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  1. Thanks for the comments Duncan and Tim. I wanted alot of this detail to be on for Dallams first show in 2016 but ran out of time! Dallam was due to appear at Wigan in October but we decided (I am a member of the Wigan team) a few days ago the only sensible option was to cancel this years show. So the next show for Dallam will be Heywood MRC next May then Wigan 2021. In the meantime work will continue, plenty of spare time in the evenings (no driving my daughters to dance classes and competitions) should see quite a few items progressed and completed. Cheers Simon
  2. Hi David, I am a bit shocked, the countryside section was something else, it was pure WCML and I cannot believe it is no more. It has been great watching it develop. This clip reminds me of your layout so much. Looking forward to your next project, it will certainly be one to watch. Cheers Simon
  3. Bit more detailing work on the layout over the past few days. The centre front section of Dallam has a thin hard standing which looked quite bare to be honest. So its been been weathered, fencing added to split it in half. The container has been glued in position with various bits of odds and sods added around. Skip again glued in position with bits of scrap timber and the pallet added. I have ordered some more Palisade fencing to be mounted on the wall and some additional pallets ordered aswell. The footpath along the top of the embankment has finally got some steps upto the road along with the old fence posts along the far side of the path.
  4. Hi Duncan, the Dogfish look nice. With regards running Seacows with Dogfish, Seacows are air braked only but through piped for vac brakes. Sealions are dual braked, you can see the big vac cylinders at one end. I seem to remember it was more common to run Sealions with Dogfish/ Catfish as all could be braked. Cheers Simon
  5. Very nice Duncan, looking forward to seeing the finished loco posed on Shirebrook. Got a 56 in IPA at the moment which will become 56134 Blythe Power. Cheers Simon
  6. A class 325 and 175 with potential for a 180 would be good. Hi Lukas, Without going to far off topic, I think Ben and Mike have all things covered with their own website (with contact), their Facebook page (including the Live sessions were questions are answered), N gauge forum - again a page was set up for suggestions and finally here at Rmweb. That's not including their stands at some exhibitions (admittedly on hold). Cheers Simon
  7. Very nice work on your EMUs Kev, especially the 323 and 325. Looking at your mk1s, will they be the basis for a Regional Railways/ First North Western class 309? Cheers Simon
  8. Thanks Jack, suitably amended. I blame the beer......
  9. Had a break from rolling stock modelling and made a start on the last signal gantry which is required. The main structure has been formed with brass I section, rod, brass rectangular tube for cross been and brass strip. This has all been soldered together. Next stage will be forming the safety cages, walkways and ladders. The signal heads and route indicator which will be used are CR signals. Cheers Simon
  10. Very nice Duncan, like the HEAs aswell, no comparison with the Farish example, shame no longer available. Cheers Simon
  11. Bit of an update, the Freightliner rake is nearing completion, all the containers have been weathered to various degrees though I have not modelled any which are extremely shabby, yet! The Worsley Works Freightliner flats have been painted and then weathered. The transfers on these are from Railtec. Ordered some more 40 foot HC containers from C=Rail to go on the Megafrets as currently got standard 40foots on them. Cheers Simon
  12. How about these Duncan? They are just about to pass under Folly Lane bridge which is the start of the scenic section of Dallam. The points in the foreground feed the sidings. This was 1990, must have my dates muddled with these and the Thornaby pair. Cheers Simon
  13. Stunning work on 20028 Duncan, are you going to do another of the Thornaby 20's to go with it, 20172,173,174? I remember these appeared in the Wigan area, think around the same time 20030/064 appeared aswell during 88, it was a change from standard BR blue and odd Railfreight 20's at Springs Branch depot, here is a picture from Flickr a bit later than your model but paired with 20172. This is at Wigan NW being used on weekend drags. Cheers Simon
  14. Thanks Jeremy! Regards winding the clock back, there is currently a stripped 87 on my work bench which will be going into Executive livery at some point. Cheers Simon
  15. Bit more weathering in progress. Made a start on the Farish Super BG Van's. They are quite bright in the factory finish RES livery. First they have all been given a coat of matt varnish with a few drops of white added, this applied through the airbrush. The underframes have been sprayed with Railmatch sleeper grime, and the roof sections have had a light coat of Humbrol 32 sprayed over. The inner ends have been done with powders. There is a bit of work still to be done on the sides but am happy with progress so far. Cheers Simon
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