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  1. We're fortunate that neitherBeth or I have ever had a reaction to a flue jab so we get one every year. Over here the district nurse comes to give them after we collect the doses from the pharmacy. It works well. Jamie
  2. It looks a bit less complex than the Finney 7 one that I take off the shelf and look at every so often. I really must get the 4 Midland locos that are ahead of it in the queue finished first. Jamie
  3. Both my mum and my mother in law died on the same date, though four years apart. Nevervwere Shakespea words "beware thevIdes of March" more true. However to commemmorate that we now go out every year on the 15th of March, have a good meal and raise a glass to absent friends. No longer a sad day. Jamie
  4. Good evening, it's been a bit damp here today but only the sea was damp at Dawlish in early August 2000. I don't remember spending a lot of time their that day but there were plenty of trains. It's the only time that I've ever visited Dawlish though I've passed through on the train a few times. Another HST Then a bit closer. Followed soon after by a 158. Then a walk along the sea wall and another HST in another livery. Finally a northbound and a 47 putting on the power. Then finally a 159 heading North. Plenty of trains in a classic spot. Jamie
  5. Go on Graham, give in and convert to 0 Gauge you know it makes sense. Jamie
  6. I used the King noard system with self locking legs, as above on Grren Ayre and each hoard is numbered on the operators side. The King boards have a K added. These build up to 6 units that are then joined together. The final 3 boards to be added, that join itvall together have no legs and have got known as Queen boards. The layout does seem to be coming along well Graham and I always look forward to new instalments. Jamie
  7. And no remission for good behaviour or time served. Jamie
  8. That looks to be in installation of the actual junction points that lead onto the diveunder. By early November it should be compleye. Real progress. Thanks for the updates. Jamie
  9. Congratulations and I hope that mother and daughter are both well. However have the locks on the modelling slush fund been changed as from my experience granddaughters are extremely good at extorting modelling tokens from grandfathers. Jamie
  10. I seem to remember that the Ansaldo contract was done under Railtrack and 5hen had to be descoped to get it to work and that's why Stockport retained mechanical boxes where they had to bring engineers in from India to refurbish them. It was a saga covered extensively in Roger Ford's column in Modern Railways. Jamie
  11. Taking my car to have thecair con looked at this morning. The new Classic Trains has arrived plusxa book about the aftermath of Harrow and Wealdstone so that's reading matter sorted for whilst I wait. Jamie
  12. A remarkable discovery has bern made in the eastern Charente Maritime, 2 uneaten Eccles Cakes. I wonder what I'll be having for supper tomorrow. I've also finished scanning slides and negatives for the time being. About 10,000 have been done since April. Jamie
  13. Just make a lean to extension to the existing shed. Perhaps it could be used as a repisitory for piles of redundant panniers when you finally succumb to presure and go Midland. Jamie
  14. A suitable fine for such an appalling breach of mess ettiquette, will be levied in due course. Probably in liquid form on a suitable occasion. Jamie
  15. For various reasons my parting was not pleasurable but I did make it work for me. I saved all my overtime as time off for 18 months and walked out in April but got paid till the middle of July with all the leave etc that I was owed. For various reasons I had no conscience about screwing them for everything I legally could. As I've now been drawing my pension for 18 years I can look back in amusement and with some satisfaction. I enjoyed most of my career and was lucky in that regard but the last 2 years were not pleasant. Satisfaction came later when I watched boss after boss get sacked, and or arrested for various forms of corruption. However there is no truth in the rumour that I was behind a certain sacked Deputy Chief Con who fell down some airplane steps and ended up paralysed for 6 months. I was nowhere near the scene. Jamie
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