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  1. A few have turned up at open days. I recall 86631 at the Toton open day back in 1998. Also, I am sure one was used for Channel Tunnel testing (still under the wires, but definitely off region) in the early 90s.
  2. A couple from the Isle of Wight from back on 8th August 2010. On duty were 483004 working singly and an unidentified pair (one of which may have been 006 based on other photos from a similar time I have found on the net). The only unit I saw at close quarters was 004, I only got to see the pair on the pier from the ferry as we were heading back to Portsmouth. 004 at Shanklin 004 approaches Shanklin 004 passes a vintage open top bus at Ryde Esplanade (although I do wonder if the bus is a few years younger than the train)...
  3. Yes, quite a few. There are some interesting details on this site: http://www.ingr.co.uk/intro_rlys.html
  4. My last railway photograph of 2020 was taken back in November. 73136 vanishes around the curve on a Tonbridge - Eastleigh light engine movement at Pulborough - 25th November.
  5. I took delivery of Beethoven this morning and am currently running it in. It is a smooth runner (as to be expected), but does seem to be a little light. I will drop a few container flats behind her later today to see how she hauls. It has been a fascinating process seeing the model develop, and was certainly well worth the wait. Regarding the top side piece, the step is less noticeable on my model (perhaps the darker colour helps). It could be that David is a little unlucky? I now need to see about adding the pack of detailing parts (etched BR a
  6. I have just put in an order for some spare pantographs and couplings. Kato parts are well manufactured, but more vulnerable items such as couplings and pantographs may easily get damaged, and due to the nature of the production cycles, getting replacements can be tricky/verging on impossible for long periods of time (I broke a coupling on my Eurostar (power car) about 15 years ago which essentially put it out of commission for nearly ten years until the spare finally came available again!). Looks like the front draw-bar is also available (don't know if one is included in the train pack itself)
  7. Just anecdotal I know at this stage, but currently looking at the top sellers/reservation list at my preferred Japanese supplier (Hobby Search), the GWR version is number 1 and the LNER version is number 4 at the time of writing. Which means there looks to be quite a bit of interest in Japan (and others, but unlikely UK) at least with this supplier. The Japanese are quite proud of these sets operating in the UK, so Kato have chosen well; there is a domestic and UK market for these trains, as well as those who collect high speed trains from around the world. It would be
  8. This place brings back many happy memories of childhood holidays to Cornwall. I visited a couple of times in the mid 80s. There were other things besides the railway, I seem to recall a exhibition of wildlife paintings (Archibald Thorburn perhaps?) that my Mum was extremely taken with. I was very sorry to hear of its demise. Only a couple of our photos survive - my favourite being the one below. Is it a miniature railway, or just a very big cat?
  9. The class 28 was mentioned earlier in the thread, before Ben saying nobody had guessed correctly. So safe to say, that wasn't in the running for Revolution.
  10. I'd love to see a member of the 'Electrostar' family appear in N (ideally a 377!). Wishful thinking maybe...but they have/had quite a wide sphere of operation.
  11. Pulborough again, and this time 73136 is doing the honours. Forming the 0Y73 11:35 Tonbridge West Yard - Eastleigh Works - 25th November.
  12. Not on the bridge itself, I'm talking about the view point closer to the station. When I was there back in 2016 it was okay, but when I returned in 2018 it was a lot less salubrious. Still a great place to see trains, even if the variety of motive power is diminishing. I do wonder what difference all of those padlocks make to the overall weight of the bridge?
  13. Thanks! Yes, the ED19 is a Kato model. They have just announced they are rereleasing it in the new year. https://www.traintrax.co.uk/30782-ed19-simplified-louvres-electric-locomotive-p-1994.html
  14. A few more. The series 115 units were used up until 2014. This is a Kato model. The mainstay of Iida line freight - the ED62. Overall view of the cement works. The town and distant works, from the works loco shed.
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