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  1. Bit of a Brush theme this weekend. The Corus liveried 60 is complete for paint, next job is gloss varnish then transfers. The paintwork on 47712 has been completed, few little areas to touch up then gloss varnish and transfers. The conversion work for the 47/8 has started as well. Bodywork cut away and also the existing bufferbeam mouldings have been trimmed to represent the cutback versions. Still a bit to do with these mouldings.
  2. Good morning everyone, bit more progress on the workbench. The NGS Mullets have had the underframe sprayed matt black (Humbrol 33). The 2nd Corus liveried 60 (60006) has been started and given an undercoat. The postman delivered 47522 this morning, within an hour it had been stripped of glazing, cab interiors etc, this will become 47853 in Virgin livery. Also the paint on 47712 will hopefully be started over the weekend. Cheers Simon
  3. Duncan from Shirebrook has produced them, drop him a PM if you need some. Cheers Simon
  4. 007 looks pretty work worn there! Beastie badges on side too late for my era but would certainly make an interesting model. Cheers Simon
  5. Thanks Rich, got 059 finished today with the addition of the etched plates. Also got the NGS Mullets primed and a coat of rail yellow applied. Also got a Loadhaul line up with 37710, just need a 56 now!
  6. Following the arrival of Loadhaul 60059 and a spare hour this evening, a start has been made with adding the details etc. The bufferbeam detail has been added at one end with standard coupling at the other. Roof silencer primed ready for weathering, reason for this is I am not sure on the red rust colour, most looked sooty grey/black. Also the Loadhaul logo on the side, the orange part of the logo needed a base colour under the orange by the looks of it, it looks a little opaque. Rather than remove the whole logo and fit a replacement transfer, I just cut the required part from a Fox transfer and applied it over the original factory logo. The orange looks alot more dense and once varnished, should blend in. Cheers Simon
  7. Evening all, Yet another class 60 has joined the Dallam fleet, this will be the 8th. 60059 in Loadhaul livery, was thinking of a renumber to 60007 but decided to stick with 60059. The detail will be added to one end and then weathered. Cheers Simon
  8. Had a break from loco resprays and focused on some N Gauge Society wagon kits. The Seacows have had the main colours applied and certainly will make a colourful train with the shark. Needless to say, they will all be toned down and weathered. Also made a start on 3 YLA Parr/Mullets, also a picture of one a completed previously. I had bought these before the announcement by Revolution and decided to build them anyway. I have got a couple of the Revolution versions on order. Cheers Simon
  9. 56067 has now been reassembled following its partial respray and renumber. Both 56s here have had their buffers replaced with N Brass versions. The windscreen wipers are to be changed to a finer version, these will be swapped once the weathering has been done - as I will knock them off! Cheers Simon
  10. Also and kit built items, although time consuming, I do get alot of enjoyment from building through to the last finishing touches. Cheers Simon
  11. 86249 County of Merseyside stretching its legs following a respray. Paintwork including the red and white stripes has been airbrushed using Railmatch paint. Transfers are from Fox, Intercity logo and Railtec, cantrail stripe, warning flashes, numbers, data panels and 3D nameplates. Buffers have also been replaced with N Brass versions. Will add bufferbeam pipework and weather.
  12. Managed to get the paint and transfers applied on the N gauge society Shark. Just needs a coat of varnish, weathering oh and a rake of Seacows. The roof has had the correct rainstrips formed from plastic strip.
  13. Decided to have a break from modelling on Friday evening and decided to have a running session instead. Here are a few pics including some of the recent projects. Cheers Simon
  14. A nice NSE liveried 47 arrived today, it will be soon heading for the IPA bath to be stripped ready for respraying. It will be finished as 47712 in Fragonset black. Also made a start spraying one of the NGS Sharks into Loadhaul colours with wasp ends. In reality the majority of sharks in later life (all Loadhaul liveried ones did)had plated sides i.e. no planks. I considered trying to replicate but think it would be easier to build a new body from scratch.
  15. Hi Rich, No, I did the whole band. The section of masking tape used when removing the numbers was binned then the whole stripe was masked off again and sprayed EWS gold as there is a slight difference between factory and Railmatch. Cheers Simon
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