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  1. I say if Eurostar need a bail out, let the share holders bail the company out from the mega proffits they have earned. Terry.
  2. Has this model been released to maket yet, and what is the cost. Terry.
  3. Is that )& still eaning it's keep I wpould have thought they where all scraped. Terry.
  4. That the fastest I have ever seen RMweb open. "Clik" ......................Pin and open 


    Good job everyone.

  5. Well ........I have just placed an order for one in BR black and silver as late birthday present to myself. Terry.
  6. It looks like the weed killing tain needs to traverse that line soon as the weeds could destabilize the ballest. Terry.
  7. I never saw a Western in services either, but do agree with you that Western was a short lived design, as for the 47 it is a handsome design and is long running design and timeless handsome design. How many of the 47's are still in front line service out of the 500+ built. Terry.
  8. Thank you Metr0Land They where manufactured over 11 years ago. Don't time fly when we are having fun fun. Terry.
  9. I seem to remember that there was a very expensive model of the LMS twins but I can not remember who the manufacturer was. Terry
  10. That seagull must had a bad case of diarrhoea from a great height. Terry.
  11. Thaey require a yellow warning panel as the is no roof light fitted. Terry
  12. There is only one's that comes to my mind are,1st place HST Class 43 and in second place is the class 52 Western 3rd Brush Type 4 AKA Class 47. Regards Terry.
  13. The heat damage to the body work is clear to see, but it is the damage internally that could be worse that it looks. I thourght that there was fire suppression equipment fitted to locomotives and on track machine. Terry.
  14. My line that should have been mothballed in my book are as follows, 1: Baintree to Bishops Stortford. 2: Sudbuy to Cambidge, 3:Chappel and Wakes Colne to Halstead, to alleviate the traffic on the road to Colchesterat peak times. AS these routes could an alternative to get access to Stanstead AIrport.
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