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  1. It regularly does it these days, has done for a few years now. Once upon a time it was ever-reliable, not failing to display once, these days, it's probably more like 60% reliable!
  2. A pair of ELL vectrons. I think ELL (European Locomotive Leasing) will have about 300 of these in the next few months! They're a very common sight in the area, partially because there's so many of them!
  3. It is indeed. One like this: https://www.flickr.com/photos/philipps-bahnwelt/12208006715/ I'm led to believe it's on hire to a German company, but I can't remember which I'm afraid. EDIT just seen you've changed your post from 'French loco' to 'Vectron' - you were right first time.
  4. It's an STLB 1216/183 (one of two), with Innofreight open containers - they can be loaded with anything! I have been told what the load on the train was, but I can't remember. It should hang around waiting for a SETG 193 to arrive, which will then attach onto the train, usually at the rear.
  5. Excuse the poor pic: https://www.flickr.com/photos/dan700/6103792503/ was a Cargoserv livered 1216, similar to the one posted above, but the later variant of Taurus. Usually it's solid 193s these days.
  6. It's a 251, formerly operated by NOB, now owned by Vossloh and hired out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NSB_Di_6
  7. Unless I'm missing something, all I can see there is a bogie van owned by Transwaggon?
  8. It's an ICE 4 (previously ICx), quite an ugly thing! Presumably on test in the area. I've noticed when things like that are in the area on test, they usually make an appearance for several days, something to keep an eye out for. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ICE_4_(Deutsche_Bahn)
  9. It's still owned by DB/Green Cargo. It has an unusual VKM, D-GC rather than D-DB. The Danish registered ones have DK-RSC (Rail Scandinavia) on their VKM.
  10. It's a 185, so is a loco. It's 1854xx I think, but the number escapes me, shall ask my mate later, he's good with that kind of thing! Think there's two of them in that scheme, both quite regular visitors.
  11. Loco on the right is only one of the regular SETG Vectrons (used on the slurry trains) chaps, nothing special Quite a lot of Belgian steel wagons in those shots - don't normally see that many in the yard at once, two or three covered steels, but rarely a full rake like that.
  12. It could be 193247. Either that or I think it's 8xx (number escapes me), on hire to SETG. The coach was knocked off the rear of an IC a few days ago - lots of men with torches started looking underneath it, it was then detached and left in the platform. Shortly after a 294 moved it into the siding where it is now. I've got a feeling the bay at the far end is numbered 7 for some reason, nothing uses it though, only for stabling at night. Whilst I'm here, I was quite surprised the other day to learn the archive still contains shots from 2011. http://webcam.deg.net/?a=showcam&
  13. Possibly Regensburg. https://www.flickr.com/photos/dan700/6104387658/the loco was certainly that though, fairly certain they only have one.
  14. Villach and Antwerp Docks. Plenty of CT friendly wagons used too - 7797s and 7898s.
  15. I believe it's Villach, but will get my mate to confirm when he finishes work at some point!
  16. SETG 193 (for the slurry) and DB Netz 711 test unit. As I type now there are two SETG 193s in the area, slightly unusual.
  17. They're fantastic. They're quite thrashy and powerful. When we were there one literally went from engine off to speeding out of the station in 5 seconds, we were amazed, literally just start and go! We did the line to Bayerisch Eisenstein (didn't do the other branch unfortunately), and found that the 650s were quite good through the gradients of the forest. This is what the other end of the line looks like: https://www.flickr.com/photos/dan700/6104293700/ It was a pleasure to travel over the line. At times when you were deep in the forest, there wasn't much to see, but it had a real
  18. It is interesting seeing things on the cam - to see his photos of that working surface a few days later!
  19. What's the link for the archive? This is something i've not made not use of. (although I'm not sure I want to know what I've missed! )
  20. That will be 1216 960. https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8229324565/ I've seen it on the cam many times, but never parked up!
  21. Not white as such, just covered, like this: https://www.flickr.com/photos/dan700/6103765894/- guess it's to offer a bit of protection from small stones and other things that might scratch the paint.
  22. Almost certainly this: http://www.bahnbilder.de/1024/diese-g1000bb-mit-nummer-271-396190.jpg and one of these: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/5522787414/
  23. It's a CD Cargo box wagon by the way. I've seen several on pics with that type of cover but for the life of me I can't remember what commodity it contains! Incidentally, in the bottom right of that picture there's a wagon that's no stranger to these shores, a 7898, similar to those currently used on the Irvine - Dollands Moor flows. the one in the pic is probably French registered rather than German though, but they're the same thing. I took a picture of one at Plattling with the ECC logo still very much visible.
  24. Well, it's now been over 5 years since a friend and I have discovered the cam (17th February 2010.), and have been watching it regularly ever since. From the top of my head, some of the major changes that have occurred since we started watching are: - the introduction of 440s on local services, if I remember right DB were the first to changeover, we remember seeing some appear in the yard at night, once they'd finished conducting testing in the day, sometimes they parked up in the headshunts nearest the cam, they soon entered service. For a while, the Neumarkt services were still in the ha
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