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  1. Also posted on the 2021 RHTT thread. 69001 and 69002 out on the West Sussex RHTT this afternoon.
  2. The first RHTT for me this year was something a little special... 69001 and 69002 top and tailing the 3W91 10:53 Tonbridge West Yard - Tonbridge West Yard, reversing at Pulborough - 5th October 2021. Apparently they were last minute replacements for the usual class 73. Could this be the first appearance of a 69 on the RHTT? At the time of writing they are in the Horsham area heading towards Crawley...
  3. I take 'modern' to be Epoch VI. Modellbahnshop Lippe has a pretty decent selection... https://www.modellbahnshop-lippe.com/Product+search/gb/liste.html?epoche=VI&gattung=Diesel+Railcars,Drive+train,Electric+Railcars,Commuter+Railcar
  4. Quite possibly. There were quite a few people there because of the GBRf railtour. I hadn't been there for a good few years, and it was nice to see the place was still busy; even if the 33s, 37, 47s and 60s were now gone.
  5. A few from the other week taken at Eastleigh. Sadly I have left it a bit late and my usual source of train identification (RTT) is no longer available for this date, so there is an element of 'educated guesswork' with the services themselves. 70019 on a southbound (05:36 Garston FLT - Southampton MCT?) service. This picture was taken at about midday. Amazingly, I think this is the first picture I have taken of a Freightliner class 70! 70002 powers away from its crew stop at Eastleigh station with I believe the 12:56 Southampton MCT - Trafford Park FLT service. Picture taken at about 13:30. Colas 70815 awaits its timetabled departure. 70808 basks in the afternoon sun. All pictures taken on 3rd September.
  6. Rumour has it that a handful did see the light of day (EPs perhaps that escaped into the wild?). I did not know the reasons for the cancellation (I had one on order myself, with the accompanying small mortgage!), but it's a shame it came to that... especially as there are N gauge models of both JRF and Toshiba locos out there. Hopefully that has not put off anyone else from producing the HD300; but given the fact they have been around for over a decade in some form or another and still not been produced in model form, I wonder if we will ever see one.
  7. Is anyone else finding that full page adverts occasionally appear when trying to go into a topic? It has only started for me today, but it has been three times so far, and I suspect it will be more before the end of the day. You do have the ability to close the ad, but only after a few seconds during which the close options are greyed out. I appreciate the site needs advertisement revenue in order to operate, but is this something which is here to stay, or is it something my browser is triggering?
  8. My gladioli is haunted!

    1. Metr0Land


      My boomerang won't come back.

    2. Kylestrome


      I will not buy this record, it is scratched!

  9. 313208 poses at Barnham on the Bognor - Littlehampton shuttle - 10th September 2021
  10. Class 455 sets 5728, 5704 and 5731 race through Eastleigh forming the 5Y51 14:32 Bournemouth T&RSMD - Wimbledon Park Depot sidings ECS.
  11. Rail Adventures liveried HST power car shares siding space with a Blue Pullman liveried mark III at Eastleigh Arlington works. I understand this is 43480 - 3rd September 2021
  12. Our next Open Work Day will be held at the Milland Memorial Village Hall on Sunday 10th October - between 10:00 and 16:00. These events are held to provide members the chance to carry out more involved work on the layouts, that our Friday evenings do not allow us to do in the time available. Visitors are free to pay us a visit to see what projects are underway. Tea and coffee is always available! Layouts being worked on will be 'Inspired by Friedrichstrasse' and 'Lavender Hill'. https://www.liphookmrc.com/club-layouts
  13. 220032 and 221123 race through Eastleigh with the 1O16 11:27 Manchester Piccadilly - Bournemouth service - 3rd September 2021
  14. 73136 and 73201 trail the GBRf's 'This Time it's Personal' railtour at Charlton Down, just south of Petersfield - 3rd September. Later on in the day... ...the same pair lead the tour into Eastleigh. They should have been relieved by 73141 and 73212, but they disgraced themselves and remained skulking in the GBRf sidings to the north of the station.
  15. A couple more... 66764 hauls the 4M19 Southampton West Docs - East Midlands Gateway TML service north past the depot and works. 66095 with the 05:51 Wakefield Europort - Southampton Western Docks intermodal. 66776 pauses for a crew change on the 4M46 14:24 Southampton Western Docks - Trafford Park Euro TML 66592 with the 09:31 Crewe Basford Hall SSM - Southampton MCT 66095 again, with the 16:15 Southampton Western Docks - Wakefield Europort (very rapid turnaround for this loco, as it had only arrived at Southampton about 30 minutes before with the corresponding inbound service). Finally, 66622 pulls off the Romsey line with the 13:35 Merehead - Eastleigh FY Aggregate Terminal.
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