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  1. I think you are in the wrong thread then! Or maybe the right thread, to help you get desensitised...
  2. Is that Thorns? Far more sweets and less tobacco on display than last time I saw it
  3. Prime Minister President King? Were there no leadership roles the man couldn’t do?
  4. Are you another (ex)Harpendenite? It always struck me as a place having more than its fair share of railway and model railway enthusiasts.
  5. Forget the train, I want a warehouse!
  6. Its finished when you've hemmed the curtains The rest of the stock was quite attractive https://translate.google.co.uk/translate?sl=nl&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fgooisestoomtram.jouwweb.nl%2Fhuizen
  7. @corneliuslundie what are your thoughts on the railway book market?
  8. The project has been going on for a while, so they may have been able to get before they were cut, if they had wanted. I wonder if the design of the 56s means that there is more height available for the new engine than there would be on top of the frames of the 58?
  9. The top edge looks like it purposely steps down, but the bottom edge...
  10. First thought was that the 58 hood could be too narrow, but it’s not structural so they could have replaced it with a wider one. But what condition are the remaining 58s on n?
  11. I noticed it’s reverted to being over the notification when I came onto VNC, but doesn’t seem to be present in the threads
  12. Pretty sure you can’t search for terms of fewer than three characters. I thought putting it in quotes would work, but that returns no results
  13. BTW, slightly off topic, but on an iPhone you don’t need the ‘go to top button’ as tapping in the title bar does that. A ‘go to bottom’ button would be more useful.
  14. I’m sure that a couple of days ago the advert was on top of the notification alert, making it impossible to click on, but when you replied the notification was on top of everything
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