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  1. And here is the proof, and doesn't it look good. Jamie
  2. I had the vaccine before I went. Jamie
  3. I noticed that, War appeared at one point. Jamie
  4. I'm sure that my late friend Tony Bond would have agreed, not only was he a former head of cemeteries and parks but he was a life long red engine fan. He it was who gave me his EM gauge Turbomotive when I was off to operate Hungerford at the GWR study group AGM at Portishead. On Sunday afternoon, i replaced a King on IIRC the Ocean Liner Express with Turbomotove. The line of GWR glitterati in front of the layout were a sight to behold as there jaws hung open in turn as the loco ran along the layout. "What's that " shreiked one of them. "I'ts what Stanier would have built if he'd stayed at Swindon said I. I wasn't invited as an operator again. I wonder why. Jamie
  5. I presume that it's a framework contract with the details of actual design to be confirmed when the designs are finalised. Jamie
  6. What really matters is whether or not Pannierphilia, an excessive love for panniers is in there . Jamie
  7. Or Brafferton Arbour in Bradford Yes we had on ex marine boxer who 'liked' dealing with travellers. They didn't like him. He also discovered that you can move a large caravan, with it's jacks down, along a cobbled street by towing it with a mk 2 transit van using a bit of chain round the back step. This experiment was done at 03.30. The caravan dwellers did move on though. Jamie
  8. It's definitely the Thompson Canyon. The Fraser canyon is much more wooded. Here are a couple of photos. The first from 78 shows a CN train in the Fraser canyon. The next from 1979 shows roughly the same stretch of the Thompson canyon as I think your photo is taken. Jamie
  9. It wasn't Kenfig Hill by any chance was it. Jamie
  10. I quite agree and we now seem to be doing that with the tunneling and now bridge work progress. I found this on Youtube today that relates to the West Ruislip site Interesting to see how much work they needed to do just to get the power for the TBM's Jamie
  11. Can I wear the tinfoil as a hat to avoid panneritis. Jamie
  12. Railway Enthusiasts Disease is a complicated and incurable condition that exhibits many different symptoms among different sufferers. As ID has said these can involve being worried about what shade of green to paint Kettles and the less severe version which likes them in a shade of maroon. After much study I have formed the opinion that the disease is incurable but that long term palliative care can be administered by ensuring that the sufferer is exposed to the objects that he/she craves at frequent intervals. Jamie
  13. Thanks for that Chris The whole of North America is well worth visiting. I was lucky enough to visit other bits apart from the US such as Canada and El Salvador and working through the photos has brought back some lovely memories. As to the rest of my railway photos I've had a think and having thunk have decided to do a random European thread in chronological order. I'll probably start in early February. That will just leave a fairly short Rest of the World thread for Africa, (Tunisia and Egypt) plus Australia, Fiji and Hawaii. No back to thoughts of , what did happen to Heidi from Wisconsin and Beverley from Vancouver. That's now over 43 years ago. Jamie
  14. Thanks for the various bits of advice re ESD. I'll actually fit the little eejits near the door so that I can touch the water pipe. There is plenty of room to put a card table up with a chair for comfort. The concrete floor and humidity should make things OK. Jamie
  15. After getting the ironing done this morning to 2 sides of A history of the Byrds and both sides of the Easy Rider soundtrack, I actually got some shed time. I'm currently enjoying myself assembling a MERG DCC command station. Just one problem as earthing myself before handling the chips may be tricky. No central heating radistor and the water pipe is 20 yards away across the shed. It was quite theraputic doing lots of small joints with a 15w iron. My finger ends got cold during the evening session by 8.15 so it was time to give up. Jamie
  16. It's nice to see so much evidence of real progress. Rails on the flyover and now bridges. I suspect that the tracklayin is going to ge south west fro Bletchley. Thanks for the informative photos. Jamie
  17. And of course, "Coughs and sneezles spread diseasals" very appropriate these days. Jamie
  18. Whichever way you approach it by canal it is a pull from the South west there are 36 locks at Tardebigge to get up the lickey hills. There is a long flight up to Wolverhampton and coming in from the south and east there are long flight from Aston with a 6 then 16 lock flight if my memory serves me, that ends by the NIA. When we did them as a family there were several teenage kids and each with a friend, they served well on those long flights.. Jamie
  19. Yes Birmingham is built on a bumpy plateau, from memory about 300' above sea level. The canal network there is only beaten for height by the Trans Pennine canals. I'll have a look at that clip I always liked Dexy's Midnight Runners. Wasn't it two tone records. Jamie
  20. I think it's a mystery to many Americans. I still have photos ofbother railway systems. Several European countries, Germany, Benelux, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece plus Tunisia and Egypt in Africa. Also a few of Australia and a couple of Pacific Islands. I'll probably do a general European threadcin chronological order so it will skip about a bit, the a short Rest of the World. Nothing for the next week or so though. Jamie
  21. Funnily enough I've got Revell kits for both Ark Roya (ww2 version) and Graf Zeppelin, sitting on the shelf of shame. Jamie
  22. We had many similar ones. The Olympic torch, she never went out. Wing Nut. With big ears. The human vacuum cleaner, i won't enlarge on how she got that nickname. Ernie, he had been a milkman TC, she thought it meant Top Cat, it actually meant Two Chairs as she was rather wide. Junction 33. The Knottingley turn off. And of course we could go on. The other thing was peopke whose names were totally inappropriate. A lad called Moderate who had a rather short temper. Happy days. As to Crianlarich, the first time I went there was summer 1967. We had driven up from Perth folliwing the Callendar and Oban and there were still tracks running back under the viaduct forva short distance full of empty timber wagons. Jamie
  23. My late friend, Peter Marshall modelled Crianlarich in 00 and made a good job of it. I have some photos somewhere. The layout went to Dave Tanner of South Greenfield memory and I believe that he still has it. As to payment by Elland Road, I have no interest in football but 5.5 hrs at time and a half on rest days came in very handy when the kids were young (3 under 5) i used to do as many matches as I could but was happy to sit in the cash office on gaurd rather than freeze on the touchline. Jamie
  24. I knew a PC 7, and PC 1 was dinger Bell. The obe that e ero e knew was 1001. When paradi g for football duty in the gym at Elland Road, as our numbers were called out, when 1001 was called the who.e parade would chime in with the corre t line from the advert fot the eponymous cleaner. Jamie
  25. I have a potential compromise, that had arisen on LGA. There are already many. I bought a lovely model of a Kirtley 0-6-0, double framed goods loco from a friend. It is well made and painted and lined in thevpre 1907 livery. It's numbered 924 in brass numerals. It's also chipped but diesn't want to come to life on DCC. my layout is set in 1923 ish so it is wrong for the layout. The loco was shedded at Kettering after renumbering. The quandary is whether to repaint it and renumber it as one of Lancasters own locos post 1920, or to leave a lively looking model as it is. I do already have a Baldwin 2-6-0 that was withdrawn in 1915. I already have a viaduct missing 7 of it's 11 soans, a curve at one end of the platform that should be staight, a goods shed that's one bay short plus a view of Inglebourough on the backscene. The goods yard is also 10 feet too short and 2 sidings are missing. Jamie
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