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  1. Whatever happened to that layout is an unsolved mystery. I saw it when I was a kid.. Terry.
  2. That is going to be intresting sound project, as it had 4 engines. Terry.
  3. Why not change the title to " Sorry server has thrown it toys out of pram!" Hat coat and running for exit.
  4. I had to surrender my HGV licence 2 years ago due an in correctly dianogozsed medical condition, SO I have to have a medical every 3 years to retain my car licence, If I had retianed my HGV licence that would have ment that I would have to a medical ever year to retain my HGV licence and at over a (£100+) each time it was not worth the stress, but here's the rub each time companys check my licence on line it shows that there is a restriction due to a medical condition, so each time I go for a driving job it ends up going no where. ................................. Thanks DVLA. I am now into my 5th year of unemployment. Terry
  5. Bloody pigons have decided to nest under my solor panels so I have got find a wat to derter the bird brains from using my roof a nesting site.

    1. Hroth




      I assume the panels are mounted flat on your roof?


      If so.


      First you need to flush them out, you don't want to trap them in.


      Then secure some mesh strips, the sort used for stopping leaves getting into guttering

      eg:  https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2x-ROLLS-GUTTER-GUARD-MESH-NO-BLOCKED-GUTTERS-GUTTERING-2-ROLLS-10M-32-5FT/202409978090?hash=item2f209328ea:g:G3kAAOSwzchXRYkW

      for example, to the edges of your panels with waterproof tape, to act as a barrier, but allow air to blow through for ventilation.


      Hope thats useful!


    2. Trainshed Terry

      Trainshed Terry

      That is great idea but I have a habit of falling of ladders and I am not good at heights.

  6. Lost the service book for my car 2 years ago. Today I found it


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Trainshed Terry

      Trainshed Terry

      I am always put things in a place where I can get hold of them. Then they move on the own. Ghost!.

    3. Hroth


      Its the Car Service Logbook Fairy at her old tricks again!


      How have you been coping with the Drill Chuck Key Fairy?

  7. This locomotive was powered by 2 Maybach MD655" which were used to power the "Westerns Class 52" but from what I understand the tone was different to the “Westerns” as the westerns where hydraulic transmission, But saying that, it is the closest you will get to the sound for “Falcon”. As for the warning horn that is going to be a difficult sound to replicate as to my knowledge there is no sound track for the “Falcon” when it was in services and when it was filmed in services cine cameras did have the ability to record sound. I could be wrong. Terry
  8. Just listed some item on that well know web site and 7 of the 10 items listed have sold already. And some within 5 minutes of listing.


    1. Hal Nail

      Hal Nail

      Prices of things I usually follow have gone up noticeably recently. Wonder if that makes normally priced stuff seem more attractive. Theres another "sell for £1" running at the moment so I'm about to find out! 

  9. I shall add this into the mix. Here agian it was taken at the open (very wet) day at St Phillips Marsh Bristol. Terry
  10. There is to much modern technology in these trains and are not desinged for the riggers of morden day usage or have the stability for the jobs that they hav to do. Terry.
  11. The cab of the 310 where the same as the 312. Happy days when I was a guard on GE> Terry
  12.  I really hate WIndows 10.

    1. Hroth


      What's it done now?

    2. Trainshed Terry

      Trainshed Terry

      A recent update corrupted Windows 10 as it took me must of yesterday to put right by using windows reset through the F3 key on my MSI laptop. Thankfuly I do a double back up of omportaint files.

  13. The bulding in the back ground is the swiming pool that was built over the formation of the line. The hole in the wall was to make room for the buffer stop. Terry.
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