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  1. Double-bubble at Huncoat. 142046 trailing 150268, passes 142064 leading 150119 - July 2017
  2. Back in 1994 I travelled the S&C on a 156/144 pairing. The pacer was (I seem to recall) 3-car 144017, whilst the Sprinter was 156486.
  3. Either that or this is just somewhere to store them for the time being. Risky though, units stored here have recently been vandalised...
  4. That driver looks to have been superimposed onto the windscreen!
  5. Southern used to be very conscious of their train's appearance and they were normally kept clean. This has been less so over the last few years, so now their trains can be quite scruffy; inside and out.
  6. I rather hope he has the development and delivery of what he has already promised 'up his sleeve' before he makes any more announcements.
  7. I would be interested in knowing what 'real innovation' of DJM's, Accurascale have followed. Also, Accurascale are also a small company themselves, who are also bringing models to the market with a degree of risk attached. Just because someone doesn't go on about it, doesn't mean they haven't taken as many risks to get their products to market. I don't doubt that this is a challenge for Dave, but I am not hugely surprised someone else has come into the market with a class 92, and Accurascale's rationale for doing so has been explained. I wish Dave luck with the 92, but it has been a bit of a cursed project from the very beginning. The ball is very much in his court now.
  8. Others do haul them, but that isn't what is being said. In order for permission to be given to produce the Mark 5 sleepers, Accurascale also have produce the 92. Presumably that is the stipulation from Caledonian sleeper. Another side factor, I have seen so many variations in the same 'correct' colour, it will be interesting to see if the Caledonian sleeper livery on the DJM version matches the Accurascale carriages.
  9. We have the kit of parts for the station buildings. Going to be a challenge as there are no instructions for building! Still, it is now in the capable hands of the designer to construct.
  10. Gong Hei Fat Choy!

    1. SHMD


      Gong xi fa cai!

  11. I took the Minories concept to an extreme with my old Japanese layout. Very simple plan, but one that kept me occupied for hours on end (it easily sustained me over a two day show).
  12. This is really coming together now. It'll look great when completed.
  13. If anyone has a Natwest business account, then they are offering FreeAgent, free of charge (which sounds a bit of an oxymoron given the software's name!). FreeAgent has also been recommended by at least one other colleague of mine. I have also been recommended Quickfile. The software itself is free, but you need to pay £15.00 (+VAT) p/a for the bank link. If you bank with HSBC, don't even bother asking their business adviser about it - they didn't even know about MTD!
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