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  1. First show, fingers crossed, will be at Wigan October 2022 followed by Manchester December 2022. Cheers Simon
  2. Thanks Jack! Unfortunately Wigan 2021 was cancelled which was due to be Dallams next show. So fingers crossed, that will move to October 2022 and got an invite for Manchester December 2022. Also had an invite for DEMU but that may have moved out to 2023. Cheers Simon
  3. Not much modelling (actually none) has happened on Dallam over the past few months as attention has been focused outside during the summer months. I have usually managed 5 to 10 minutes operating though each evening. I was asked if Dallam could be included in the N Gauge Forum virtual exhibition, which I said yes! The show was held over last weekend with demos, layouts, interviews and traders, well put together. Here is the running session I compiled for the show, at 12 minutes long is the longest one I have done. To do 12 minutes of video took around 4-5 evenings during a week to get it done. Here is the finished video. Thanks for watching, Simon.
  4. 325 would be great, would have 5 possibly 6, do like the 325's. Cheers Simon
  5. I have tried coupling the 142 and 150, used the rapido style couplers. Although they will run together, the 142 is slightly slower than the 150. Here they are running together. Cheers Simon
  6. Had a Brush traction themed running session this evening. 47785 on a Virgin Cross Country, 60078 and failed 60061 on the Fiddlers Ferry MGRs, 92001 on an Enterprise service, 60052 on the Cawoods to Seaforth and 92003 on an Intermodal to Wembley. Cheers Simon
  7. Hi Duncan, Thanks, all well here, hope you also? Hopefully some actual modelling will commence soon but I have decided to sort the patio out over the summer, so it maybe a while yet! Cheers Simon
  8. Thanks! I have used Chinchilla dust, the only issue to be aware of though is cracks can appear whilst drying. This can be touched up afterwards though. Cheers Simon
  9. 86261 is signalled to go across the Up Fast with the 5P91 1439 London RMT -Warrington RMT
  10. Hi Jeremy, It will be resprayed but not decided what to do yet. If I use it for Dallam 2001 it will need to be in Fragonset livery. I have always liked Original Railfreight without the redstripe on the 31s so that could be a possibility for a late 80s early 90s operating session. Have a great Bank Holiday too! Cheers Simon
  11. Still no modelling achieved over the past few weeks but have had plenty of operating though. Here are some more pics including a 31 and 86 which arrived today from Hatton's pre-owned section. Cheers Simon
  12. Evening everyone and thanks for the comments Phil and Rich. Actually did some modelling tonight! I have had a Farish 90 to respray and detail for a friend. All that was left to do was fit the handrails, glazing, roof detail, pantograph and fix the skirt to the body. Managed to get most done except for fixing the skirt to the body - tomorrow's job! Here are some pics on Dallam. Cheers Simon
  13. Thanks for the great comments Jonas and David. It was good to have things running again although not surprisingly the track needed a good clean! Here are a few more pics. Cheers Simon
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