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  1. That would make a great base board for a O gauge layout. I shall get my coat. Terry.
  2. Is it possible that you could post some images of the problem that you are having as it diffcult to give the right advice for the issue. Terry.
  3. No there is no sercret about te problems that you are having. If the model you describe is the model I think it is from a early batch of Hornby locos that have Mazak problem. It is one of the super detailed models with open doors and a working fan. Please follow this link about the problem. I hope that is a help to you. Terry.
  4. I would use a light gray same as the cap interior as black would not right.
  5. Is that a "N" gauge 08. If it is you are going to need a pair of very steady hands, but yes it is repairable the tik is gett the right resistore of the value as value as the one that is burnt out. Terry
  6. A very Merry Christmas and a happy modelling new year to one and all.

    1. AY Mod

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      Merry Christmas to you all too!

  7. I order a copy of this book, so I have some bed time reading as it arrived today. It looks like a very good book. On plus note great deliver by Strathwood books. A happy customer. Terry.
  8.  Just been for my Covid-19 booster injection today. YAHHH!!


  9. I have watched all the videos for Laser Creation, And his work is OUT STANDING. Terry.
  10. I would go but it's a hell of a drive from where I am to Wakefield for me. About 31/2 hours 212 miles. But I shall make a decision nearer the time. Terry.
  11. I would give it a light coat of gloss to help the decals to adhere as well use a decal fixing agent like micro sol and micro set as well. Terry.
  12. That is a great selection of photographs of the signal box. Was the box to the east of the road bridge is today. Terry.
  13. I agree with you Micheal Hodgson. There should be a crossover so that you can get from down slow to the down goods. And there should also be one going from up Goods to up slow. Terry
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