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  1. Indeed , someone has already done that to some extent.
  2. You seem to have found yet another supplier of magnetic couplings, the second photo shows the name as Porter House MODELS. Competition and choice is a good thing, but it's worth pointing out that these different systems are not going to be compatible as they are all using different magnets and mounting them differently.
  3. Here's what it looks like after painting and the addition of some scenary. I've painted it with enamel paint to seal it. A water based paint could have caused it to warp. I've started on the main station building, more Wills kit bodgery. This will be in two parts with an overall roof. The window on the right facing into the passageway between them is the ticket window.
  4. See here . The Forney and Prarie never appeared. This is the page from catalogue you've seen.
  5. The J50 has a totally different chassis than the standard Jinty type.
  6. Non-rebuilt makes more sense to me. For an unrebuilt pacific see here .
  7. Not much recent activity, but here it is:
  8. Backscene This layout needs a backscene to hide the fiddle yard and continuous run from view. Its current storage location limits the maximum height to 4 inches. Another factor is the need to see over it when operating from the rear, particularly with regard to shunting in the station area. For this reason I've made the smaller section on the left only 3 inches tall. The larger section starts 3 inches tall, and gradually increases to 4 inches near the right end. A filler piece will extend it to the bridge. The small piece has been glued in place, the larger one will be fixed later as it restricts access to the station area. To fill the area between the road and station I've taken the radical decision of using a Wills Iron Chapel as it's meant to be, rather than convert it to something else. Here it is in a boring green paint scheme, which seems typical.
  9. A bit of searching found the numbers - ST-242 & 243. Some info in this topic: I think for the geometry you'd need to find a Peco catalogue from the 1980s or earlier, I haven't found anything online yet.
  10. Measure its height. Code 100 = 0.1 inch , 2.54mm .
  11. I'm also getting a distant memory of the traction of some locos improving with age. Something to do with the surface of new wheels being slippery, and when that wears away grip improves. Just a thought.
  12. Must be a weight or drag issue. The four wheelers are very free running.
  13. Nile

    EFE Gate Stock

    Nothing to stop it pulling it. Pushing would be more of a problem.
  14. I've now got mine running round a test track (an oval with R3 curves) hauling 20 Hornby 4 wheelers, the new ones not the silly shorties. I don't think I've reached its limit yet, but I'm running out of coaches and the train is occupying half the oval already. That's about 8 feet of coaches.
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