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  1. After a gap of a year the VSOE Pullmans were out on the Glorious Goodwood service. 67021 leads the return service (18:50 Chichester - Victoria) across the Arun flood plains on 30th July. Blue liveried 67001 brought up the rear.
  2. 377448 heads the 1B50 17:35 London Victoria - Bognor Regis towards Hardham - 29th July 2021. The unit has recently been refurbished (as part of the overall class 377 refurbishment program), the small light on the lower left-hand cowling being the immediate give-away
  3. 222018 heads the 1D28 10:35 St Pancras - Nottingham away from Market Harborough - 28th July 2021 Back to June 2019, and 221126 heads away from Leeds with a southbound service. On the same day 221128 joins 43310, 156468 and 142088 in a never to be repeated photo (the Pacer has since been scrapped and will 43310 ever work again?).
  4. I've had one of those weekends. Four daytime engineering train due through my local station this weekend, and I missed two of them by seconds, and one because a passenger train got between me and the subject at just the wrong time! Yesterday was glorious weather, today it has been chucking it down; but I finally managed to capture the fourth working - the late running 09:25 Dorking - Eastleigh behind 66512.
  5. I came across this manuscript book in a job lot of papers I obtained a few years back. Sadly only a couple of pages were complete; what a fascinating project this would have been.
  6. I like a bit of Kraftwerk, 'Trans Europ Express' and 'Metal on Metal'.
  7. Definitely interested and an EOI has been registered for one of the GBRf versions...the 73s are my favourite locos, and I see them quite frequently through my local station. One question around the DCC sound. Will it have both the diesel engine and electric motors sound?
  8. It does happen. I had another Kato product (a Japanese EMU) arrive like this, and the fix was simply to push back into place. Kato motor bogies are clipped into place, so occasionally they get detached by all the bumping around in the post.
  9. It certainly has more than a resemblance to departmental grey livery. I think it looks very smart. I like the fact the 50s are being painted in 'modern' liveries (such as GBRf)... they are still relevant working machines, not just museum pieces.
  10. Sadly I have no photographic evidence to back it up, but I remember seeing an orange and black 156 at Fort William in late August 1989; the livery was particularly striking, so sticks in my memory. I don't recall which one it was (or the exact date; I was on holiday), although it was coupled to an original liveried example. Sadly from your perspective this is nothing more than hearsay... Edit: Not hearsay though is this picture of 156504 at Mallaig (photo mid way through the page). https://www.angelfire.com/al2/philspage/153.html
  11. Ah, okay. After zooming in on the picture, it looks like 43089. I thought that was going to the GCR(N).
  12. Definitely class 09s. 09011 was one and I believe the 09/1 and 09/2 sub classes were delivered in this livery following conversation. Class 73s also carried the livery (73106 was scrapped still carrying departmental grey).
  13. Indeed it is. Definitely a nice to have to see what is allocated for haulage that day. I would be interested to know if the image of the train does actually reflect which way round the loco is...is 'Eddystone' tender-first towards Swanage?
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