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  1. As suspected, back up to 4 shunters in case anyone hadn't noticed!
  2. I'd imagine another shunter will be delivered shortly - usually is when they get down to three. Yes 90, short for V90, the larger ones (class 294 seems to be the only type used at Plattling, a 290 without auto couplers arrived once, it didn't last long before they sent it back!) 60 short for V60 (classes 362 and 363 used at Plattling.) You usually see freights arrive most weeknights, one will be full of logs ready for delivery to Plattling Papier and whichever factory produces the lumber (loaded on bolsters) the next day.
  3. Not sure if I posted these at the time, but I have several shots of the trackwork in the area, as well as other things! http://www.flickr.com/search/[email protected]&q=Plattling
  4. That must be taken a little while ago, I spot loco hauled stock over the far side? Still, it hasn't changed much, platforms still spotless!
  5. Olten cam has a limit of 10? viewers at any one time, if you just see a black screen, this is usually why, just have to refresh every so often and get lucky!
  6. Apparently it now transpires the host is having server problems, fortunately it seems the complaint is being ignored! Good job I have the old signal cabin in the background of some of my pictures when I was there; the area or activity is always changing.
  7. It's not the only thing to go by the weekend. It seems the cam, along with all of their others has been taken down, apparently a complaint has been made over privacy issues. No-one has complained about it in at least 4 years...why now?!
  8. I received a Bachmann model of OBA 110332, in EWS livery, for christmas, but on checking on pictures of the real thing, I've found my model carries an incorrect variant of the EWS livery. My model has no gold stripe on the top line of planks, but the real thing does. I've also done a search for pictures of the model, they all show it complete with gold band. Is my model a one-off mistake, or were a few released in this livery initally? On a side note, if anyone is not a rivet counter and would like to swap a model of 110332 that has the gold stripe with mine (unless this one is a one-o
  9. Unfortunately I don't, seems to vary quite a bit.
  10. It does seem to run most days, but not every day.
  11. Yes, I took lots of photos there, including many of the station and trackwork. It lived up to its nature in terms of interesting moves; there was an Itztalbahn (or Ilztalbahn, not sure on spelling) transfer move from Regensburg to Passau, conveying old sleeper coaches, work vans etc. There was also a brand new FLIRT EMU on test, destined for an S-Bahn network in Austria. It may not be obvious, but the far right hand platform is much lower than the other two. I will be uploading my pictures to my Flickr site when I've sorted through them all, if anyone is interested in seeing them, I'll post a
  12. If anyone is watching this webcam on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning of next week, look out for 2 figures on the end of the platforms
  13. The 111s on the left do a duty of a 440 diagram, usually one set of T N T 111s with dostos per day. The 111 on the right I think is an extra, summer only service from Nuremburg.
  14. Been on a few hours, although there's been very little if any through freight today, a couple have left the yard away from the cam, but that's about it.
  15. According to a mate of mine, it is a double deck FLIRT (KISS?) from SBB, been in the area about a week now I'd say, must be on test.
  16. One set of 111s and Dostos will often turn up on a diagram a day. Note the 10/1116 and the 711 stabled.
  17. Could be an RFW operated 212, it's been in the region since Saturday at least.
  18. It's quite a stark change from the old livery of silver and yellow!
  19. Ah, that's what I do anyway, it's quite funny when both me and my mate hit the print screen button at the exact same second, share pictures only to find we've produced the same inage!
  20. They're getting more common as Tauruses in the old livery are gradually disappearing.
  21. That is a coal train, quite often it will have two double heading 185/189s, or TnT as you say, but quite rare to see an MRCE one turn up. If that only had one loco on it, that is going to struggle up the gradients. There was a coal train arrived last night into Plattling yard with only one loco. They had to dig out the stabled 189 from the far end of the station and hook it onto the front.
  22. In case you didn't know, a handy tip is to change the '1 b/s' at the bottom of the cam to 2 b/s, this will give a smoother performance. Freight usually runs at any time, but I know all of the 294s and 363s will return to the Plattling area around lunchtime for the drivers to have a break. My mate tells me there's a DB traxx due around 14:10 GMT, heading away from the camera with a train of 'randoms' (mix of stuff). He also says that there are 2 intermodals due between 14:00 and 14:30 GMT, with a Dispolok Taurus towards Austria, and DB traxx away from the camera, but don't seem to run o
  23. I've been watching this cam virtually every day since 17th February 2010, there's always interesting moves to be seen. I caught it just at the end of the transition from 111s/143s to 440s, and they are now much missed. European Intermodals are much longer than their British counterparts, and usually see the most variety of private locos. I'm getting to know when certain trains are due, and what their typical traction is, but knowing Plattling, it changes very regularly and I struggle to keep up! The freight is very regular however, with trains through the night.
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