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  1. Just looked through my fleet, and need between 10 to 12 to fit to existing fleet, some as spare or for future locos. I would pre order now if that was an option! Cheers Simon
  2. Thanks for that info, had never noticed that on pictures, will swap them over. Thanks again Simon
  3. Hi Duncan, Here you go, its only held on with a blob of blutac for now. Cheers Simon
  4. With the arrival of the EFE Shark to retailers I decided to aim to get both of my NGS sharks completed. One issue I had not been happy with was the suggested coupling arrangement. Although it allows the full plough to be used I decided to stick with the rapido style. To achieve this, I have cut the complete couplings from the Farish bogies fitted to the Freightliner flats and 100t bogie tanks as I have got replacement bogies. To fit the couplings, a suitable gap has been cut out in the middle of the plough. Testing in the middle of a rake of wagons was successful. I then decided to trial one o
  5. Not much modelling done so far this weekend, did have a running session though! Cheers Simon
  6. Thanks Will, no just this one, its a commission of sorts and will be on its way to its owner soon. Cheers Simon
  7. The respray of a Farish 90 into ex AGA white and grey is nearing completion, just a few details to add including handrails. Transfers are Railtec for cantrail, overhead warning labels and data panels. The numbers are by Precision. Cheers Simon
  8. Thanks for the comments regards the layout tour and the layout, should really do it with a charter rake, a railtour of Dallam! Back to some modelling and progressing the resprays which had been started last month. Bit more work done on the Farish class 90 which has been resprayed into ex Anglia (AGA) white and grey, to represent Freightliner condition. The coupling has been removed from one end. The skirt has been modified and detail added. Once the bodyshell is complete, the skirt will be glued to it. A few pictures including posed alongside the outgoing traction.
  9. No, the driver has got out to take pics on way back to the depot.
  10. For whatever reason the pics will not load the right way around. Even tried sorting by rotating on phone.
  11. A few pics from Dallam. First 37710 heading North on the Cawoods and 60078 on the Clay slurry empty workings meet followed by 66135 on an Enterprise working. Pictures now the right way hopefully!
  12. Following a few recent suggestions, I have created a Layout Tour of Dallam including the fiddleyards and also showing how the sidings at the front of the layout are accessed from the fiddleyard. Hope you find it of interest. Following 60078 on 7F81 Liverpool Bulk Terminal to Fiddlers Ferry Bulk Terminal, the train enters the scenic section passing under Folly Lane over bridge, Dallam sidings to the left and the blue building to the right used to be Dallam steam shed 8B but now extended and converted to factory use belonging to Locker Airmaze. Continuing past 37216 shunting the Arpley to D
  13. Yes that is correct I used the long couplings, I did try the short length ones and seemed to have problems on some of the smaller points in the fiddleyard. I think I could actually do with a coupler somewhere between the 2 in length. Cheers Simon
  14. With the installation of the second signal gantry, I decided to film a couple of workings which could be held at WN182 whilst waiting to cross over to the bi-directional slow line. Cheers Simon
  15. Seriously impressive stuff Duncan! They will look smart when complete, only trouble with working signals is rembering to obey them (I have been guilty once or twice (alot basically)). My signals are still powered from 9v batteries and the switches mounted on the backscene, it will all get wired in when the FY extension is completed. Cheers Simon
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