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  1. A little less of the dramatic or urban, and more of the bucolic; our club's (Liphook and District MRC) 00 layout 'Titherleigh' will also be in attendance.
  2. I'm guessing this is also the 4D56, 11.32 Biggleswade Plasmor to Heck Plasmore. Also at Doncaster, but on 9th November 2019 and behind 66135. A couple of close-ups of the wagons...in case anyone is interested.
  3. A timely post on this thread reminds me that Friedrichstrasse's next outing is at the Victory MRC show in Portsmouth on 4/5 April.
  4. until
  5. 66850 heads north through Pulborough with the 09:52 Eastleigh East Yard - Horsham, servicing the engineering works today between Horsham and Crawley. Unfortunate that the front is a little burred, camera setting not quite right.
  6. Seer of Seers, Prognosticator of Prognosticators...

  7. It could be, but I don't normally see them there. The MPVs yes, but they normally share the yard with various track machines. Then again, at this time of year I normally pass Horsham yard in the dark, so it could be a regular thing. It's a good vantage point from that bridge.
  8. Class 73 heaven! Four examples are stabled at Horsham yard earlier today (27th January). Not 100% sure why they are here, but wonder if it is connected to the line between Redhill and Tonbridge being closed. 73213 and 73201 top and tail the front train, whilst 73119 and 73212 are on the rear set. The usual fare of MPVs are scattered around, as well as a class 700 in the recently installed stabling sidings beyond.
  9. I've seen bus drivers in Japan use the same 'point and call' procedure as well.
  10. I have managed to find this video on Youtube of our club layout at Fareham Rotarail last year. The Brawa example is pulling out of the station at 9:00 in the video
  11. I have the Brawa version, which is a lovely little model. It is sound fitted, and definitely looks and sounds the part. Like others here however, I do find Brawa a little delicate, and have had issues with some of their other models. I and a club colleague had their sound-fitted class 146, and we both have had issues. He's given up and flogged his...mine seems to have lost its voice so needs further attention! I recently added a DB 211 to my fleet. I had a choice. I opted for the Roco version as they are far more robust... especially for exhibition running.
  12. My first class 68 photo. 'Splendid' at Leeds Station - 9th November. It was very loud, especially in the enclosed space
  13. Unidentified Pacer approaching Manchester Victoria, taken from the Wheel of Manchester - August 2009.
  14. 59001 passes Wandsworth Road - 25th October 2012
  15. 73138 heads 73201 on a track recording train into Clapham Junction - 25 October 2012
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