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  1. I have a 'The Story of Eddie Stobart Ltd' VHS tape available if anyone would like it. It dates from the mid-late 90s. Can post if the cost of postage is covered, or pickup/drop off can be available depending on where you are located. PM me if interested or you want any more details.




    P.S I also have a book and several old Stobart die-cast models  that I am selling, feel free to contact me if you may be interested in any of these, or just want to know what I have.

  2. For some reason, despite having them for years, I've only just realised that the wheels fitted to Heljan's OO Dogfish wagons are of the incorrect type for the wagon. As a result, I'm after 8 3-hole disc wheels that would fit. Bachmann and Hornby wheels are not suitable as the spindles are just a shade too long/thick, so when fitted, the wheels don't rotate very well. 

    The diameter for the fitted as standard looks to be around 13mm, including flange. I would prefer metal wheels but would consider plastic (or part plastic) if they fit. 

    I would also prefer a swap deal if possible, as I have plenty of spare wheels of various types and sizes (and obviously 8 from Dogfish), including 20 Dapol JNA wagon wheels, all unused. I would however consider buying them outright if they're suitable.


    I think the Heljan four-wheel tank wagons have the correct style, although I don't know the size of the wheels or the spindles fitted to these.


    Please contact me if you have anything suitable (even if just one or one pair)



  3. I have the following, unopened Bachmann enamel badges available if anyone wants them, just cover postage please -


    Bachmann Europe plc 25 years 1989-2014

    Bachmann Collectors Club 2009/2010

    " 2012/2013

    " 2015/2016


    Please let me know if you need to see photos of any of the above.


    In theory, I should, somewhere have the 'missing' years in the above (2011, 2014 etc), but I have literally no idea where they might be, if indeed I do still have them!


    Please pm me if interested in any or all of the above.

  4. Does anyone happen to have a Hornby R6286A EWS Seacow 980238 they'd be willing to part with please? Ideally in as close to as new condition as possible. I would also consider a wagon without couplings or bogies as I have these (my model of 980238 has just unfortunately suffered a bit of an accident!). I might consider alternative numbers, but I know several of these have incorrect numbers for the livery, so please do tell me what the number carried is if you have an alternative one!


    Thanks in advance!

  5. First of all I apologise for the lack of updates on this - the hot summer months and things going on in and around the home has prevented me from doing anything with the coaches. Hopefully things are beginning to settle down a bit. The past couple of days I've been sanding down an underside bogie pivot hole to make it as flat as possible. Bit of a tedious process as I need to use a tiny scrap of sandpaper so I don't inadvertently sand down the edge of the frame, and can only do it in short bursts as I start to get a blister on my thumb/finger from the rubbing! This hole still needs a bit more work to make it as flat as possible, but this was the progress this morning:




    As always, I'm always on the lookout for reference material of any sort if anyone knows of any!



  6. OK, so a thought struck me this morning whilst looking at pictures of seating within Mk2s - why do I even need to try and work with the plastic moulded interior as a complete unit? Once I've covered over the various holes as much as practically possible, I'm going to attach the 'interior' directly to the chassis. Hopefully I can provide a photo update soon, once I've disassembled each interior unit!

  7. I've been busy with the file this week, trimming more excess plastic from each of the interiors. Hopefully I can also get a bit more done next week - perhaps looking to create the toilet cubicles. I've got several ideas for things bubbling away, hopefully they will work as I envisage when I put them into practice!


    However, I do have a question, does anyone know if the floor material and colour was the same in the vestibules of the coaches as it was in the main interior? As expected, I'm struggling for resource material that shows the vestibule and toilet areas - if anyone knows of any or can take a few quick snaps next time they are near a Mk2 it would be greatly appreciated!

  8. I do have a small update, but no further pics as nothing has 'changed' as such. When time allows, i've been removing the excess plastic from 2 more interiors so they match the state of the one featured in recent pictures - so I am doing a little bit here and there. However, unfortunately both of them snapped or came apart at their weakest point so will have to be repaired. It might be time to consider acquiring a couple more Mk2 interiors (of any type) to use as spares.

    I'm also thinking about, and having a look for things I could possibly make the toilet cubicle shape out of, but I'm still not 100% sure if the cubicle shape is exactly the same as those depicted on the NSE diagrams mentioned upthread.

