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  1. A blue/grey inspection saloon is shown in the Farish releases for 2019. Some of the NGS versions are still available, sadly no EWS. If need be will just respray one.
  2. Excellent news, one will be heading to Dallam hopefully, need to keep eyes peeled for a NGS Inspection Saloon in EWS livery for my timeframe. Cheers Simon
  3. All 3 YSA salmon wagons finished and just await painting, will add the handbrake wheels then. Going to add some additional weight and also swap the buffers from the kit for N Brass versions. Here they are being tested as part of an engineers working behind 37674. Cheers Simon
  4. Made a start on some N Gauge Society Salmon kits this evening, the YSA EWS re-bogied versions. Bought 3 but think will get some more, 1st one went together with no issues, so cracked on with the other 2, these will need another hour or so to finish off yet. Not fitted the steps and handbrake wheels as need to look at prototype pics as different handbrake wheels fitted and some had no steps.
  5. A clip of the C=Rail pocket wagons running within the intermodal rake. Once the KFAs arrive a short Freightliner rake will be formed of Megafrets, KQAs and KFAs and C=Rail FSA/FTAs will be added when they arrive. 10 laps of the layout completed with no issues. Cheers Simon
  6. A couple of C=Rail KQA pocket wagons arrived today. Really nice models, will be suitably weathered in the future. Here are a few pics posed on the layout.
  7. My 2 arrived today, brilliant models, may look at getting another 1 or 2. Here are a few posed pics on the layout. They will receive some weathering in the near future. Cheers Simon
  8. With the Revolution trains KFAs due and I have 2 KQAs on order, thought it would be a good idea to make a start on the C Rail tanktainer kits which I ordered quite a while ago. Not fully ready for paint yet but getting there, managed to get these 5 progressed over a couple of hours this evening. All 5 have had some weight added during construction. Another hour or two should have them ready for painting. Cheers Simon
  9. Thanks David! , another clip showing another working using a Shirebrook loco passing the sidings. A large logo class 56 heads North past the sidings with a Cawoods working to Ellesmere Port. At the opposite end, a class 40 heads towards Arpley sidings with an MGR working. Cheers Simon
  10. A couple of quick videos with the Shirebrook locos making a guest appearance. Got quite a few videos, so may merge into one before uploading. Thanks again Duncan. Clip 1, Class 31, 31215 heads North on a short trip working from Arpley yard. Class 56 and 20's pass on their coal workings. Cheers
  11. Well had a brilliant weekend at the Blackburn show, thanks for the invite and everything was well organised by the Blackburn team and their helpers. Duncan from Shirebrook fame brought one of his loco stock boxes to the show this morning and a number of his locos (which are stunning btw) had a run on some of Dallams coal workings, will post some videos later. To put the icing on the cake, Dallam won best n gauge in show and best layout in show. Thanks to everyone who voted, I am still in shock. Big thanks to the operating team, Chris and Peter, its not just operating the layout, its loading the van, unloading etc, setting layout up etc, thanks guys. Thanks again everyone. Simon
  12. Hi Duncan, it was a pleasure and big thanks for bringing them along, it was the topic of conversation between myself and Chris quite a bit today. Really looking forward to seeing Shirebrook in the flesh. I will start posting the videos from this morning. Dallam may well get back dated in the future. Thanks again, Simon
  13. Back home after a great weekend at the Blackburn show, Dallam set back up in the garage. Thanks to all the Blackburn team for everything! Thanks to the operating team, Chris and Peter, the layout runs better with them in charge and me on the tea/coffee run. Thanks to all the interest shown in the layout and stock. Highlight this morning was some of Shirebrooks stock getting a run out on Dallam, thanks Duncan, it was good to meet you and thanks again for bringing the stock. To top the weekend off, Dallam won best n gauge and best in show, which I am still in shock with. Thanks again everyone. Simon
  14. A couple of clips from the Blacburn show today, 56070 slowly approaches the signal as it changes to single yellow and route indicator for the goods loop at Warrington Bank Quay. A class 142,156,142 ECS heads south towards Warrington as the tail end of a North bound Virgin Cross Country passes. Cheers Simon
  15. Thanks Jack, the pictures you did look great. Hopefully I will get over to your layout tomorrow rather than the quick passing visit whilst undertaking the tea/coffee run! Cheers Simon
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