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  1. After managing to obtain a second Virgin liveried DVT, a second rake was formed using mk2's from my Cross Country rakes to represent an Oxley Mk2 Push Pull rake. Although primarily used between Euston and Wolverhampton, some were diagramed on the Euston to Glasgow route. Here is a video of the testing, the kitchen car is Dapol. Cheers Simon
  2. No problem for picture. Here is the rake running. Cheers Simon
  3. As above, I have trimmed the corner off the couplings and run a rake of 24. These have performed faultlessly on Dallam even with no weight in. I am going to order another 5 to make a rake of 29 but suspect a little bit of weight will then be required. See picture below, modified bottom, standard top. Cheers Simon
  4. Nice work David, that will look very smart when done. Should get my finger out and do Dallam! Cheers Simon
  5. I may try that Duncan, fortunately got lots of overhanging branches that need trimming back at the moment so should be plenty to choose from. Cheers Simon
  6. Weathering and transfers now complete on the OTAs, so placed them in a Northbound Enterprise service to Mossend behind 37710 as a liner from Coatbridge passes heading South. Cheers Simon
  7. The work on the OTA rake is nearing completion. Still undecided to run empty or loaded. May order a few timber loads from Ten Commandments to help me decide. Some more pics below of the faded green livery and the complete rake behind 60078. Another 5 OTAs will probably be added to the rake in the near future. Cheers Simon
  8. Hi Mick, Those 2 wagons look like they have been prepared for a UAT (Ultrasonic Axle Test), the round discs placed on the wagon are retaining plates for the bearing (referred to as thrust plates, think other names are used aswell), hence the reason the yellow square covers are missing. Cheers Simon
  9. Work on the OTAs continues, made a start on the weathering, this is a mix of dry brushing and powders. Although the stanchions did start as white, by the late 90s (even before) they had become pretty rusty. Pictured below are 2 of the faded Railfreight red ones. Still bits to pick out and not decided if to run loaded or empty. Cheers Simon
  10. Painting of the OTAs in progress, 7 green and 3 in red/pink. All will need to be suitable weathered with quite a bit of rust. Majority of the stanchions will end up a rusty brown rather than the white they are now. Cheers Simon
  11. All 10 OTAs built, couplings fitted so time for a test run. All seems ok, however going to add some additional weight just to be on the safe side. Cheers Simon
  12. Bit more progress with the OTA rake. 8 now built except for buffers and couplings. Hopefully get the last 2 done tomorrow then add all the buffers then set the couplings so to allow clearance for the return curves on Dallam. Will be sprayed either faded green and rust or faded red and rust! Posed them with 56070 on a empty working to Mossend. Cheers Simon
  13. Ordered 10 Slimrail OTAs which arrived today. Had a go earlier at putting the first one together, just needs the couplings and buffers. The kit goes together really well and has had the stanchions modified to suit the later condition. Cheers Simon
  14. No problem Duncan, I think it may have been on the N gauge forum I read about this idea and related to Law Junction. Cheers Simon
  15. Hi Duncan, they look very nice. Regards your comment about the couplings on curves, is it the couplings causing the issue or is buffer locking occuring? I have a rake of C Rail PFA Cawoods coal wagons, very light weight and the couplings are fixed in position. To allow more movement on curves, the corner was trimmed as shown in the pictures below (top wagon not modified). This was not my idea, think it was Law Junction were I read about it. At the moment I am running a 24 wagon rake with no problems, as mentioned no weights added, though considering adding 5 more wagons to the rake so may need to add a little weight then to prevent them being pulled over on the return curves. Cheers Simon
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