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  1. I vote for Newark Northgate for me - my usual station to catch trains to London or the North
  2. Want an excuse to put an active level crossing underneath a road bridge? Check out this example on the Bordebahn line near Cologne! The bridge is obviously a new road bridge and the LC is for a minor road. https://youtu.be/b-UQQ6btPL8?t=357
  3. Actually Pakistan de-electrified the Lahore - Khanewhal line back in 2011 citing theft of the OHL wires as the reason. What's seen in the video are the rusting masts yet to be removed (or maybe retained just in case?) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pakistan_Railways (Scroll down)
  4. Lincoln Prison's wall is made of steel sheets covered with faux brick sheets: Streetview
  5. No vote for Blackpool North?! I'll chuck one in for it just to be contrary!
  6. An old boy from my boarding school told me that an abusive matron forced him to eat baked beans which he hated. She then told him to fetch her a cup of tea so he did so - while he was carrying the cup to her, he burped up a few beans into her cup! He gave the cup to her and she drank it all without noticing!!!
  7. 319s are normally 4 cars - what happened to the middle two cars? OK - they are both 4 cars! They both looked like 2 cars to my casual eye.
  8. "Pretty Polly" on an A3! I know that was a racehorse but really?!
  9. My vote is for the Class 47 as the best all rounder mainline loco - I think there were almost as many livery variations as there were Class 47s!
  10. The A4 is the best looker. The worst? - that French thing with the big nose!
  11. I vote for HS4000 Kestrel as the best looking prototype diesel!
  12. I also vote for the HST, still going after over 40 years of service, made a huge impact on Intercity train travel in Britain even being used on the Cinderella Cross Country services! I miss the Valenta howl....
  13. I vote for the Class 15 - nice looking loco, pity about it's rubbish performance in service!
  14. Lincoln has a triangle formed by Boultham, Pyewipe and Holmes West Junctions
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