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  1. As stated previously they are almost pkeadant to look at in LT red. As to thevone who casts nastersums from North Hipposhire, I had the fortune good or otherwise to be in what might be described as a mixed dorm during my basic training. There were briwn jobs, blue jobs, as well as a former gaurdsman, and a lad from the Queen's Colour Squadron. The insults between the three services, and within the brown jobs were an education to innocent little me. Jamie
  2. Good moaning. It's sunny again. Breakfast has been eaten, coffee is being consumed. The leg ofvlamb isvin the skow cooker. A good Sunday lunch with some friends is anticipated. A quick trip to the market next. Not a bad day in prospect. Ian, I hope that things calm down and that you and your family and friends are safe. Riots are not nice things. Fortunately the ones I had to police didn't have firearms in the mix. Regards to all. Jamie
  3. Yes the Furness district of Lancashire that we used to hear about every night on the radio weather forecast. Obviously as a native of Cumberland I can look down on the warring southern jessies where I di missionary work for 60 years. We have been very well received in our village but have occasionally heard muttering about "Les Anglais" in shops. My response is to then reply in French which produces embarrassment. Anyway we have some news tonight, we finally have a new mayor, Chrystal, a scion of the Marchet clan has now been chosen. Her brother in law, Roland was very pleased when we chatted to him tonight. We also think that she will do a good job. And we had a lovely video char with Rachel Laura and of course Emily this morning. Despite all the horrors going on around us this cheered us up. Jamie
  4. Good evening again and thanks for the tips. Along with some other jobs I managed to do same more scanning and can now show the photos the right way round so here are some of the ones from last night. First Bold Colliery Then Lion I now realise why I scanned them the wrong way round. We must have been on the North side of the line as the photographers were all on the south with the sun behind them. I can't resit not showing the spinner again. Then after the best railway came the 'Premier Line' First the tank engine then a train pulled by Hardwicke. Even I as a Midland man thought the effect was magnificent, Then another LNWR tank engine. Last for tonight which I think is Maud. That's up to my allowed limit. Hope you won't get bored over the next few nights as we work through the cavalcade. Jamie
  5. None of the 00 threads, mainly ptototype ones. Most of the Yorkshire towns don't like each other either. Look at the trouble they are having trying to get a regional mayor with Leeds v Sheffield. There are long memories. Our Mayor's family are inconers as they've only been here forcabout 100 years. The two big farming clans go back pre revolution. However they all hate Parisians. One previous mayor was heard to comment unfavorably when someone told him that a german family was buying a house. He wasxasked again and heard correctly. His face apparently lit up and he said, "Thang goodness, I thought you said Parisians." Jamie
  6. I have tried to explain that one to some French friends, plenty of wine helps. Jamie
  7. Whilst scanning a batch of unsorted slides that I found in a box this one turned up. Fortunately the station name gives a clue to date and place. It's taken between Chalon Sur Soane and Macon, on the ex PLM main line in Burgundy. From memory we were en route back home form the south of France on a family holiday, roundabout 1990. If anyone has any other info I would be grateful as all my pencil markings have been rubbed off the slide. As it would probably have been taken in the evening I would guess from the lighting that it was a northbound express. Funny to think that those very modern looking coaches are the same type that are now being scrapped. Jamie
  8. Good moaning to all, and let's not forget poor sundry. It's warm here and there is not a cloud in the sky. This means that if we do see any contrails they are very obvious. By pure coincidence we saw a coupe the other night when ChrisF was first mentioning his trip to Marrakech. I looked on Flightradar24 and one of them was a flight from that city to Paris. That's Spooky. Also the law about finding lost objects has just been proved in this house. A few weeks ago I lost a brass casting and searched everywhere for it to no avail. I thus ordered another from Laurie Griffin. That arrived on Thursday and yesterday guess what happened. the original turned up. Whether I will ever build another 4F with inside valve gear I very much doubt, but if increasing feeble mindlessness takes me down that road, I do have a spare motion bracket. Anyway, the builders departed, having dug out, levelled and shuttered the area for the pool base. Concreting is to happen Monday morning before it gets too hot. Various culinary things are being done in the kitchen so it's out of bounds. Once we have video called Rachel, Laura and of course Emily then the day is mine. To try and preserve some balance of brownie points I better find something that looks useful to do. Obviously making parts for a 4F would not be classed as useful by the Domestic Authorities. Thoughts are very much with NHN, it must be a terrible situation in such a small and close knit business. Regards to all. Jamie
