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  1. I've got 2 lengths of the plain track and it look nice, but it doesn't sit well next to ME code 70.
  2. is the battery going in the loco or are you powering the track with it? You could try a nicd 4.5v battery instead. Or a pololu 5v step down regulator.
  3. Great to see you putting your great knowledge to good use and building yourself a layout. I'm just drawing up plans now for a small clay layout. I might give the Sketchup a go for trialing buildings, I need to get back up to speed with it anyway. Dont forget there's the Cambrian kits C61 kit you could add to that list of stock to get.
  4. Great thread Corbs, I've found that I lose low speed control with 12v step up chips, so unless I can use a 3V motor then I use the pololu 9v step up chips. still very small and it gives the best of both worlds, control and battery life.
  5. That voltage booster look quite large, have you tried the smaller pololu boosters?
  6. Caledonian, What I meant was the Caley is the only open cab with the 14" cylinders, as Katie has the 16" cylinders.
  7. I've ordered 2 Caley models, to repaint into Earl of Dudley loco's, which I'm surprised isn't really mentioned in this long thread, considering the amount of Barclay locos on the Earl of Dudley railways from the early 20th century right up to the mid 60's. The Caley version being the only open cab version but still needs a few mods, new handrails etc and step mods. Lady Honor Wallows by Prof2940, on Flickr
  8. Hi. Just wondering if anyone has spare Masokits etches for plain and turnout brass fold up chairs. Thanks Dave
  9. Hi all Looking for any of the above. I know the DJH kit is still available but the Mercian isn't. Would rather find a Mercian as I'm looking to build in P4 and buying the full DJH kit is a little wasteful as I'd not use the wheels motor or box. But will consider a second hand one. Edit to include looking for Mercian peckett 0-6-0 Kit. Thanks
  10. I just wonder. What's the point of it all. Your either forum or against em.
  11. They never bothered trying. I had a heatef discussions where the person in the shop was horrid. Said we won't be ordering those parts and was told my order was to be cancelled,after he put the phone down on me I called back and said you didn't even take my name so how will you cancel my order. It just is was the reply. Not unhappy to see the back of them!
  12. Ah, I'd not seen reference to that as I've only started looking in the last few weeks.
  13. Turn to the US. Tam valley Depot, have produced a rc system that powers any DCC chips and from an existing DCC control system, with O gauge you'll have no porblem with space. http://www.tamvalleydepot.com/deadrailsystem.html
  14. I can see your point Andy there is a resemblance not just in the looks.
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