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  1. DIW

    EBay madness

    That they do. Eventually I'll dig it out and photograph it, then find the model details for @leopardml2341 to add to the Mazak rot list thread.
  2. DIW

    EBay madness

    My lad has one of those A4s with that tender chassis problem - Merlin, in Green livery, in the Liliput box. Fortunately I removed the tender chassis from its body before any massive longitudinal stress occurred to break the tender ends. The example to which Esmedune linked has been photographed still in its box, so there may well be a broken tender body adjacent to the cab. The tender chassis of my son's loco has continued to distort, such that it has a severe sideways bend. Fortunately (again) I had removed the motor, wheels and gears, and taken measurements of the chassis, before all that occurred. Others of the Trix/Liliput A4s which have a different design of tender don't have that problem - my lad's Silver Link (in a Trix box) has a much better chassis design.
  3. The change to the feedback system has not helped. It used to remember the vaious feedback left; on clicking in the text box and starting, autofill suggestions of my previous messages appeared. That disappeared when the system was 'improved' to allow more characters. There's an irony; now that everyone can write longer messages, fewer messages are left.
  4. As hank mentioned, it depends a lot on the wheelbases of what you intend to run - and on the models themselves. The general rule for Bemo HOm kit is minimum radius 330mm, and this is easily fine for many of their items. Some of the shorter stuff (ArosaBahn? some of the RhB guys will correct me if that should say Albula bahn) will easily fit on shorter radius. However some of the French railcars are rather long (both H0 and H0m, I'm thinking of the railcars operating in the Savoie Alps) so you'll have to select the stock to match your track. Depending on your era and setting, four-wheel stock may be suitable - what are you considering? All the Best - I look forward to reading about what you create. Dave
  5. Just wait until the next forum software change, and it will all disappear anyway. How do I know.....?
  6. The last time I looked at the Terms and Conditions under which Olivia's Trains sell by post, it seemed to me that they put the onus on the seller to take the blame for any postal problems. (Yes, I realise that in law the seller is responsible for the safe delivery of goods). I took the view that if a trader sets out to be controvertial, I'll keep looking elsewhere. Eventually I found what I wanted in mint condition at half Olivia's price, with (I can't believe this) that mainstay of the Ebay thread, Gostude! Hopefully you get a good outcome in your situation.
  7. I would have thought that seeing what some of them watch would make your hair curl! Oh.....
  8. Hi TechnicArrow, This 'feature' seems to have appeared along with @AY Mod's tests to include the little video on the page - it seems to push the posts downwards, giving the 'jump' to which you refer. Have a look at the Advertising thread - there's all sorts of discussions and explanations there.
  9. I also see this on Firefox on a PC, but not on Opera or Brave on the same PC. Hope that helps?
  10. DIW

    EBay madness

    That depends - the bet could depend on the number of entries generated in RMWeb's 'Ebay Madness' thread.....
  11. Exactly that. So many of the railway arches in London have been handed over that it is rather difficult to find any still in NR's possession, in which to propose installation of equipment for NR's benefit.
  12. Me too, with the proviso that I sign up to the new payment system first (no surprise there of course, that 's the new Ts & Cs).
  13. Here you go - save you the hassle, the bunfight and the cheek-by-jowl experience of the modern funicular...... (I wonder if that will be a thing of the past now that people need to keep a certain distance apart?)
  14. There is a small section on this railway in the Région Mediterranée chapter of French Minor Railways by W. J. K. Davies, Published by David & Charles in 1965 (so no ISBN number!). You just need to track down a copy....
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