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  1. I stumbled on this 1960 vintage Hungarian Railways instruction film on how to fix points interlocking problems. Check out the Communist era uniforms,railway staff saluting each other, having to move balance weights on the mechanisms as part of the procedure and the Siemens Halske barrel levers! (one of the comments below that film suggests that these levers are still in use at the location today!) I know it's 20 minutes and in Hungarian but I was happy to watch the action https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fO7aVTcwqBs
  2. Rod Stewart's layout is featured in the Daily Torygraph today.
  3. ^^^ Ah! The Western Region being different again!
  4. I have just read it all and found it very interesting. It was helpful of you to note what years certain signalling installations were first used. I did not know that splitting distance signal heads were re-introduced on the GWML in the West London area! The mounting distances and dimensions of lineside equipment and signs are very helpful, I doubt I'll use most of them as my proposed layout will be set during 1985 - 1990! Well done!
  5. Progress! The bridge has been raised and the first train ran over it!
  6. I received mine yesterday - I will let you know once I have read the book.
  7. 141113 is the very last 141 Pacer that I rode on way back in the late 1990s!
  8. Seems apt to see the 91 alongside the 144 - both 1980s vintage traction and a massive contrast!
  9. So realistic looking that I think you ought to have a licence from the HMRC for it!
  10. I only learned about this book today - now ordered!
  11. I think that carriage is part of the exhibition train rake - they would be painted in whatever they are being used to promote at the time.
  12. Video of track recovery trains in action from the Spalding end in early 1985 - https://youtu.be/ckVQCRg9Aj8?t=348 I now know that 31109 was the very last locomotive to enter Spalding from the March line.
  13. It's the drunken wig-wags that caught my eye - good excuse for not assembling that kit right!
  14. This video of the Spalding - March line was filmed back in 1982, put on VHS in 1992 and was uploaded today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsxmEO6xAcw
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