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  1. 43315 heads a Kings Cross - Perth service at Doncaster. 43274 trailed. 9th November 2019
  2. Has the change now taken place,? The article in the OP mentioned November. 66526 was at Crawley yard this morning with the 04:47 Acton - Crawley Foster Yeoman. I have seen FL stuff occasionally there before, so it could just be coincidence.
  3. Yes, there were buses to Peterborough that day. Being a first visit, I wasn't sure if the Doncaster to Edinburgh was a normal service, but that wasn't the only one to leave from platform 1...91118 did so later. 91130 and 91118 were the only 91s I saw at a very quiet Doncaster that day (lots of weather-related issues). There were Kings Cross services running, but the London trains were in the hands of HSTs and Azuma sets.
  4. 91130 at Doncaster on the 1S17 14:10 Doncaster - Edinburgh service
  5. 37099 stabled at Doncaster - Saturday 10th November 2019.
  6. All this talk of 'shows' and performing and you have a little man playing the piano in your sketch... Keeps 'em entertained. QR codes have their place, I have used them in the past to link back to either the layout's or the club's website for more information. Nothing beats the good old fashioned question though... For me, the two most critical aspects of any model, exhibited or not, are interest ( both operation and viewing) and reliability. A layout can have lots of cameos and bells and whistles, but it doesn't work very well, you won't get any interest.
  7. Another happy school memory - there weren't that many! I read somewhere there was a crew change or something similar at Chichester, which required the loco to stop at the platform. The train was long, and blocked at least two of the level crossings. More than once it wouldn't restart...chaos ensueing.
  8. Bagpipes, Vampires and Tinsel at Cannon Street tonight. Everything is so confused, we don't know what time of year it is anymore.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Hroth


      Should have approached a vampire and said, "You are Nosferatu and I claim my £5!"


    3. Welly


      Class 33/1s at Cannon Street? But what stock are Vampires and Tinsels?

    4. Oldddudders


      This is sad. 40 years ago I would occasionally relieve Fred as SM at Cannon St, and the place was pretty ordered in those days. Busy-as-can-be in the peaks, dead as a dodo in between.


      This Privatised railway has a lot to answer for. Sigh.  

  9. Oh, for a time machine! I used to go to the school right by the junction in the final couple of years of the Lavant branch line's life. Pretty much exclusively class 73 in its latter days, so it is nice to see some 33 action; which was rare (I think I saw a 33 just once on the branch in 3 years).
  10. Today was our club's 10 annual open day, and it as the usual mix of club and visiting layouts. We had an enjoyable day of playing trains. This year's visitor was the German N Gauge layout Schwungischplatz - the perfect compliment to our own 'Inspired by Friedrichstrasse'. Our thanks to the Ickenham & District Society of Model Engineers for bringing their layout along. The day the first trains running on our new 00 layout - Lavender Hill - as well as the first public display of Battersea Wharf. The new offering from one of our club members. A few pictures of what was on offer. Battersea Wharf East Hants Link Inspired by Freidrichstrasse Lavender Hill Schwungischplatz
  11. 66514 approaches Pulborough with the 07:08 Tonbridge West Yard - Barnham ballast train earlier today. This is in connection with the engineering working going on between Chichester and Havant over the coming week.
  12. Lovely. I was keen to go on this tour, but things got in the way unfortunately. What a fine sight (and sound) those three made! Thanks for sharing
  13. In addition to the two club layouts and the visiting German N gauge layout above, we also have a new 00 layout constructed by one of our members. Working title is 'Battersea Wharf', set in 1990s South London. In addition, the Milland Valley modellers are bringing their work in progress 'East Hants Link', a what-if light railway in N gauge, imagining a tram link between Liphook and Borden, set in the present day.
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