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  1. 56067 has now been reassembled following its partial respray and renumber. Both 56s here have had their buffers replaced with N Brass versions. The windscreen wipers are to be changed to a finer version, these will be swapped once the weathering has been done - as I will knock them off! Cheers Simon
  2. Also and kit built items, although time consuming, I do get alot of enjoyment from building through to the last finishing touches. Cheers Simon
  3. 86249 County of Merseyside stretching its legs following a respray. Paintwork including the red and white stripes has been airbrushed using Railmatch paint. Transfers are from Fox, Intercity logo and Railtec, cantrail stripe, warning flashes, numbers, data panels and 3D nameplates. Buffers have also been replaced with N Brass versions. Will add bufferbeam pipework and weather.
  4. Managed to get the paint and transfers applied on the N gauge society Shark. Just needs a coat of varnish, weathering oh and a rake of Seacows. The roof has had the correct rainstrips formed from plastic strip.
  5. Decided to have a break from modelling on Friday evening and decided to have a running session instead. Here are a few pics including some of the recent projects. Cheers Simon
  6. A nice NSE liveried 47 arrived today, it will be soon heading for the IPA bath to be stripped ready for respraying. It will be finished as 47712 in Fragonset black. Also made a start spraying one of the NGS Sharks into Loadhaul colours with wasp ends. In reality the majority of sharks in later life (all Loadhaul liveried ones did)had plated sides i.e. no planks. I considered trying to replicate but think it would be easier to build a new body from scratch.
  7. Hi Rich, No, I did the whole band. The section of masking tape used when removing the numbers was binned then the whole stripe was masked off again and sprayed EWS gold as there is a slight difference between factory and Railmatch. Cheers Simon
  8. The numbers for the EWS class 56 have arrived from Railtec so made a start with the renumbering to 56067. The numbers and logo are quite difficult to remove and require the use of T-Cut. The gold band is masked off from the rest of the body to prevent damage to the main body colour. As you can see removing the number and logo rubs the gold away. So clean the bodyside, mask up and respray with Railmatch EWS gold. A few coats of Johnsons klear have been applied for the transfers to sit on. Just ready for a coat of satin varnish then eventually weathering. Cheers Simon
  9. Bit more done to the Intercity Swallow 86 tonight, now numbered 86249 County of Merseyside. 3D nameplates, numbers, cantrail stripes, overhead warning labels from Railtec. The Intercity swallow logo are Fox. 86244 The Royal British Legion has been created using the standard Dapol Virgin 86229. Numbers removed using white spirit initially followed by T cut to finish off. A number and 3D nameplate pack from Railtec was used to create 86244. Both locos will receive replacement brass buffers from N Brass. Cheers Simon
  10. Ordered quite a few different items from Steve at Railtec over the past few weeks and the service has been excellent. Got the excellent 3D nameplates for 4 locos I have been working on. Here are pics of the plates used. Virgin 86244 is a standard Dapol virgin 86 renumbered and named using a pack with nameplate and number. 86249 used nameplates, numbers, cantrail stripes and overhead warning labels. 60070 is nameplates, numbers and overhead warning labels. 60033 is nameplates, cantrail stripes and warning labels.
  11. The silver 60, 60033 has finally been reassembled and detail added to one end. Got quite a few locos now in the weathering queue. Cheers Simon
  12. Got a bit more done on the 86 today, Intercity logos added along with overhead warning signs, data panels and made a start on the cantrail stripe. Cheers Simon
  13. 47761 ready for dragging pushpull rakes, Cross Country, freight, engineers, Serco test trains and just maybe a parcels rake. PCV control cables added to cab front, ETS cable and sockets fabricated from wire and plastic, NRN aerials added along with the cab door handrails. Just need another 2 or 3 similar! Cheers Simon
  14. Hi Rich, Can do, however if like other Dapol items, you need to use T-cut and I am expecting I will need to redo the gold band with the airbrush. Cheers Simon
  15. Hi Steve, Order placed for replacement numbers and EWS branding! Cheers Simon
  16. Hi Rich, I am glad you mentioned it as had not noticed it, but now looking at pictures I can see what you mean. I was thinking of renumbering and ordering transfers from Railtec then decided to stick with 56089 to make it an easy project. Fortunately it is a relatively easy job to sort. Better get my numbers ordered. Thanks again. Cheers Simon
  17. Got hold of an EWS liveried 56 today so set about reworking the cab front. The black painted on square in the grill was removed with T-Cut however this does wear some of the yellow on the grill away. So next stage is mask off the cab front and rest of the body to allow the grill to be airbrushed rail yellow. Next jumpers removed and replacements fabricated from 10thou microstrip, approx 1mm plastic rod and 0.33mm brass wire. NRN aerials fitted to both ends (BH Enterprises) and all painted. Just need pipes on bufferbeam and weathering. Cheers Simon
  18. I am definitely hoping for a 325, my wallet would not be though! Cheers Simon
  19. Last December I decided to do a couple of retro resprays to run on Dallam from the late 80s to early 90s. One of these was a respray of an EWS liveried Dapol class 86 into Intercity Mainline. All the spraying was complete and it was just waiting transfers. Had a look at it again last night and decided I could actually do with a Swallow liveried 86 to run with the Virgin stock. So masking tape out and lower bodyside sprayed white and around cab windows Falcon Grey. Ordered numbers and nameplates from Railtec, will become 86249 County of Merseyside.
  20. Thanks Rich, no 37/7 as yet. I have done 37710 below, could do with a 37/7 centre headcode in EWS livery. Not a hard conversion to do as mainly it requires filling the bodyside window and footsteps. Other items such as nose grills could be corrected but I stuck with original Farish moulding. Cheers Simon
  21. Another loco nearing completion. 37674 started out as a Farish 37406 in RfD livery. RfD logos, nameplates, numbers etc removed with thinners. Transrail logos, numbers and later style overhead flashes from Railtec added. Nose end mounting for ETS removed, ploughs and detail added to one end and weathered. Just few bits to check over then add the nameplates. Cheers Simon
  22. Thanks David! Yes its brass wire with a locating hole carefully drilled into a small piece of plastic rod, the opposite end (the 90° elbow) a locating hole was drilled to secure the opposite end of the jumper. Microstrip has been used for base plates. To represent the elbow, the wire was simply painted orange. Hope that makes sense. Next time I do one I will remember to take some pics of each stage. Cheers Simon
  23. Another project loco which has been sat at the back of the workbench for around 2 years is a Dapol class 56 which has been resprayed into Railfreight coal livery as 56134 Blyth Power as worn till withdrawal. Just a few bits to sort then it will be onto weathering. The buffers have been changed for N Brass versions and the Multi Working jumpers and sockets have been replaced with scratch built versions.
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