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  1. I finally managed to see the first part of the TV programme last night and enjoyed it. It certainly puts many of the problems into perspective without getting into the blame game. I hope to be able to see part two on Wednesday. Jamie.
  2. jamie92208


    Good luck with your trip to Glasgow. I hope everything goes well. I might even raise a glass to your good health. Jamie
  3. jamie92208

    Limoges Angouleme Disruption

    From watching sales in our village (about 5 miles from Mike) what often seems to happen is that properties are listed in different platforms at different prices. One near us has only sold after being dropped by about 30%. Others which are not being dropped, mainly by expats, are not selling. It is a strange market at the moment. I certainly haven't found a French equivalent of Zoopla to find out what the actual sale price is. Jamie
  4. jamie92208

    Wright writes.....

    I tend to work with a 60w iron and use either phosphoric acid flux or paste flux that I can't remember the name of (Little plastic tub, black body and red top). I find that if I forget to clean the soldering iron before I put it on the rest it gets covered in some sort of cremated gunk very quickly. However I keep a scrunched up piece of kitchen roll, pre soaked in water nearby and before use just wipe the tip and the silvery tinned tip is exposed like magic. If I'm doing a lot of work I try and clean it after every short use but don't always do that. The tip doesn't seem to have eroded in the past 6 months. Jamie
  5. jamie92208

    Yet another feedback controller

    I'd have to do some measuring Andy. I think that most of them are less than 1 ohm. I do use droppers to every separate piece of rail as the layout is 12m by 6m so some of the copper wires feeding sections are quite long. Quite a few of the motors are maxxon or escap coreless ones and a lot are Mashima 1833's and I haven't a clue what the ex lima 4F' are. I've even got some US outline stuff with big Pitmanns. I'll have to do a survey. Jamie
  6. jamie92208

    HS2 (was Route maps)

    I don't know the exact figures but I believe that the only major internal passenger flow by air, within the Mainland UK, is London to Edinburgh/Glasgow. Most of the others are marginal. London/Leeds struggles but only keeps going because it takes you direct to Heathrow for connections. I strongly suspect that a modest reduction in journey time between London and Scotland after HS2 opens in full, would spell the end of most air traffic on that route. Jamie
  7. jamie92208

    Yet another feedback controller

    Sounds an interesting topic Andy. I run locos with all sorts of different motors. What sort of currents would this deal with, I would be looking for about 3 amps. Jamie
  8. jamie92208

    GWML Electification

    I'm happy with my commute, walk across to the shed to start modelling…... Jamie
  9. jamie92208

    Lumden? West Yorkshire in the early 1960s

    I hope you enjoy Giggleswick Dave, I grew up there, which is where I got my modelling ideas from. Long Preston village Hall has some sort of coffee morning most Saturday mornings in aid of something or other. The model is usually on display with the curtains drawn and the lights on. If you are there ask for Janet or Robin Benzie and mention my name. I haven't looked in detail at the interchange but I used a section of mixed gauge track as a shard track on a run round loop with a transloading platform inside the loop. All modellers licence but the mixed gauge track always drew attention. I built the 'point' at one end and a friend built the other end. He was most miffed when mine worked without any form of moving track and his needed a point motor. I have somewhere got some photos of it but would have to email them as I can't post them for copyright reasons. By the way I hope that you don't feel that the thread is being hijacked. All the best Jamie
  10. jamie92208

    Lumden? West Yorkshire in the early 1960s

    Reservoir railways of the Yorkshire Pennines is the one you want. It's long out of print but well worth reading. If you have any trouble getting hold of a copy PM me. The Yorkshire Dales one was part of the inspiration for Long Preston and bits of the narrow gauge are on the part of the layout that's on display in Long Preston Village hall along with one of ray Clasper's scratch built locos and some stock built by my late friend Tony Bond. I used the narrow gauge, which is based on the line that served Stocks Reservoir and then used modellers licence to imagine that it had actually started at Long Preston and that tey had included a siding into the village gasworks. Jamie
  11. Did anyone watch the latest episode of Cold Feet last night. At the end there is a scene set on a station with a nice canopy and footbridge on a double track non electrified line but no trains. Can anyone tell me where it was filmed please. Jamie
  12. jamie92208

    Wright writes.....

    No problem Tony, I'll get in touch. Jamie
  13. jamie92208

    Lumden? West Yorkshire in the early 1960s

    That weathering looks stunning Dave, Thanks for the explanation it seems fine to me. I now understand where the 3 wires come from. I wonder if you have read Harold Bowtell's book on the reservoir railways of West Yorkshire that covers the area your protoype is based in. There was a very large system above Hebden Bridge that had a fabulous viaduct on it. It has photos of the type of stock used. If you can't find a copy send me a PM. We used one of his other books as the source material for Long Preston. Jamie
  14. That's exactly what happens now, it is an offence with what is known as a "Found Committing" power of arrest. In other words if someone is caught they can be arrested and then the usual legal and procedural rules apply as to whether or not they are bailed or kept in custody to go to the next available court. When I was a custody officer I kept quite a few in like that when the circumstances fitted. Jamie
  15. jamie92208

    Lumden? West Yorkshire in the early 1960s

    I've never heard of the strip across the point blades being used for switching but have not looked at the C & L site recently. The movement is only a couple of mm and I would have thought that that would make it difficult for switching purposes except to operate a microswitch mechanically. There is a very good microswitch on the Cobalt that I used for switching frogs on a layout that I wired for DCC for a friend. It just needs three dropper wired from the stock rails and frog to the point motor, then insulated joints beyond the frog before the rails pick up the bus wire again. Good luck with it. Jamie

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