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  1. Hi Mike. I discovered that somehow I had ignored this topic and so went 5o have a look and removed the ignore. I see that you haven't posted for a while. I hope that this us for the best of reasons. All the best. Jamie
  2. The American magazine Classic Trains has been doing just that for several years. Each quarterly issue has a a double paged spread called, "What's in a Photo.". One page has the photo with several added numbers in red. The other page has captions for each of those numbers. The current issue has 12 captions of which the loco is only mentioned as a passing refernce in one. The other 11 are all about background features and the railway infrastructure. I always find them fascinating. Knowing how Kalmbach (the publishers) work they will no doubt do a book of these features at some point. Jamie
  3. I was at Kings Cross last week and was quite surprised to see how many passengers were queing to retrieve luggage from the DVT of a recently arrived Mk4 set. On another tack, I see that IET's are to be built to replace the Voyagers on the WCML services. I winder whether someone may come to regret that order in due course. Jamie
  4. Thanks Bill. The wagon is still in it's box so I will look at it in daylight tomorrow 8n between other tasks. Thanks for the NER info. I will have a look on the sheet for the correct size leters. Jamie
  5. Good evening all from a misty bit of France. No modelling today but I have just had chance to go over to the shed and look through my file of transfer sheets. By good chance I have found one sheet with some large NE lettering and a sheet of pre grouping LMS constituents which has some L & Y letterring. A bit of googling has found me the kit instructions which show the 3 plank wagon as being grey. I have searched for details of the NE tarrif vans but with no joy. If anyone can point me towards any photos of them, I would be grateful. Jamie
  6. Thanks to all of you for that information about Tarrif vans. To be honest I had no idea what they were for but do know that one of the brake vans that I have was a tarrif van. That now makes sense. I oresume that they would be marshalled near the brake van so that the guard would be able to deal with the traffic whilst the driver was shunting. Jamie
  7. I've now got back home and have been able to download and view my photos. Here's 68030 Black Douglas on the east end of it's set on Saturday 30th. It was a bit dark and gloomy at Copley Hill. Here's a shot of the DVT. Jamie
  8. Just read the last two pages to get up to speed. I picked up the new edition of Rail yesterday and in their report about the incident it mentioned that cab ergonomics are one of the factors that are being investigated. That would fit in with something I was told last Friday. I will await the outcome of the report with interest. Jamie
  9. Evening all from La Belle France. As some of you may know I have been in the UK for a few days seeing members of the family. However I did manage a day out to meet some RMWeb members in London. Bill Bishop had instructed me to take a rucksack. I was rather bowled over when He presented me with 7 wagons and a kit for an 8th. These are on long term loan to Green Ayre. All in all a very generous gesture for which I am very grateful. he next day I went down to the clubroom and put the wagons on the test track. Here they are. They are all Furness Wagon kits and some of them need finishing off and lettering. From left to right they are as follows:- 2 North Eastern Tarrif Vans for me to letter 2 Midland Vans 1 L & Y 3 plank wagon 2 Midland Bunker coal container wagons plus one still to build. The Bunker coal wagons, which were used to take coal to the boats at Heysham will complement the other that I've got and I'll be able to have some full in a down train and empties for an up train. The vans will go either in trains or in the goods yard. Thanks Bill. Jamie
  10. Thanks for the pictures. I set off for Pompey today from Lincoln and had an unscheduled diversion via Peterborough due to a puncture. As I came down the A15 I suddenley realised I was at Werrington. I would have dearly loved to have stopped and taken some photos but tempus fugit and I had a ferry to catch. However I was able to ID some of the landmarks. I certainly is coming on. Please keep the pictures coming. Jamie
  11. I had a couple of hours on Leeds this afternoon and also saw 68030 and 028 with 028 running the normal way round. 802 203 also ran through with Edinburgh Waverley showing on the carriage side displays. Camera battery had gone flat so no photos. Jamie
  12. I'm currently away from any reference material but I seem to remember that several batches of Clerestories were built to a slightly reduced loading gauge (1.5"s comes to mind) to enable them to work to the south via the Widened Lines. Jamie
  13. All I can think is that for some obscure reason the supply voltage to the unit is low. If you can do this safely check the input voltage. I had the same problem on Green Ayre when I put it up in France. It turned out that the French Elrctrician had left me with only 144 volts coming into the layout. Jamie
  14. I'm over in the UK for a few days and as I am in Leeds hoped to see some new TPE trains. Thursday I saw an 802 working a Liverpool Newcastle but nothing else apart from 185's. Friday it was all 185's when I got a bit of time. This afternoon I managed 45 minutes at Copley Hill. I saw 4 or 5 eastbound workings running very close together, all 185's. Finally at about 15.45 I saw my first Nova 3 pulled by 68030 heading east 30 minutes late. Westbounds were all 185's. TPE were obviously having a bit of a bad afternoon as most of the trains were late. I did get some photos but as stupid me left the correct lead in France I can't upload them. Jamie
  15. I had my first lengthy ride on a 'zoomer' yesterday on a day trip from Leeds to London. In the morning I had an excellent ride on an HST. the return trip was on a 9 car set. The ride was noticeably worse and the seat was very uncomfortable. Eveything, including the seat reservations seemed to work and thr overall ambience was good. However I dread to think what my other half will say about the seats when she rides on one. Jamie
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