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  1. Here you are, a thread from 2015 - we haven't heard from Kenton for a couple of years now (shame - he was always a good Devil's advocate, and at least made me consider a different view in the threads in which he appeared), but he is one with a strong view on the subject.
  2. Ooh, you've done it now! The anti-track-rubber brigade will sense this and come running! We haven't had a track rubber 'debate' for a while. (I make no comment for or against). I wonder if Deliveroo or Just Eat can bring me some popcorn....
  3. DIW

    EBay madness

    We can look forward now to all sorts of ancient Jouef rubbish* being listed this coming weekend. Crumbs, it wasn't even a Playcraft by Jouef set! There was no mention of the quality of Jouef brand products improving no end when Hornby took over the label. And - could nobody in the studio know how to put all the wheels on the track? The number of close-up views of the wagons off the rails was amazing. *There were a few good items produced by Jouef at the time of production of the set in the programme, but not many!
  4. Bemo make (made?) one in RhB branding, item number 2282-143 in their standard range. I have found it to operate adequately - I usually push it around the layout with a suitable locomotive (to avoid getting dirt/dust on the locomotive's wheels). Bemo also make track cleaners in their metal range - I think one of the snowploughs (not the rotary one) has the ability to attach pads beneath. There may well be other brands available too.
  5. Of course now that the Ebay Madness thread (and the other Ebay topics) are outside the shield of the Wheeltappers subforum, non-RMWeb-members can see the threads - that includes the subjects of the entries. Look what openness and exposure has done for the Handforth Parish Council! Some may take that as a warning , others may take it as a challenge....
  6. See this thread in Forum Rules, Notices, Faults & Help.
  7. As the title says - is it just a glitch from the recent update of which @AY Mod has informed us, or a permanent move?
  8. Wow! That's the first time I've seen 'egregious' used since I learnt the word 48 years ago at school (Shakespeare's Henry V).
  9. Well there's the BN / BLS De4/5 (Swiss), with its A1A-Bo wheel arrangement, though I'd be surprised (and delighted) if Rapido ventured into that market. It's only been made (long ago) in H0 by Fulgurex (or was it Metropolitan?). I've had a look, and found a Metropolitan BN Fe4/5 on ebay.de, (which is the same family of vehicle, in an earlier livery). Crumbs, it's 900 Euro! Perhaps there's a market there with headroom for the development costs (just wondering).
  10. Another one here for the Basingstoke show. I went with my family on the Sunday.
  11. Back a few months, I answered that question with this: However when I go to try it to make sure, the option is no longer there..We have had the forum software improved since then, so perhaps the 'Manage Ignored Topics' feature has been dropped or forgotten? Or, perhaps it's just me who can't retrieve that which was so easily cast aside? Perhaps @AY Mod can take a look - (no hurry on my account) - although the above helpful comment may still work for others?
  12. At the moment, there does seem to be dificulty in opening a business bank account anywhere in the UK. This article explains the problems people have been having.
  13. Never mind the cow pats, I'm impressed with the cow bells in 1:160! It drove me cross-eyed adding the bells in S scale.
  14. Hi Mark, I ordered a Liliput BLS Mutz unit from Roundhouse back in 2014, when they were still in Zurich. I contacted them by email in English and German, their reply was in German. When the availability and price of the unit were confirmed, I emailed my name and address exactly as associated with my payment card, then telephoned to tell them the card number (in German). They may be more capable of direct electronic payments these days, but I also wouldn't be surprised if things are still the same. The transaction went fine. Note that with Switzerland outside the EU (and
  15. Thanks - I've edited my post to correctly credit dagrizz for the pictures and you for the identification.
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