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  1. Hi bruv ,just havin a catch up on your layout progress..some great pics & videos as always .. ! just a pic of Sway station , not alot of snow but still stopped the trains for a day or two , more the ice on the juice which stopped the SWR services..only lasted a couple of days before the warmer weather returned , back to rain now..
  2. Good day bruv!...37402 at St bees waiting fro 37403 to pass.
  3. Just havin a catch up bruv, some great shots appearing with your excellent stock! had are EH reunion last night some of the guys asked after you including `Mustard`from the depot ..now works at Siemens Northam.
  4. hi bruv just checking in to see what ya up to , the bridge looks good & back scene is coming on well ..keep up the good work!.
  5. Nice updates bruv, the yellow platform tractor on the brutes is excellent!... looks like i`m out to , spotted my van heading over the bridge
  6. Nice to see the green 40 out bruv..& have you got some new` spotters` on ya Platform?
  7. Looks good bruv , whats with the MGRs.. need a few of them to make a full rake!.. will it fit in the station.
  8. Just checking in after some time away , nice to see some real locations getting the model treatment ..with the `N ` scale it really works well with proper train lengths ect .. will be in HinkseyYard myself sat eve..keep up the good work , will be checking in again soon.
  9. Hi Bruv, like the Grid & inspection coach they look great..remember working the SR one as a TM`D` out from Bournenouth , had a ED for power.
  10. I think the shunter off the road is possibly 09021..
  11. Interesting layout , good area to model , only went there a couple of times when 332`s were on the ferry moves & an earlier trip in 85 in Dec when we walked along the beach to see a shunter which had gone throught the blocks , 73107 was on the breakdown train..was with PCM so he may have posted similar shots !
  12. Hey Bruv we did use alot of that AGFA stuff , then went on to use FUJI & that cheap KODAchrome64 which was ok .
  13. Hi Bruv ..just logged on for a catch up , layout is looking good with some more new locos appearing !.. Hows the extention coming on ?.. or are you just doing locos & wagons up at the mo. My model stuff is moving back into the loft soon & will be sorting out some boards ect..will let you know how its going , its wet & windy today so in sorting more pictures for Flickr, still need another slide scanner which I`m hopping to get soon..cheers for now
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