had been booked to haul the special train had died and a shiny red David Brown tractor was used instead."
  13. We covered that not long ago in the Scenic Fiddle Yard thread:
  14. For some reason I have the soundtrack of Carry On films running through my head.
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