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  1. Hi Douglas, Spokane will feature in the 1979 trip. Your trip sounds good, feel free to add some photos when I get there. Jamie
  2. Thanks for that. Divide Creek will feature in due course. Jamie
  3. Thanks very much to pH for the info above. It's a fascinating area in many ways. There will be more views of this area in 1979. The Tardis is still in the Spiral Tunnel area in June 1978. This is I think a view of Mt Stephen above the train. We wound our way up and I think this is the upper spiral tunnel. Before long we crossed the continental divide at the summit of Kicking Horse Pass. Then we got to Banff where I got off for two nights. I had no accommodation booked but a New Zealand Girl called Liz that I'd been chatting to suggested the YWCA, no that's not
  4. I am pleased to report that no more fledgling redstarts have been found perched on the layout and the parents seem to be looking after them in the woodshed. Apart from that I made some progress today and made a start on the roofs. The biggest ws the roof for the stables. I used my proposed method of 3mm ply and mounting board for this one. here the roof laminate cn be seen drying alongside the building. The other two buildings are small enough to manage without the wood I think. here they are. First Ernest Brooks Office. And the Hut. I then had a
  5. I'm not sure that it was the trolleys. I think that it was the wheeled containers that the restaurant car supplies come in. They are normally secured by what look like a set of dog clips. Jamie
  6. It's not just drivers. I believe that at both Hatfield and Great Heck, catering staff were amongst the casualties. I seem to remember that catering containers were involved. Jamie
  7. Todays list at Chateau Guest. 1. Spend an hour talking to young Emily. Done she was on good form 2. Muck out the hen hut. Done by me and management. 3. Change flat tyrecon Volvo. Done 4. Check and clean pool filter at house we look after done. 5. Break for coffee and biscuits. Ongoing After lunch it was going to be shed time but that has now been replaced by sourcing new soil from compost heap 2. Jamie
  8. Good moaning from a slightly damp Charente. The view from the Tardis on 15th June 1978 ws slightly damp as well as we climbed up into the Selkirk range as we ascended Rogers Pass.. The story of the building of the CP is fascinating as they set off across the prairies with 500 miles of easy track to lay but without a) a connection round Lake Superior to the east or b) any idea of their route through the Rockies. Fortunately Kicking Horse Pass and Rogers Pass were discovered before tracks reached them. Anyway back to the Tardis. As we plodded upwards we passed a freight heading west.
  9. Is that whilst he remembers what he's gone to the worksop to do. Jamie
  10. Hope the OT's visit goes well Dave. They are usually very good and have access to all sorts of gadgets that make life easier. A couple that I have had dealings with were quite eady on the eye as well. Jamie
  11. Isn't it mainly in tunnel in that area. Jamie
  12. Good morning from a rather damp and grey Charente. The Tardis is still in the Fraser Canyon on the evening of the 14th June 1978. Briefly for those that don't know the background, it's the main way out of the Rockies. The first route was the CP, built in this area by the Government with mainly Chinese labour as part of a deal to keep British Columbia in Canada. Then came the CN, which had to go on the opposite side of the river. Finally, in the 1950/60's the Trans Canada Highway arrived and generally had to go higher up the canyon wall avoiding the railways. Here the Highway drosses the ri
  13. Those shots of the rail, all assembled near thevjunction reminded me of something that was in an update from NR that I saw somewhere. IIRCthey are bringing in a tracklaying machinr so it would make sense to start from where the rail is and work right through to Marholm, probably one track at a time. The rail certainly looks to have bern made a lot neater. Jamie
  14. Cultura at Angouleme have a good range of sizes and thicknesses. I got 6 sheets of 3.5mm about A3 size for €2,5 each. It's at the north end nearcZyke the pool place. 3 Redstart fledglings sorted today. Jamie
  15. I like your style Bill. Anyway if any of you have seen my layout thread. I have now gently captured 3 fledgling Black Redstarts in the shed and placed them outside on the windowsill below their nest entrance. The parents now seem to be calli g for them outside. Gently captured with an old kitchen seive and a pool net. Jamie
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