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  1. I hope this is OK to post, as it's not models I'm after...! Does anyone happen to have any of this collection for sale, or happen to know anywhere that's selling them, cheaply, please? They were part of a collection made by DeAgostini in 2004/5 and released every couple of weeks. At the time, I started getting them on VHS, but for the past few years I've been trying to get the DVD versions to replace them, and then start gradually accumulating the rest of the collection when limited money allows. They can often be found at heritage lines, usually between 50p and £3. At the moment, with the current situation, and other personal life events over the past 12 months really having a detrimental effect on my mental health, I'm finding that watching dvds (even if just as background noise) is something that's giving me something to focus on, and helps me to get through the days. However, there's only so many times in a short space of time that I can watch my existing dvd collection, so if anyone knows of any of these that are for sale fairly cheaply, please let me know (I won't be able to afford many, but maybe a few if they're cheap enough), so I can purchase them, or 'reserve' them if needed! I should add that I'm not interested in the small magazines that originally came with them. I'm currently after volumes 4, 10, 17 and 19 onwards. *I might also be interested in any other railway dvds from the steam era to the early 2000s, or Video 125's cab views, if they're reasonably priced. If anyone is interested in swapping perhaps, I have duplicate copies of issue 13 (Midland Compound 1000), and Video 125's 'One Day in Severn' and 'Diesel and Electric on 35mm volume 3&4', as well as surplus dvds about the Nene Valley Railway, Flying Scotsman and 'Great British Steam' (basically looking at preserved steam), as well as 'Farewell to the Routemaster' - if these take anyone's fancy for swapping or selling outright for a small price. Please feel free to pm me if you might have anything to part with, or are interested in any of the above. Thanks very much! P.S, this has been posted elsewhere, but as this is on RMWeb, I would consider swapping the above dvds I have for a model railway coach wagon or something, let me know if this may appeal to you, anything made over the last 20 years would be probably be considered!
  2. Hi Paul, if I still have them, they're yours. However, they're currently at an address that I'm not at at the moment, so can't access them. As soon as I can, I'll contact you once I've checked I still have them!
  3. I have a 'The Story of Eddie Stobart Ltd' VHS tape available if anyone would like it. It dates from the mid-late 90s. Can post if the cost of postage is covered, or pickup/drop off can be available depending on where you are located. PM me if interested or you want any more details. Thanks. P.S I also have a book and several old Stobart die-cast models that I am selling, feel free to contact me if you may be interested in any of these, or just want to know what I have.
  4. Brilliant, thanks for the suggestion Mike. I ordered one of those, and although it's time consuming, it definitely makes a difference!
  5. For some reason, despite having them for years, I've only just realised that the wheels fitted to Heljan's OO Dogfish wagons are of the incorrect type for the wagon. As a result, I'm after 8 3-hole disc wheels that would fit. Bachmann and Hornby wheels are not suitable as the spindles are just a shade too long/thick, so when fitted, the wheels don't rotate very well. The diameter for the fitted as standard looks to be around 13mm, including flange. I would prefer metal wheels but would consider plastic (or part plastic) if they fit. I would also prefer a swap deal if possible, as I have plenty of spare wheels of various types and sizes (and obviously 8 from Dogfish), including 20 Dapol JNA wagon wheels, all unused. I would however consider buying them outright if they're suitable. I think the Heljan four-wheel tank wagons have the correct style, although I don't know the size of the wheels or the spindles fitted to these. Please contact me if you have anything suitable (even if just one or one pair) Thanks!
  6. I have the following, unopened Bachmann enamel badges available if anyone wants them, just cover postage please - Bachmann Europe plc 25 years 1989-2014 Bachmann Collectors Club 2009/2010 " 2012/2013 " 2015/2016 Please let me know if you need to see photos of any of the above. In theory, I should, somewhere have the 'missing' years in the above (2011, 2014 etc), but I have literally no idea where they might be, if indeed I do still have them! Please pm me if interested in any or all of the above.
  7. Does anyone happen to have a Hornby R6286A EWS Seacow 980238 they'd be willing to part with please? Ideally in as close to as new condition as possible. I would also consider a wagon without couplings or bogies as I have these (my model of 980238 has just unfortunately suffered a bit of an accident!). I might consider alternative numbers, but I know several of these have incorrect numbers for the livery, so please do tell me what the number carried is if you have an alternative one! Thanks in advance!
  8. Flat! Done a bit more rubbing down this afternoon, this is the end, and desired result. It's now completely flat, and you can barely tell there was a raised surface there now. I've been able to make a really good start on the opposite end too. This means I have 4 to start rubbing down, and 3 to 'improve' a bit!
  9. First of all I apologise for the lack of updates on this - the hot summer months and things going on in and around the home has prevented me from doing anything with the coaches. Hopefully things are beginning to settle down a bit. The past couple of days I've been sanding down an underside bogie pivot hole to make it as flat as possible. Bit of a tedious process as I need to use a tiny scrap of sandpaper so I don't inadvertently sand down the edge of the frame, and can only do it in short bursts as I start to get a blister on my thumb/finger from the rubbing! This hole still needs a bit more work to make it as flat as possible, but this was the progress this morning: As always, I'm always on the lookout for reference material of any sort if anyone knows of any! Thanks.
  10. OK, so a thought struck me this morning whilst looking at pictures of seating within Mk2s - why do I even need to try and work with the plastic moulded interior as a complete unit? Once I've covered over the various holes as much as practically possible, I'm going to attach the 'interior' directly to the chassis. Hopefully I can provide a photo update soon, once I've disassembled each interior unit!
  11. I've been busy with the file this week, trimming more excess plastic from each of the interiors. Hopefully I can also get a bit more done next week - perhaps looking to create the toilet cubicles. I've got several ideas for things bubbling away, hopefully they will work as I envisage when I put them into practice! However, I do have a question, does anyone know if the floor material and colour was the same in the vestibules of the coaches as it was in the main interior? As expected, I'm struggling for resource material that shows the vestibule and toilet areas - if anyone knows of any or can take a few quick snaps next time they are near a Mk2 it would be greatly appreciated!
  12. I do have a small update, but no further pics as nothing has 'changed' as such. When time allows, i've been removing the excess plastic from 2 more interiors so they match the state of the one featured in recent pictures - so I am doing a little bit here and there. However, unfortunately both of them snapped or came apart at their weakest point so will have to be repaired. It might be time to consider acquiring a couple more Mk2 interiors (of any type) to use as spares. I'm also thinking about, and having a look for things I could possibly make the toilet cubicle shape out of, but I'm still not 100% sure if the cubicle shape is exactly the same as those depicted on the NSE diagrams mentioned upthread.
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