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  1. I've just gone and bought a copy for my Dad to wrap for me! Nice one!
  2. The imgur image cannot be enlarged to be read easily but I found this http://assets.londonist.com/uploads/2019/12/britainforlondonist20dec2019.jpg
  3. My mate's uncle had spotted all of the A4s except for 60009. He cleared it when it visited KX sometime in the late 1980s!
  4. ^^^ I think I prefer the middle picture.
  5. ^^ The second photo looks like a photo of a model.
  6. That line is electrified so how did the helicopter winch cable avoid touching the 50kV OHL wires doing the above?
  7. Ah - now I can see that! One of those illusions that you can't see until you are told what it is then you can never unsee it!
  8. Gauge conversion will be an issue....
  9. When I am replacing something in some item of medical equipment at work , I sometimes mark the old part with the same cross in circle symbol to avoid refitting that part by mistake.
  10. Another downside of island platforms is the sense of being isolated/unsafe once the station became unstaffed. But this was never anticipated when they were built!
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