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  1. I have to say it’s a bit like a supermarket letting you buy a four pack of beers from the self service checkout* and then asking you for proof of age when you’ve drunk three of them... *yeah I know you can’t do it without a member of staff checking you manually, which is kinda my point ( I also know that selling alcohol to minors is illegal but selling child tickets to adults isn’t)
  2. I think Reorte means that in cases like this, where a valid ticket is held, you can still get asked your details and that he is not very comfortable with the fact that one could get detained for refusing to give them.
  3. Pacers lovers might get them for a bit longer https://www.parliament.uk/business/publications/written-questions-answers-statements/written-question/Lords/2019-07-01/HL16845/
  4. They had a genericish boxcar last time round (about three or four years ago). Their U25C and U28C seemed to be highly rated although not great sellers
  5. I’m glad you mentioned it was still available, I’d missed it at the time
  6. I really loved those FischerTechnik trains as a kid. Although I had quite a lot of the standard stuff, I never got any of the trains. The plastic used is even better than Lego's
  7. I've just realised who you are. My dad built me one of the kits, still got it somewhere.
  8. Going off topic slightly, I've always found it interesting that the booted/saloon versions of small/midsized cars were far more popular in mainland Europe than here
  9. Nothing to do with the EU. The PRM (not DDA) deadline is purely a British invention. i regret not grabbing a snap of a 142 at Chesterfield a couple of weeks ago. Apparently Northern’s Random Unit Generator had stuck it on a Leeds-Nottingham and it was terminated early in platform 3 at Chesterfield to form the return working, due I believe, to not being cleared for the route south
  10. This on the Rails website amused me
  11. Buying a kit is just a way of deciding what to scratchbuild
  12. Buying a kit is just a way of deciding what to scratchbuild
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