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  1. It's even got it's own anemometer - presumably to help with directing dust dispersal the right way?
  2. Years ago I asked an EM modeller, why EM rather than P4 and his answer was,"It works!"
  3. I'm voting for the A5 tank locomotive as well.
  4. I have a soft spot for Baltic tanks so my vote goes to the Hughes 4-6-4T "Dreadnought Tanks"!
  5. Actually the article said, "Even so, some of the over 1000 derivatives are still in service today." (my bold) Not sure what they meant by derivatives here?
  6. ^^^ These are the DCC fitted ones and I thought they were all sold out on pre-order? My pre-order has just been processed.
  7. Hattons has sold out on pre-order according to my pre-order page.
  8. This is most likely done to move 08s to and from works or between allocations. I remember seeing an 08 in a freight train on the GNGE Joint line near Saxilby when I was a kid.
  9. There are more stupid people about because the total population has increased!
  10. That Garratt is the world's fastest Garratt (or articulated steam locomotive) at 82mph! Not bad for something so ugly! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garratt
  11. Though I never went to a public school, I'll go for Repton as I remember playing a computer game of that name many years ago!
  12. I'd go for Shovell as well, a good name for a steam locomotive!
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