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  1. I finally managed to catch it! 37610 coasts through Pulborough with the 17:00 Barnham - Woking. Just beyond the platforms, the taps were opened, and a nice bit of thrash was heard as she headed away. Perhaps this is the final operation down here?
  2. I saw that listed on RTT. Due to run again tonight...pity it will pass my local station after dark.
  3. Thanks. That will be the same combination that passed through back in July then - see my post from 2nd July.
  4. More track recording action at Pulborough. 73961 heads the 11:31 Tonbridge West Yard - Seaford on 24th September. I didn't catch the identity of its trailing class-mate.
  5. I'm not forgetting, and I am not debating the rights and wrongs of working from home and the impacts being felt by the wider industries and non-office workers in cities. However office space in the city is extremely expensive and companies are already reviewing whether or not they renew leases on that extra floor, given the enthusiasm some quarters have the working from home. It is inevitable that some workers will never return to full-time in the city...simply because it is cheaper for employers to have work from home. I am not saying that cities will become ghost towns once this
  6. Actually, whilst I suspect that commuting may change, it will actually be more suitable for the likes of HS2 in the future. Until March I was a daily commuter into London. I live in a small rural town, about fives minutes walk from countryside, and I have had a lot of colleagues saying they are fed up with living in London and the larger satellite towns (with the lack of space in their homes, as well as lack of green environs) want something more rural. For employers such as mine, I can see the working from home approach staying, with one or two days in the office and the rest at h
  7. 66763 heads the 6M42 09:06 Avonmouth Hanson - Penyfford cement service across the Chirk viaduct - 14th September 2020. At this point it was running over an hour early.
  8. Just back from a few days on the Llangollen canal, from which I saw the Cefn Mawr viaduct. Ideal for this thread! An unidentified 158 forms the 1V97 14:34 Holyhead to Shrewsbury across the viaduct in perfect weather. 14 September 2020
  9. 37219 dashes through Pulborough with the 09:31 Woking Up Yard - Woking Up Yard via Littlehampton. 9th September. Presumably carrying out some track recording in preparation for future engineering works. This is the first time I have seen a 37 here.
  10. I'm sure this has been shared on here before. No idea how accurate the sound to picture mapping (probably not very!*) actually is, but it's a bit of fun. * Make that not at all!
  11. Now that the main strictures have been completed, attention has been turned to adding the details - things like more greenery as well as grottifying around the cement works. The cement works still get regular rail services - both coal deliveries (normally from the foreground siding) and the collection of cement in the Hoki 5700 cement hoppers. The resident shunter busies itself with loading. It is still quite shiny - I need to pluck up the courage to tone it down a bit! Overall view of the cement works, which is now pretty much complete...just
  12. 66740 heads the 6G11 09:02 Eastleigh East Yard - Dorking across the Arun flood plains - 22nd August. A bit of an odd situation with this one. It was due through Pulborough at about 10:00 that morning, but was running just under 5 hours late at this point. I was tracking it on RTT as far as Havant, when it seemed to stop. A consult on Open Train Times (which is usually reliable) showed that it had been diverted up the Portsmouth direct, so I thought no more about it. I was actually after another engineers train when this one turned up, but I am not sure how
  13. But surely open-plan design does make it easier to evacuate parts of the train in an emergency as there isn't the bottle neck between each carriage; especially when the intermediate doors decide they don't want to open (not uncommon on the 377s)? I'd also suggest that for lone/vulnerable passengers the open design may be safer as they are more visible through the train, as opposed to being hidden away in an enclosed carriage. These are being designed as suburban units, so the open plan seems a sensible option.
  14. Unidentified pacer action in the Calder valley. Heading west from Todmorden in April 2018, looking towards Gauxholme and Walden. An unidentified 158 heading east on the same stretch, just having crossed the Rochdale Canal.
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