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  1. I lke the shadow on the right hand buffer, it looks like a tortoise shell. Terry.
  2. That is a very sad sight and would make a great cake box challenge model. Terry.
  3. And the human interface for looking for track defects. Terry.
  4. I am going to throw the "Crosti 9F" fitted with smoke deflector fitted as one of my favouritess. Terry
  5. I have been looking for decal sheets for some "O" gauge projects but have had no luck in find the right decals.


    1. Adrian Stevenson

      Adrian Stevenson

      Which decals are you after?

    2. Trainshed Terry

      Trainshed Terry

      The decals I am looking for are for the following wagons, "BR 12 ton Pal Van and BR Standard /Fruit van" both kits are Slater's.



  6. Who is going to be brave enough to do that weathering on a "00" gauge model. Terry.
  7. To get thje definitive answer is to contact "BigJim" as they are his regular traction that he drives as he works for "GBRF".
  8. I do believe that the fith door was fitted to the locos you mention as there is no access from the drivers cab at that end. IIRC!.
  9. Is it me or is there more than one link to the forum update as I have counted 3 for this thread alone.
  10. What year was that gem of a photography taken.........more to the point the location, all I can think is that that could be 1953 floods.
  11. Go for a new one, it's a buyers market at the moment!

    1. G-DIMB


      I would completely agree. There are some fantastic bargains out there at the moment. I got £5000 off a pre reg Ford Focus and from speaking to the dealer the used car sales were even worse as manufacturers were dumping new/pre reg stock onto the market to shift it meaning people who were buying upgraded to newer ones which killed sales of 3-5 year old stuff. Only things which are worth the same are 2017/18 £0/£20 rated cars the car tax rules changed which meant they cost alot more to tax.


    2. Trainshed Terry

      Trainshed Terry

      I have a limited budget to to spend as I have been unemployed since 2015 and have be struggling to find employment, I am on 2 zero contracts but I have had no work since May.


      My mother died in April so I have a inheritance from my mother estate which I have to get to stretch untill I get my first of my pension in 2022.

  12. I am in a bit of a dilemma about my car, it is 13 years old the question is do I get it repaired or do I spend money buying a newer car, as I feel if the cost of the repairs is greater than the current value of the car is it worth doing. I cannot make my mind up.   

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    2. spamcan61


      I'm very much a "better the devil you know" car owner, so I'd take it to the next MoT at least. Aircon regas is maybe 60 quid, that doesn't pay for much depreciation on something newer. I've spent close to the value of a car on it for 2-3 years in succession, still less than the depreciation on something newer. The tricky bit is of course knowing when to finally pull the plug!


    3. 47137


      It sounds like this Kia is wearing out too soon. My last MX-5 was 13 years old at 104,000 miles when it needed its first repair - a new radiator. I had the work done but bought a new car three months later; funny thing is I decided I really wanted air con, which the old car didn't have. I would leave the air con broken and have a look at 3 to 4 year old s/h cars. (Edit: I'm guessing some of your "bills" are not routine service items).

    4. Trainshed Terry

      Trainshed Terry

      Yep you hit the nail on the head, 47137. thing is with the london ULEZ is due to come into force soon it would be nice to have a car the complies with the current exhaust emissions.

  13. I have just checked through the "British Railways MK 1 Coaches book" by KeithParkin MA, and the bogie on the left is a "Commonwealth design" and the one on the right is "BR 1 basic double bolster bogie. I hope that is of help to you. Terry.
  14. It is to hot for my liking. 



    1. Re6/6


      Opposite here Terry. Love it though inside the 'railway' shed was a tad too hot even for me at 100°F. It's just as well that I allowed sufficient gaps in the rail joints on Marsh Sidings!

    2. truffy


      I find that the heat saps my desire to do anything constructive :(

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