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  9. Unfortunately it's stalled slightly, due to various reasons. I do keep looking at them and keep thinking 'I must get back to those again', so it's not through a lack of interest! I also wanted to sort out the desk area a bit first, to give me a bit more room to spread things out. I was hoping to find some kind of display stand type thing to store all of the paints on - my sister found a good one she was going to buy me from Amazon, but unfortunately they just took her money without actually sending anything. I keep meaning to email someone I know who makes baseboards etc to see if he can make one, but as of yet I haven't got round to it. I do apologise for the lack of updates, I do still keep looking for potential materials and I am still thinking of ideas, I just haven't been able to put them into practice yet, but hopefully over the next few weeks and months I can get back to them!

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  10. Were there any other discernable differences between a Mk2 and a Mk2a please Bernard? Apart from the brake types, and heating?


    I didn't realise until I was doing some searching that the blue/grey one of the four is a minimum of 35 years old, potentially as old as 39. They've stood up fairly well, and I'd imagine were seen as an excellent model when the first ones appeared all that time ago.

  11. Another little update.


    This week saw the first of the interiors coming in to have excess plastic removed where possible. It's only a little bit of alteration but I think it has already helped 'the look' of the interior. I've also neatened up the gaps where the tables were, to make a more rectangular-shaped gap. I've also removed the toilet cubicle, leaving me with a 'hole in the floor'  :mosking:. This hole I aim to cover up with a new cubicle when I can find something lying around to make it with. I'm also wondering what option is best for me for the couple of seats that have large holes in the middle (why do these interior mouldings have those?), but I have a couple of things to try and see how they look before paint, which I'm hoping will cover the worst of it. 


    Can anyone confirm if the cubicle shapes are actually the same shapes as described in the Mk2 diagrams on this page please?







    Updates are a bit slower than I'd ideally like, but I'm making sure all four are up to the same point before moving onto the next stage, but this isn't a time-limited thing.


    Thanks for continuing to follow my enjoyment, as they say, until next time..!

  12. I can't help with that, but I can help with the reference as promised:


    https://www.flickr.com/photos/northamptontoffeeman/8612967251/ - that decal is on the pantograph coach - 66870

    https://www.flickr.com/photos/ews60002/42929042284/ vehicle 66870




    https://www.flickr.com/photos/darlo2009/27986708675/ the decal on the centre of 66870

    https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/36283460755/ the decal featured on 66820 - I assume the London Midland name has now been removed, but I've not studied the unit when I've seen it

    https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/14476957592/ how the complete set looks


    https://www.flickr.com/photos/barkingbill/8553453357/ when launched, the numbers were replaced with this style, but they've long since reverted to the original typeface and number spacing.


    Good luck in achieving it, hope you manage to find somewhere.

  13. I’m struggling in getting detailed pictures of the center cars.



    Several of my contacts on Flickr have decent photos of the centre cars, and the various little bits of detail featured on it. On the driving ends it's basically a series of stripes that is designed to fade into the LM livery. These stripes then continue on the centre cars.


    If you're still struggling to find decent pics of the individual vehicles, let me know, I'll pass on the links when I have more time to find them tomorrow.

  14. A few of you may be aware that I have a newer style Hornby class 08 that is in need of repairs. I was running the loco into a siding when the centre coupling rod on one side somehow became detached from the wheels. This then resulted in the wheels jamming and buckling, and both sets of coupling rods becoming bent. I was able to remove the body and the motor (I have bent the copper contacts in the process though), but wasn't able to get to the wheels. I decided the safest option, all things considered, was to seek a completely new chassis unit (even though the fault is only with the wheels and coupling rods), or to try and get it repaired professionally, as I don't feel confident enough to tackle it myself, even if I had all the parts, I'd rather not make a mess of it. After I got nowhere trying to find anywhere that may sell a complete chassis, and being quoted a very high price for potential repair, I thought I'd contact Hornby direct, as I'd had locos repaired with them in the past, but this was before the factory in Westwood closed. However, I was very pleased to find out that they do still carry out repairs, at a different site. A case number was created, and the loco was posted off - the postage being covered out of my own pocket. 


