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  1. As an early teen I ‘detailed’ a Lima 16 tonner. I didn’t shorten it but I do remember spending ages opening out the W irons and trimming down the brake lever from the back. It was fun and looked good, if incorrect when I was done
  2. Leaving Sheffield station today on a 144 to Woodhouse all the other trains I could see were 144s! (although I think there was a 222 hidden behind) No photos I’m afraid, but to make up here’s one from a strike day, 28th April 2017
  3. That’s as may be, but as a selling technique it works on me. I see something from one of the bigger companies and think, “that looks good, I’ll get it when it comes out” In the meantime Tangent or Moloco release something and I buy it. When the bigger company’s model comes out I’ve already spent my money!
  4. I quite like the way the North American manufacturers Tangent and Moloco do business. They don’t announce anything until they have it in their hands. (And they have multiple clear close up photos of each item). For some items you do have to be quick tho. https://www.tangentscalemodels.com https://www.molocotrains.com
  5. That’s pretty impressive. How many people does it take to operate like that?
  6. Mrs T loves your avatar. She has a Russian dwarf hamster! It's a thing, apparently.

    1. Talltim


      I just suddenly occurred to me that a hamster in a wheel would work well with the circular profile pic format. My mum had Russian hamsters for years when I was a teenager because the first pair she got weren’t the same sex like they were supposed to be!

  7. Did they put the beams in before they extended the platform across the bridge?
  8. From Mexico. Modified from a Pickwick motor coach. http://www.coachbuilt.com/bui/p/pickwick/pickwick.htm
  9. That’s a bit of a half-arsed one! Hornby’s next steampunk mod of their pug...
  10. Or DCC to your lawnmower! note, Nigel’s point is extremely valid
  11. Talltim

    New Hornby Rocket

    Try Railway Modeller Sept 1975 (I was just being born!) Very nice P4 Stockton and Darlington layout built by the Darlington MRC. There’s also a second version built by the same club at the Head of Steam museum.
  12. It’s funny, I’ve been into model railways pretty much all my life but I’ve only owned one Hornby loco, an 86. Admittedly I’m younger than many but it was Lima, Airfix, Mainline and (a bit later) Dapol for me as a child. I don’t have this nostalgic thing for Hornby that others seem to.
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