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  1. 73965 heads 73961 south towards Hardham Junction with the 11:31 Tonbridge - Seaford (via what seems to be every point of the compass!). 8th April.
  2. Our club paid regular visits to the big show at Cologne a few times (should have gone last year, but for obvious reasons it didn't happen!). There may well be better shows in Germany, but this is very much the complete package - easily within a day's rail journey from the UK, the show has a reasonable range of layouts, with lots of manufacturers - large and small - and some dealers, plenty of interest in the city itself (with a good selection of hotels and restaurants), a good variety of prototype operation (passenger and freight; the city also has trams) and a decent selection of model shops
  3. Very sad news from Taiwan. Thoughts are with all those affected. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-56612248
  4. I think when 50006 was broken up - being the first 50 to be scrapped - everything salvageable went back to BR (even down to the windows). Perhaps this is a similar situation?
  5. There has been a lot of loco activity around the Arun valley lately. Mainly class 66, but today the 73s came out to play. Here is 73128 leading 73107 heading north from Pulborough with the 3Y07 04:13 Tonbridge West Yard - Tonbridge West Yard via Brighton and Havant on 23rd March. I am curious what the wagons are - they have been running back and forth over the last few days. Any ideas?
  6. Lovely spring weather? Check Perfectly timed loco-hauled train passing through local station at lunchtime? Check Ideal photographic location for time of day within about 20 minutes walk? Check 66774 leads 66766 across the Arun flood plains and towards the site of the old Hardham Junction (where the Midhurst line diverged from the Arun Valley line) with the 3Y09 12:34 Tonbridge West Yard - Tonbridge West Yard via Littlehampton and Brighton. 19th March.
  7. Yes, that was the first thing I noticed. His definition 'sensible offers' is hopefully more realistic than his opening price. Unless that is the going rate for a rotting CCT? I know I'm not that familiar with the preservation scene, but surely that's on the ambitious side?
  8. A few pictures from my walk last Sunday. The weather was nice, and not being such a well known path, it was nice and quiet. The path follows the path of the old LBSCR Pulborough - Midhurst route, which at this early stage skirts the sides of the Arun and Rother flood plains - the line to Midhurst and the continuing LSWR route to Petersfield more or less followed the entire length of the river Rother. It starts at Hardham Junction, and at this point the track bed is used as an access road, so is in really good condition. After half a
  9. Peek-a-boo at St Ives, taken by my dad some time in the early 80s. I believe this is class 118 set P460.
  10. This site may be of use... https://www.class37.co.uk/fleet.aspx?strnumber=37411
  11. Just over two months later, another 73 from the same location. 73119 operates the 0Y73 12:00 Tonbridge - Tonbridge via Chichester light engine move. Perhaps a route learning journey?
  12. Another view of the Cefn Mawr viaduct (further to my post on here from 19th September 2020). This time the colourful combination of a class 153 leading a class 150 on a southbound service. This photo was taken from near the Pontcysyllte aqueduct - 13th September 2020.
  13. A few have turned up at open days. I recall 86631 at the Toton open day back in 1998. Also, I am sure one was used for Channel Tunnel testing (still under the wires, but definitely off region) in the early 90s.
  14. A couple from the Isle of Wight from back on 8th August 2010. On duty were 483004 working singly and an unidentified pair (one of which may have been 006 based on other photos from a similar time I have found on the net). The only unit I saw at close quarters was 004, I only got to see the pair on the pier from the ferry as we were heading back to Portsmouth. 004 at Shanklin 004 approaches Shanklin 004 passes a vintage open top bus at Ryde Esplanade (although I do wonder if the bus is a few years younger than the train)...
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