    However, I have had contact back from them, and they say they will 'regrettably' not be repairing the loco as 'it needs a lot of work' and they do not have the parts in. I suspect it's more a case of they can't be bothered as it's not worth their time. Surely the manufacturer of the product can get onto the factory in China and have parts sent over in their next order? Anyway, the loco is being returned to me in an unrepaired state. For reference, the parts they say I need are:


    X9372M wheels
    X9374 chassis base (I don't believe this, there's nothing wrong with it)
    X9369 side rods
    X9375 contacts
    This has left me feeling frustrated, disappointed and very let down, as I felt it was my last resort, and I thought surely they would be able to repair it as I didn't think it would be that complicated to swap the parts over. I've also wasted the postage costs with nothing to show for it. 
    I don't have a lot of money, and certainly can't afford to buy a new shunter at circa £120, as that's a hell of a lot of money, but I'm left with one of favourite locos broken and unusable. 
    So, I'm after a replacement class 08 or 09 (will consider any, as long as it's in good or 'as new' working condition, but would prefer either a green or dual-braked example), or a new complete chassis that I can use my loco body (nothing wrong with that) on, or I'm seeking out anyone that feels they may be able to repair it for me, as long as the cost isn't too expensive.
    For any of the above, as part of it I can offer some Hornby tank wagons, Lima coaches (with Hornby bogies) and various wagon and coach wheels in part exchange if it would help keep monetary costs at a sensible price, after this farce I'm just a bit desperate and throwing myself upon people's mercy, as I don't know what else I can do.
    Many thanks for reading, please pm me if you feel you can help in any way, even if it's just advice or a recommendation, or seeking more details.
  15. A little update. 


    I've scored in the doors on the insides, and have added a little bit of plastic [might be slightly overscale, will probably make them protrude less in the other three] to represent the lip on the lower part of the doors. I did think about putting in the lower half of the lip, which tapers back in towards the door, but felt it wasn't needed as the interior will sit where it would go, so have settle with the top half plus a little bit! I did try and put some tape from an old video over the top of the plastic and up the door a very small way, to try and replicate the curving shape of the lip, but again, felt it wasn't necessary as it didn't really give me the desired shape.






    A word of note, the more recent releases of my 4 (1997 and 2004 respectively) seemed to be made of a much softer plastic than the other two, so be careful if scoring or cutting later models, the knife or tool will go into them like butter. It took much less effort to score the doors on these two than it did the older two.

  16. Speaking of the interior, a very minor update to show I'm still working away at these, when time and temperature allows!


    Two interiors of a TSO - that's Table-less Second Open! I was amazed at how quick and easy it was to remove these. They will of course be needed again later on, but this gives me better access to the rest of the interior, as well as the tables themselves. 


    On the right hand side is 5232, now with a white stripe. It's a bit rubbish (i.e. don't look at it too closely!), but at least it has one, hopefully I can neaten it slightly in due course. 





    By the way, I'm still after answers to the questions posed in an earlier post, as well as any photos of any part of a Mk2, but preferably inside, or of any fixtures and fittings, especially those areas not normally photographed such as the vestibule and toilet areas, the door areas, that kind of thing.


    In a few days time I'll be away from the project for a couple of weeks as I'll be in Canterbury, but in the meantime I'll keep looking for anything that might come in useful!



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  17. I find simply painting the seats on RTR one colour, the partitions and corridor another the floor a third and table tops something light makes a tremendous difference to a model, even if done in a horribly slapdash manner.    Getting a consistent representation of the obscured glazing on the toilets is more difficult but well worth it.  Replacing the moulded slab of the guards / luggage compartment with some mesh also helps.

    This is what I'm hoping, even if the colour isn't quite accurate, it has to be better than beige plastic! I'm trying to work systematically, working from the top first (or at least the inner roof panels etc), then the interior, then the outside. I'm sure we've all done something and then realised something was meant to be done before it, and left with the tough decision of leaving it as it is, or taking two steps back to take what you've just done out!

  18. Whilst patiently waiting for answers, I've been trying to put a white stripe on 5232. I don't like to give up on things, but after 5 or so attempts of trying various ways and methods, and then trying to get it off again because it looks rubbish, I think I've rather ruined the bodyside somewhat, and still have no idea how to get the white stripe onto it, and so that it looks reasonably decent, so for now, I've decided not to continue working with this one, and will concentrate on the remaining three. It was getting me quite miserable, even more so seeing the current state of it, so I've decided to abandon it, or at least until I can work out what to do with it. It's a shame, as I was looking forward to sorting this one out, but I don't want to ruin it further.

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