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  1. Well, I’m sorry I didn’t read back through the whole thread to check if you had ceded so much control that you can’t stop other people making changes at the weekend that prevent major functionality like logging on working.
  2. Do I gather from this that the adverts are now controlled by third party rather than yourself? BTW happens in Safari and Chrome on IOS too. If you aren’t signed in it covers the sign in button
  3. Railtours? 150, 153, 155, 156, 158 and 159 all have opening windows (of a sort). However they don't tend to be pulled by locos
  4. Latest twist in the Doncaster level crossing incident
  5. Out now, Oley Valley PRR G38 Ore Jennies (hoppers) I think these are 3D printed, but are painted and lettered. PRR black and CR red available now , PC coming
  6. Some photos of the upcoming Aurora Miniatures GMD SD60F Decorated Sample here Aurora Miniatures GMD SD60F Decorated Sample by Ben Wang, on Flickr
  7. Trying to work out if i can justify any of these on the East coast
  8. I'm sure I've read that in the US, outsize load movement planners have to either register the route with the state DOT/s or that the relevant DOT actually prepares the route.
  9. There are operations that require the tipper to move whle the bed is raised, If you've ever seen them tarmacing a road, they tip into the hopper of the laying machine while it is moving. (In fact the machine possibly pushes the lorry forward)
  10. This pic looks like there may be a worksite next to the bridge
  11. Another one, in Machynlleth https://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/north-wales-news/live-a487-shut-trains-disrupted-21452079
  12. Hence making the business of selling models of trains less stressful...
  13. I assume you don’t need to get through the door?!
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