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  1. I only know them as 214s, but I'm told they are rebuilt V100 types yes.
  2. Nothing unusual - one of the regular moves to/from Deggendorf. When a 214 appears in one of the loco sidings near the cam, you know one of these moves is imminent, for some reason only 214s work these moves. These lot arrived back late last night, a rake went down a couple of days ago.
  3. No, Regiojet are different. Their livery is bright yellow, and they run in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. I suspect 'medium61' is referring to the OBB Railjet that you've seen.
  4. I've definitely seen slurry tanks there - got a picture of a CT registered slurry tank there in fact. I suspect they contain things used by Plattling Papier, and to a lesser extent other nearby industries like Kermi Radiators.
  5. Sure is, they're quite regular visitors, will probably park up in the sidings behind the stabling point when it's finished tonight's duties.
  6. I seem to remember there are pipes at the lines they stable in, as well as electrical leads to keep the batteries charged, they always plug in the latter when they parked up, even a demic one (294778) was plugged in, prior it being sent to, presumably, Nuremburg, I believe that's the depot where Plattling get the shunters from.
  7. Siemens are testing Vectrons 193841 and 193922 between Straubing and Plattling at the moment.
  8. Loco convoys like that are very commonplace over there, well when you have a lot of locos, it's easier to move them all together!
  9. Never went in there, but it was full of adverts for Frankfurters! Have used the vending machines though, some rather nice things in them..!
  10. What is either a DB 140 or 151 parked up on a rake of cartics in the yard. Noticed two units serving the Waldbahn in a white, blue and red scheme, is this a new livery, new operator or hire-ins?
  11. @mods: Please move this to another section if you feel it is more appropriate somewhere else. I've uploaded all of my pictures that I've taken that show detail of railway vehicles (mainly modern image wagons), for the benefit of modellers and the like. http://www.flickr.com/photos/dan700/sets/72157631054482704/ Please feel free to use/take as many as you like, if they help you with projects. All of the photos are the raw original files, but If you don't want to take off the site, I can be emailed for larger copies, or more info etc. 99% of those in the pictures I also have a pi
  12. I remember in previous years the heat did seem to cause problems, became even slower and more jumpy! Then again, the heat caused problems when I was there, we were told not to sit down, and told we couldn't drink on the end of the platform, which in that heat was quite ridiculous!
  13. Hmm, yes, my cam is stuck at 03:33. Hope they fix it soon, the cams seem to be declining at the moment, first St. Polten, then Olten's was moved and is now awful, then the Railcam at Mierlo...
  14. Hi 34theletterbetweenB&D, it does pull better, in the fact that it no longer slips, and seems to have adequate traction, but as mentioned, is now worse when going round corners, what is interesting is that even when there is no front coupling in the bogie pocket, the front wheel does not seem to move well on corners, which at first glance appears to throw the loco slightly to one side, which probably suggests why it seems to jam a bit around corners. The tender was, and has been used on the longer setting only, so I don't think that's an issue, something which can be eliminated. The bogie
  15. An update on this; I sent it to Hornby in March, who fitted a new chassis, but it seemed to be a bit tight going round corners. I've just attached the front coupling and found that the hook fouls the bufferbeam, something which didn't happen with the previous chassis. These problems suggest that the chassis is set too far back, despite being screwed in in all of the holes. I really can't afford to send it back to Hornby again, and when I tried to remove the previous chassis, one of the thin rods (AWS connector or something I seem to remember?) was attached to the body, and I was unable to remo
  16. For those that haven't been on the cam of late, it's been updated, and is now pretty much live streaming; much smoother than before.
  17. I've now tried it again, it now seems worse than ever, seeming to only slide and jam, and failing to move properly. Tried both with and without tender connected.
  18. I've left the unflanged wheels in place. When the loco is pushed along without power (it would carry on with power, once pushed), the main driving wheels don't rotate (as they shouldn't), and only the rear wheel of the front bogie moves freely, the front was a bit sticky, upon removing it and testing it freely, it still does not turn. I've found that the end of the front coupling seems to foul the axle, preventing free movement. Once the coupling had been removed, the wheels now turned as freely as the other set on the bogie. The tender is fine. Could this be a source of the problem I wonder..
  19. Apologies, I've just opened up the tender, it's not tender drive, the electrical connection between the loco and tender threw me. The wheels and motion definitely move, I can't see anything obvious that is fouling it. Would the little plastic brake rods foul the wheels, would it be worth trimming them ever so slightly to see if it makes any difference?
  20. Thanks Simon. I think it's tender drive, but it seems to do the same thing whether it's connected to the tender or not. Also, I don't think this particular model was fitted with traction tyres, although they would probably help in this case! I suspect it may well be a weight issue, as it seems OK mechanically. Certainly given me a list of things to check though, thanks once again.
  21. Hope this is the appropriate section. I've had a Hornby Britannia for a few years, and ever since new, it seems to be struggling to put it's power down on to the track. The loco is kept lubricated, the track is clean etc, but at low speed, the Brit' will refuse to move, it's wheels are spinning but there's no 'oomph'. No other locos I have have this problem, is this a known Britannia issue, and is there anything I can do to help improve the traction, that doesn't involve much dismantling? Any advice is much appreciated.
  22. It's an auto coupler, so they don't have to get out of the cab whilst shunting.
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