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  1. Good evening again. We start still in August 1990 at La Rochelle on 27th July. Two 673XX's are ready to depart, probably on a Bordeaux Nantes service. The station yard was quite busy with various locos parked up. And 67341 was waiting to head south or possibly towards Poitiers whilst a 72000 and others are stabled in the yard. We now move forward a year and we have got off the ferry and are heading south towards, IIRC Fontainbleau for the night. We stopped at the entrance to the tunnel which was coming on well. The narrow gauge construction railway is in
  2. 2 days ago I got out to just south of Ruffec again and saw three movements on 20 minutes, all northbound. First was 186 330 towing a G1000 as light engine. Next was a track machine then came the usual infrastructure train. This movement often conveys other locos dead in train and 222277 was towing a dead 72XX and a 674XX, plenty of power though. After I picked up Andy we herd a southbound but didn't manage to see it. Nothing else passed us though before I had to set off to pick up the fish and chips. Jamie
  3. Good evening again. Some more from 1990. We are still at Villeneuve St Georges. A 72XX heads north with a freight, probably heading for the Grand Ceinture. From Paris we went south and west to near Royan. On 24th July 67437 was waiting to leave, probably for Paris. There was also X22XX unit waiting with a trailer attached. 3 days later we had a trip up to La Rochelle which had and still has this imposing station built by the Etat company. Outside the station was one of the 72XXX diesels waiting for it's next train. That's it for tonight.
  4. I've stayed safe so far, the prevailing wind from the bay of Biscay sends it towards the Germans, with added garlic. Is that how the phrase 'a Belfast shed' originated then. I only need to look at thevinteriorbof mine to realise it's a task above and beyond. Jamie
  5. Yes, I remember that the PSE sets were slower. I think that 186mph us now the standard. We once did the whole trip to Nice via, Lille with a double deck high speed run from Lille to Marseille. Very impressive. Jamie
  6. Hi Stephen I've been to the shed and done some measuring. The boards need to be between 5.8 and 6.5 mm high to fit into the runners and not fall out, 5mm wide would appear to be right. As the the size of the letters I'll leave that to your discretion. Jamie
  7. I think you may be right. I'll have to do some digging. Jamie
  8. Good evening again. We are still at Villeneuve St George in South eastern Paris. I am now sure that this film is wrongly labelled and should have been July 1990. However whatever the date here are some more pictures. Here a n 8500 class 1500v DC electric heads south with a double deck push pull set. And an EMU is on the suburban Lines. I think that this is one of the ones that is jointly owned with RATP to work on the RER lines through central Paris. Here is also heads south. We had travelled by Hovercraft which was the fastest way I've ever been acro
  9. Operation Renard has been successfully completed. After futile attempts to dig a suitable grave in our rocky ground, the corpus delicto was wrapped in polythene and taken a couple of miles into their forest down an old railway track. There he was deposited behind a rock, minus the polythene as a food sauce for the local fauna. This method was suggested to me by a friend. Apart from that not a lot will be done today apart from helping to eat a large fish pie followed by Apple crumble with custard then cheese. This feast is being prepared by the domestic goddess as I type, in honour of some fri
  10. Good evening from France, some more photos. On our way back home from Frejus we stopped somewhere in Burgundy and surprise surprise the TGV line (There was only one then) was not very far away so we went out to look at it before the evening meal. Within a couple of minutes a pair of TGV PSE units headed south at full speed. The speed had to be seen to be believed. There was no chance of getting the set numbers but even my wife was impressed. Every 5 minutes another pair came south. I'm not sure if the next photos are out of sequence as I think that they were taken on t
  11. Hi Stephen, I've found my notes now and the 6 letters that I need are I, B, L ,S , H & M Thanks again. Jamie
  12. Sciatica is a pain in the rear aka a tenesmus (I'm married to a former bowel surgeons Secretary). I wish all of you good luck with it. I have a slightly different problem, namely how to dispose of a large and very dead fox that is in the old aviary that's attached to one side of the shed. Apparently such things have to be reported to the president of the local Chasse. He's Roland Marchet who I've tried to contact with no success. However I've now rung the deputy mayor and am awaiting a reply. Rather ironically the former aviary is to become a chicken run. Jamie
  13. They built a new facility not far from Bury when the East LancsxRailway needed theirvold works. The new works is not rail connected but seems to be doing fine. Jamie
  14. Good afternoon, and a cracking one it is. However we are still in 1989 in the Frejus area. It's the 8th of August and after tea I took our younger son Paul, down the the St Raphael Motorail terminal just east of Frejus. This was quite busy in those days. It even had a resident shunter, Y7182 from Marseille depot, of the Y7100 class. There was a also one of the Inox push pull sets parked up with 25663 on the head of it. A TGV came ,, I think in the evening sun. Cap Esterel can be seen in the background. The beach we used was just beyond there. The TGV headed
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