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  1. Bloody Windows 10 update crashed my laptop, just spent most of the day putting all the importatint doc back onto the system.

    1. Platform 1

      Platform 1

      I feel your pain...

      Windows has become more and more unreliable since all the testing bods got the push.  Recently put Win10 (v1903) on an old laptop - so far all OK, even the first set of updates!  [You know I'll regret saying that...]


    2. 90rob


      Crashed mine too.... had to revert to 7....


    3. Hroth


      I dread it when the laptop announces that its ready to install Win10 updates, though I can tell its going to happen because performance falls off a cliff, no matter which settings are chosen. Microsoft must come first.


      My Big PC is still on Win 7, and that's going to fall off its perch soon....

  2. Oh dear, it seems that the new trains are not fit for purpose, 21st century technology does not work on a system from the 20th century.
  3. Good Evening one and all. I have completed two "O" gauge wagon kits over six months ago. But I require decals for them, the wagons in question are "Slaters" 7064 BR/Standard/Fruit Van and "Slaters" 7070 BR 12 ton Pal Van. I have tried the usual vendors but with no success. If anyone has any that they no longer require please let me know. Thank You. Terry.
  4. I need some Heljan Class 47 bogie side frames but I can't get to warley. Terry
  5. You sure you didn't by the acrylic version of the paint . Terry.
  6. I agree with 37114. the first image are indeed fire extinguishers holders and the lower image is a fuel tank as I think that the cooking equipment is all electric as there is a diesel generator mounted some where on the under frame. Terry
  7. I have found that a tempture controlled soldering iron of 40watts is not suiteable for "O" gauge brass kits as there is not enough heat in the tip to do a great job of getting the solder to run correctly. My preffrence is a 70 watt for doing "O" gauge brass kits and a "40" watt set up for "oo" gauge kits. Terry.
  8. The unit in this picture is of intrest, but the signal in the back ground is of intrest !!!!!! Terry.
  9. I would be inclined to relocate the bay plateform starter signal on to the platform to reduce signal confusion. Or a bracket signal post from the main plateform as have be illstruated by some of the images on the thread. From the image it looks that there could be limited clearance for trains leaving the goods road. I hope you don't mind I fliped you image. Terry.
  10. I :huh: have two tender kits that I wish to sell but I can't advertise the kits on RMweb. :huh:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Trainshed Terry

      Trainshed Terry

      My personal financial situation dose not allow me to become a gold member.

    3. RedgateModels


      eBay will be your friend in that case, fees and all .......

    4. Trainshed Terry

      Trainshed Terry

      Listed the tenders just over a hour ago and now sold.

  11. I spoke to the people on the stand yesterday about the project and they are still available to order but the good news they have over a 1000 orders placed fo rthe model but they hope to have a EP one at Warley. Other things that where discused was the "Western Region" Gas tubine's and the DHP1 Clayton" , but for now they want to get GT3 done . I hope that is of intrest foe people. Terry
  12. To get the answer tom you question it would be helpful if had a time period IE BR or GWR. Terry
  13. Just done a bit of reading regarding the bogies. Brush redesigned the bogies in late summer of 1968, to a similar design to the class 47 with modifications to the bogies that had a axle loading of 21tons which was nearer to the requirements of BR, 20ton specified by . I hope that this information is of use to people. Terry.
  14. I agree with you on that as these modern day locos leave me feeling cold. There was more style in those days. T'man
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