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  1. I spent 8 months in London on what would nowadays be called a gap year. For the last 4 months I was in a bedsit near Hounslow West. When I moved back to Giggleswick my brother put my worldly goods in the back of his car. I rode my hike up to St Pancras and met him there. They allowed him to drive up to near where the Champagned bar is now and my chattels were put in the gaurds van of the Thames Clyde. That took me to Settle and the goods went to my parents car via thecpirters barrow. I rode my bike hone. Very civilised. Thevmove tonFrance was 6 large trailer loads of stuff plus 19 palleys on a lorry. However 9 of them were my layout. Jamie
  2. I'll have a go at uploading a video of the lovely Aster Duchess that we watched on Friday. If it doesn't work I'll put it up on You Tube and post a link. It appears that I can't upload videos so it will have to be You Tube in due course. Jamie
  3. Good moaning from the Charente. The Tardis is still in San Salvador and it's still 24th December 2007. A last look at the roundhouse before we went to the workshops. The workshops had two bays with a traverser between them 866 was here. Most of the rolling stock was here but apparently some items were at Sonsanata half way along the line to the coast north east of the capital. New seat frames in the woodworking shop for refurbishing more coaches. A general view of the yard. In the waiting room there were some old photos on the wall. I was told that this was the southern terminus of the system near the Nicaraguan border. The line south heads off through Syapango and then past the area where we built the house. Our train loco had by now finished it's shunting. It had attached a water tanker between the loco and the coaches. This was to spray to keep dust down in the afternoon. That was to avoind making life more difficult for the shanty dwellers. Jamie
  4. Unfortunately auctions aren't always the best way to realise good value. If Diggleby's are going to drip feed this onto the market over some period of time thevwidow might do well. Otherwise much of it will go for a pittance. My other half isn't interested at the moment but there is a spreadsheet with approximate 2nd hand values in existence. As and when LGA bevones a burden I may well start drip feecing it out on Ebay plus the B& B at Guild events. Jamie
  5. Good morning again. It's still Christmas Eve 2007 and I'm still at the railway HQ in San Salvador. From the station, with Alexandria's Grandad as a guide we walked across to the workshops. Various bits of rolling stock were in the repair shop. However in the roundhouse were two steam locos that looked in good condition. I believe that they were formerly ICRA locos and I was told that they were in working order and had in the past done photo charters. Another view of them. There was also a nother type of diesel. I think German built from memory. And another GM-8 in an earlier livery. Jamie
  6. Many of these are diagrammed in once a week so drivers all keep the routecon their route cards. Two thatvI can think of are Cross country using the ex GC line north from Aldwarke and on the South Western.the junctions at Weybridge that give access via Staines to the Windsor lines. Jamie
  7. Where's the eye bleach gone. I need to check my vaccination status. On Friday I was OK becsuse I got plenty of eyefuls of a duchess after the pannier. Jamie
  8. Good moaning again from the Charente. The Tardis is still in Apopa El Salvador and it's still 24th December 2007. The day got better as I mentioned to Tony that it would be great to get on the loco. In a minute we were up in the cab for the ride back to San Salvador. This was the view looking back at the train. As we went past the church pastors house his wife had come out to wave. The multicoloured train looked interesting.The right of way between the shanties looked very narrow. We stopped many times to pick up people taking produce to the market to sell. We then made a special stop for them all to get off at the back of the market. Our driver, Romero who was an excellent host. He had some interesting stories to tell of continuing to work during the civil war when he sympathies were for the rebels. He had 3 bullet wounds in his legs. I wished him well as they were planning to extend the service to the next township. He then went off to re-marshall the train for the afternoon run. I looked across at this inviting sight. Jamie
  9. Yes I should have said outside cranks. Thst doesn't mean me when I go for a walk. Jamie
  10. On my initial police training course there was a lad from Ashington north of Newcastle. Even the geordies strughled to understand him and the monkey hangers had no chance. Jamie
  11. You asked. The Phrase a Kirtley usually refers to one of Matthews, outside framed 0-6-0's such as this one. The Midland had rather a lot of them, the last one lasted until just after nationalisation. However he did produce other locos and his 2-4-0's looked rather nice. This was built by my late friend Tony Bond, who saw the last goods 0-6-0 at Derby. Apparently the crews liked using it as a shunting loco due to the lever reverse. I am responsible for 2716. No 14 excelled itself on my layout. I had unwittingly built my platforms a little close to the track and no 14 walked along with it's outside cranks on the platform. I believer that Matthew was the inventor of the brick arch that allowed locos to burn coal rather than coke. Jamie
  12. Don't end up the same way as the other Richard Turpin, he had his neck stretched on a gibbett at York.
  13. There's always a bonus somewhere. Jamie
  14. Despite the constant changes between left and right hand drive cars, I still frequently go the the wrong side of either car to drive off and am surprised by the lack of a steering wheel. It must be an age thing. Jamie
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