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  1. A light coat of PVA and a small sprinkle of Javis Leaves. There oo scale, but I find they look better for scatter than O ones.
  2. Morning Folks, Not much has occurred since my last posting, as I’ve mainly been working on a few items of rolling stock. 37401 should be back from Overhaul and sound fitting in the next week or so. 55002 has now been lightly weathered. D3316 has left the collection. 3/10 Warwells have left the collection New additions are Heljan 37099 BR Blue Heljan 37403 BR LL Heljan 20008 BR blue Heljan 25043 BR blue The long siding has now gained a Demic 12T van. Sadly this rolled off the workbench to its demise, I have therefore used it as a spares donor before weathering and dumping it in the siding.
  3. Another delivery this morning, this time from the folks at Detailed Miniatures.
  4. I did say they weren’t finished. But there’s only so much you can do in one night..... WRT
  5. Took the plunge.... Been deliberating about getting an airbrush for a couple of years now. Finally took the plunge after some good advice from a friend. My main use will be for weathering, although there will still be some stock that goes away for weathering, it allows me to basic rolling stock and smaller locos. Still getting used to it, but pleased with my progress so far. I started off with a Warwell, which seemed to come out nicely. Then did a few box vans, followed by the two 08s and 05. another coat needed in places but not bad for a first attempt. I’ve also been working on some more scenic details by hand, bit more rust on the fuel point. Still lots more to do. 37401 will be heading off for sound fitting in the next few days. WRT
  6. Probably not, the Trecwn ones went from Bauxite to RF, they didn’t seem to have the stage that many MOD vans went through. As well as them not strictly being internal user wagons, just MOD Allocated for transfer between 3 separate MOD/RNAD sites.
  7. Some photos from Pontfaen Yard for your perusal.
  8. Afternoon folks, Today I had a delivery from those folks at Rails. Four Box Vans to strengthen the fleet. After they had been unpacked I did a bit of testing with one of the 08s. I’ve got about 30% of the collection going off to be weathered in the next few days. A short video of this morning’s shunt can be found here: https://youtu.be/qGLPaAE6u74 WRT
  9. Good (early) Morning folks, Before I had to head off to work this morning (0430 start) I decided to do a little bit of shunting and take a few photos. Not much actual layout progress, as I’ve been building wagons (photos to come)! Really enjoying the style I’ve gone for for the layout, next priority is to get all four 08s sent off for weathering. WRT
  10. Hello folks, Not much going on at the moment as I’ve been sorting things out in the house! Did a bit more work on the new class 122 from Dapol. A really lovely model, to be used by the yard to ferry important Navy officials to and from the AD. (Bit of a stretch I know) D1052 is on the work bench at the mo having its dcc decoder fitted. It’s due to go off to be sound fitted at some point in the new year. 37401 will hopefully go off in a couple of weeks for its sound fitting. I’ve added a bit more greenery and details which I’ll hope to take some more photos of tomorrow.
  11. Hello Barnaby, unfortunately there’s been no progress on the layout this week as I’ve been on early shifts at work and unfortunately the creative side of my mind would rather collapse into bed after an early. I have also been preparing for a trip to Wales, to namely the Talyllyn Railway for their gala this weekend and beer festival. This evening I had to do the steam test on one of my live steam engines to prepare it for the trip. When I get back from Wales I’ll be on lates so normal service should resume on Pontfaen Yard.
  12. Not much going on at the moment as I’ve had the 52 on the workbench, as well as some smaller projects.
  13. Right, part number for the air tanks is W17 so you’ll need two of those and a W20 for the box at the front of the bonnet.
  14. The chap I bought mine off thinks he’s still got the email he sent somewhere and is going to have a look in the morning for me.
  15. Afternoon Folks, Not much done today as I’ve had bits in the house to do. However I have compiled a short video of some shunting this morning. Which is available on my YT account Not up to Andrew’s standard but was just a quick one to do some testing this morning.
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