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  1. Hi Rich, Looking in the garage tonight, there is certainly quite a bit to keep me going over Autumn and Winter. I have also somehow managed to order 2 Strathclyde liveried class 320s and Dapol are releasing the 156 in that livery, they won't look right on Dallam so may need to build them a home........ Cheers Simon
  2. Hi Dave, Not seen those before, thanks for posting. Cheers Simon
  3. Hi Rich and Dave, All ok thanks , no modelling happened for past few months as been busy with a new kitchen being fitted, decorating, work in the garden and demolishing a shed (not the 66 version)! At one stage I could not access the layout due to all the stuff from the kitchen being dumped in thd garage. Hopefully now all those jobs out of the way and the nights drawing in, normal service will resume! First job will be to finish the signal gantry and get it wired up. Positioned some stock to help get myself back in the mood! Cheers Simon
  4. Looking very good Arran, need to start working out formations for Dallam. Cheers Simon
  5. Just ordered another Strathclyde liveried class 320, fingers crossed! Cheers Simon
  6. Hi Duncan, The 20's look really good, I remember 20088 running on Dallam paired with a newer model, centre headcode Railfreight? It looked perfectly at home in my opinion alongside the new model. With regards to the split gears, I cannot remember where I read the suggestion, but I have been running a broach through the hole on the new gear wheel to open it up before fitment to allow the gear wheel to slide on easier (need to take time, check and check again when doing this and ensure not too much play), I then use a very very small amount of superglue to hold on the axle. The axles that have received this treatment so far (looking for some wood to touch!) have been ok and not failed again. Cheers Simon
  7. Hi Michael, Just to echo the above comments, looks stunning and has the feel and atmosphere of the area you mentioned. Any plans for Transpennine mk2's and 47's? Cheers Simon
  8. Hmm now there is an idea Jeremy! The new signal gantry is slowly getting there. Walkway guide rails and mesh sides added and soldered into position. Next job will be the ladders with safety cages, then the whole assembly will be cleaned up ready for spraying. Once sprayed the signal heads will be installed. Cheers Simon
  9. Thanks for the comments and likes everyone, I am looking forward to completing this gantry as it adds further operational interest in that trains for Warrington RMT and trip workings for the sidings can be held at the signal waiting for Southbound trains to pass. No further work on the gantry today but some weathered Dapol Silver Bullets arrived from Hattons preowned section. Now got a rake of 9 (8 weathered), looking on line, train lengths varied between 9 and 20. Here are some pictures of the Irvine to Burngullow empties returning South behind the different types of traction which has worked this service.
  10. With the summer here and no Wigan show in October, work on Dallam has slowed down a little as going to focus on some much needed jobs in the garden. With the rain falling over the past few days, I have made some more progress with the signal gantry. The safety cages have been formed from fine brass mesh with square brass rod soldered to form the framework. The same method used for the safety railings along the top of the gantry but brass wire used instead. Cheers Simon
  11. Thanks for the comments Duncan and Tim. I wanted alot of this detail to be on for Dallams first show in 2016 but ran out of time! Dallam was due to appear at Wigan in October but we decided (I am a member of the Wigan team) a few days ago the only sensible option was to cancel this years show. So the next show for Dallam will be Heywood MRC next May then Wigan 2021. In the meantime work will continue, plenty of spare time in the evenings (no driving my daughters to dance classes and competitions) should see quite a few items progressed and completed. Cheers Simon
  12. Hi David, I am a bit shocked, the countryside section was something else, it was pure WCML and I cannot believe it is no more. It has been great watching it develop. This clip reminds me of your layout so much. Looking forward to your next project, it will certainly be one to watch. Cheers Simon
  13. Bit more detailing work on the layout over the past few days. The centre front section of Dallam has a thin hard standing which looked quite bare to be honest. So its been been weathered, fencing added to split it in half. The container has been glued in position with various bits of odds and sods added around. Skip again glued in position with bits of scrap timber and the pallet added. I have ordered some more Palisade fencing to be mounted on the wall and some additional pallets ordered aswell. The footpath along the top of the embankment has finally got some steps upto the road along with the old fence posts along the far side of the path.
  14. Hi Duncan, the Dogfish look nice. With regards running Seacows with Dogfish, Seacows are air braked only but through piped for vac brakes. Sealions are dual braked, you can see the big vac cylinders at one end. I seem to remember it was more common to run Sealions with Dogfish/ Catfish as all could be braked. Cheers Simon
  15. Very nice Duncan, looking forward to seeing the finished loco posed on Shirebrook. Got a 56 in IPA at the moment which will become 56134 Blythe Power. Cheers Simon
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