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  1. I might be missing something here but you're already on social media by being on RmWeb. As for your attack on Steve and his Little Loco Company then you are seriously out of order. This isn't a LLC project it is a project started by a good friend of mine who has commissioned LLC to progress the enterprise. Just because it started as a crowdfunding idea doesn't make it any less of a viable project just because it hasn't come from a major manufacturer first. Am I sensing a bit of elitism because it didn't originate from an idea on here? Seriously disappointed with the attacks by people on here against Steve. Instead of being critical why not put your money where your mouth is and see if you can do a better job?
  2. Well it's finally happened. We can now run trains to Lawley. Full report here; Lawley re-opening
  3. A few shots of tonights work at Lawley consisting of some finishing work to the platform itself. The 108 sat waiting to enter the platform to return the gang home and one of the t'other platform site are two good shots
  4. Support the cause, Lawley here we come Lawley update 22/03/2015
  5. We miss Rebecca here at the TSR as she is a great stalwart and a dab hand at driving the tram. Please come and say hello when you visit
  6. here is the link to our latest developments Lawley update 15/03/2015
  7. Long overdue update. Please follow the link to see all the latest news updates for our impending re-opening to Lawley Common. If you find yourself in the area at Easter then please come along and say hello; Latest TSR news
  8. Yesterday, Sunday 28th Sept, saw the end of our 2014 running season. To mark the end of an extremely busy and challenging season, but also a very successful one, we held a Volunteers Open Day. With a very big helping hand from some glorious weather we had one of our busiest days of the season so far. A big turnout saw lots of people leaving happy as they enjoyed a great day out with all our attractions running faultlessly. Not only that but we had a surge in new memberships as people were able to see first-hand how they can actively contribute to helping the TSR achieve its goals. But it wasn’t just new members who came along but existing members who had previously thought that they didn’t have any specific skillsets that could be of benefit to the railway. We can now look forward to utilising this new intake of volunteers into the TSR family and getting stuck-in to the long list of tasks that need doing over the winter months to enable to us to firstly run our Santa Specials in December and then more importantly our long awaited northern extension to Lawley next Easter. All this wouldn’t have been achieved if it wasn’t for all the visitors, new and old, who have supported us throughout 2014 with their patronage. And last but not least an extremely big thank you for the selfless and dedicated work of all our volunteers without whom we wouldn’t be able to operate. Here’s to Christmas and then the future challenges of 2015.
  9. Tomorrow, Sunday 28th Sept, is our last running day of the 2014 season and we are also holding an open day for our existing and potential members to come along and see how they can actively contribute to the railway. So please come along and see how you can support us and enjoy our last running day with us.
  10. Put an old redudant chimney on the canopy roof left over from steam days or for a more modern solution put on a crawl board with an engineer fixing the roof
  11. Great strides have been made on our resident Class 108 Diesel Multiple Unit 51950 & 52062. Mechanically sound she is now sporting the rather fetching ‘chocolate & cream’ livery which British Rail adopted for the GWR 150 celebrations in 1985. The units have been finished to a high standard and the lining, numbers and roundels were applied this week to finish one side of the units off. Attention will turn to finishing the other sides, if possible, before the darker nights set in. There are only two running days left of the current 2014 season so come along and have a look for yourself and see the excellent work that’s been carried out.
  12. A very belated condolonces to his wife Julie and his family. I never met him but had 'spoken' with him on here a few times and he always had positive and polite things to say.
  13. Some recent pics. Peckett 0-4-0ST 'Rocket' livening up a rainy day A busy last service of the day. The rain didn't dampen any spirits And our resident 108 sat waiting for clearer skies so that progress can be made on its paintwork. It's going to look stunning when finished We're open until the end of Sept and on our last running day Sunday 28th Sept we're having a Volunteers Open day. More info on our website.
  14. Checkout the Telford Steam Railway. The full day steam package not only includes firing an ddriving a standard gauge loco but also a morning on the 2ft steam tram first whilst waiting for the big loco to heat up. We offer value for money and our course is extremely popular with people travelling from all over the country. Here's the link; Telford Driving experience
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