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  1. I've followed this thread for some time and havd thought long and hard about what renains are evocative to me. I think that the ones that really stirred me were some of the slate mine railway renains in Snowdonia. In particular the one at the top of the Croeser Valley that ends up nearly vertical before heading into a tunnel at it's summit. When climbing in the area I wondered how people could even plan such routes let alone build them. Jamie
  2. Just as aside the latest issue of Modern Railways has several features about thevWest Midlands including the plans forIIRC the Bordesley chords which will connect the Camp Hill and N and S lines plus the plans for Moor St. Well worth a read. Jamie
  3. As far as i know, and Mike Storey probably knows far better due to having been a manager at Kigs Cross, the main problem at Kings Cross is platform capacity. Long distance trains take longer to turn round than suburban services. This is due to several factors which include train cleaning, dealing with passenger luggage, seat reservations and loading catering supplies. Another factor is the slow exit speeds from the platforms that mean it takes a long time for the route into a recently vacated platform to be available. As I understand it the reasoning behind the reopening of the third tunnel is to make the station throat a lot faster so that trains clear the area quicker. This still leaves the problem of there being no room for extra platforms. Welwyn works quite well but as Mike pointed out there is no point in spending a huge amount of money quadrupling it unless there is somewhere to put the xtra trains at The Cross. However as far as I know, the real problem at Welwyn is the stretch north of the viaduct with two tunnels which have a heavily used commuter station between them. It is sorting that bottleneck where most of the money would be spent. Jamie
  4. That's very insulting to all the highly skilled, dedicated and very professional railwaymen and women who keep our railways running in good and bad times. Many of them are members of this forum. I'm afraid that comments like yours are what got the previous thread closed down. Please can we have a bit of respect on here. Jamie
  5. jamie92208


    Funnily enough we asaw the modern day equivalent of that when we were on holiday near Hurgada a few years ago. On our way back from a a trip to Luxor our coach was overtaken by an articulated lorry with a long dropside trsiler that contained 10 rather ungappy looki g canels. All tied down with just necks and humps showing above the sides. Jamie
  6. I think that the problem there is that they ran out of stories from the original books by Nicholas Rhea. The same has happenned with Vera and Call the Midwife so now they get teams of writers to write to a formula. Al this talk about such things is probably a good sign that people are actualyy behaving themseleves on level crossings. Jamie
  7. I was also thinking of TSR2 and the New Nimrod saga but don't have the figures. Jamie
  8. I think it was a bit deeper than that. A late friend of mine was a locksmith at Pickersgill Kaye in Leeds. They spent a lot of time investigating carriage door locks and John had a test rig running 24/7 for many months opening and slamming a carriage door. It drove the neighbours mad. The end result, IIRC was that a fault was found and the door locks were redesigned. Jamie
  9. When HS2 was first announced, I did suggest to other members at our Model Railway Club that we should buy a dustbin and have our ashes placed there in due course so that they could be incorporated into an embanknent or track bed when the line was finally built past Wakefield. Jamie
  10. I think I once saw somewhere that a film usually only contains about 10% of a book's content. Jamie
  11. I seem to remember that the use of the ex GC route was one of the options rejected by the design team for very good reasons. Jamie
  12. And to think that but for WW1 the Midland would have electrified the whole route to get their freight traffic over it more efficiently. Lovely 80 ton Bo Bo's in Maroon using high voltage AC. Jamie
  13. It's looking good Mike. I'll have to pop round and have a look. I might even get some work done on mine later this week. Jamie
  14. I've never heard of it but will look for a copy of it. I worked near Newmarket and lived nearby in 78 and remember the area well. Jamie
  15. I do have a runable 9F chassis completed and will test it on my 6' radius curves and see howit goes for you. Like Sir Douglas I woukd gave thought that you would be OK. Jamie
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