  9. I think that the original quote was that Rugby is a game for hooligans played by Gentlemen and soccer is a game for gentlemen played by hooligans. Jamie
  10. Good evening all, it's still rather warm her but I do have some pictures to share. Most of them are rom August 1980. A group of us from work plus other friends got a group ticket to the Rainhill Cavalcade. A Peak Hauled Trans Pennine train from Leeds to Manchester Victoria then an 8 car DMU fast to Rainhill, what a sight it was as we passed Bold Colliery. It looked just like a proper steam shed in the 60's except the locos were clean. I Think I've got that one back to front. We walked from Rainhill station to the grandstands. We couldn't afford the posh seats on the north side so all my photos are from the cheap side. First off was Lion, rescued from being a pumping engine in the docks by, IIRC, the LMS for the 1930 centenary. It looked great. Then came a bit of absolute magnificence. I'm not really biased. I just think that engines should be red. Not only did it look superb it just seemed to glide along effortlessly. I've definitely got that one back to front. I'll re scan them tomorrow. and edit. Then another find that popped up in a load of loose slides in a box. A specially posed shot of River Irt at Dalegarth with George Stanniforth getting ready for another trip back to Ravenglass. I was the guard and we arranged this specially when the light was right. Jamie
  11. We have 4 mature cherry trees in the garden and yes the birds do like them. They can strip a tree in a day/night. However at the moment the problem is eating enough of the sweet dark things. One tree's fruit is a bit tart but they make lovely charry brandy. The redstarts are still around. I've even been able to identify thevswift, tock, tock, tock that seems to be their alarm call. Jamie
  12. Good evening all from a very warm Charente. It was 32 in the car this afternoon. Fist off, thoughts with NHN and his staff. How horrible. Well the buildervand mate turned up this mirning and tge sitevof the new pool basevis nicely shutterred and levelled. Concete to be layed Monday. I got all sorts of admin tasks and some donestic engineering this morning. We are having visitors for lunch on Sunday so I am under orders as they say. This afternoon it was off to The Danglies to take Beth's car in for service. Ouch. We had a puncture whilst in England last year and they don't like having different makes of tyre on the same axle. 2 new tyres. Then a load of shopping, back to the garage and then back home. Quite a lot of German and Swiss climbers come a cropper on British mountains as they only look at my at the height. The British combination of cold and wet iscalien to them. I assisted in helping some off the 3 Peaks area and saw some very badly equipped young Germans when climbing in the Cairngorms. Regards to all. Jamie
  13. Hi Adam, the model may have been updated. To me the key things are A) The ability to do film AND prints. B) The large scanning area. C) The masks thst allow you to do 12 35mm slides at 1 go or 3 stripscof film with up to 6 pictures per strip. On the medium format masks you can adjust the guides to fit the negative. It has got a bit confused with some Instamatic pictures that are 35mm by 35mm. I need to work out how to sort that, but otherwise I cannot speak too highly of it. I have no budiness connection with Epson. Good luck. Jamie
  14. I've just checked, it's an Epson Perfection V800 scanner Jamie
  15. Thanks for that Dave. I'm fairly certain that it was a Saturday as we needed a full train service to make things work. There used to be an intinerary in the Ian Alan Locoshed book that showed how to get between the sheds. From memory we used a combination of bus, tube and train. I remember doing the escalators at Kings Cross. I adult went first and counted the boys off, I counted them on at the top then went down last. Long before Brian Hanrahan's famous bit of commentary about Harriers. Hi Adam. It was a present to myself before we left the UK in 2018. An Epson Perfection 800, but I'll check later. It is a flat bed scanner, with and A4 bed, that can do both film and prints and more importantly comes with a set of masks for slides, 35mm film, medium format film and one other that I can't remember at the moment (It's over in the shed) . I bought extra masks for the 35mm film and slides so that once I've set up a scan it works away whilst I change over the slides/film in the other mask. I am very impressed with it. It's a USB connection to my laptop. It does have various automatic options like colour correction and backlight correction but they can get confused. I'm gradually learning what sort of photos to leave to automatic and which to correct manually. It doesn't do too well if, for instance there is a bright sky or water feature on one side of the slide/negative. Those I'm finding are better done manually in ACDsee. It's trial and terror. Thanks for the interest. Jamie
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