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  1. Might be worth going direct unless you need it really soon https://www.walthers.com/rolling-mill-with-reversing-mill-stand-kit on sale too…
  2. If you’re up for replacing the steps, PH designs do a set of etched ones http://www.phd-design-etchings.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=25_28_63&product_id=178 No connection except a previous customer
  3. Happy to help. Yes the holes are all standard as supplied, it’s been a while but I think Tim supplied the bolts and alignment dowels, although I can’t remember if they were extra. My main boards are 2’6” by 15” and seem ok without the braces, I’ve left them off until I know where point motors are going to end up
  4. This is what the underneath of a 3’ x 1’ board looks like the diagonal brace is optional and you can fit it either way. At the end supported by legs I left it out I used the bolt holes for connecting the boards together (this is the end of the layout so nice and easy) the legs are 2”x1” verticals with a smaller cross piece at the top to support the board (shown) and another about 6” up from the floor. for the main scenic part of the layout I built a pair of beams to support 3 boards, these were to span bookcases as the boards weren’t long enough to do that as they are, the boards then sit on the beams with a couple of locating pegs each and a similar type of leg at each end of the beam and at the joint Hope this is some help
  5. Another option for an earlier Andrew Barclay prototype would be this one: https://ribblesteam.org.uk/exhibits/steam/andrew-barclay-1598-1918-efficient/
  6. You could try york modelmaking https://yorkmodelrail.com They should be able to give you a quote from the artwork and have a good range of materials (no connection apart from a repeat customer)
  7. Hi Lars, Thanks for the interest, at present we’ve put the layout to one side for a little while, chances are we’ll revisit it at some point
  8. This is how the Tanfield Railway does it https://www.flickriver.com/photos/[email protected]/48654536987/
  9. Very nice David, I’d definitely be interested in a P4 set for the Barclay Mike
  10. Apologies if this has already been asked, having recently taken delivery of a Hattons 14” Barclay I was wondering if wheels for one of these might be possible with a view to P4 conversion? Many thanks Mike
  11. Duncan Models do a kit for a Priestman Panther, see about 2/3 of the way down this page http://www.duncanmodels.co.uk/price_list_steam_vehicles_and_items.htm I can’t remember when the particular type was first built but it might be suitable I’ve built the dragline version which with care went together fairly well and I’m planning on converting it to radio control when time permits Merry Christmas Mike
  12. To be honest I wasn’t aware there was a difference in the frames, perhaps this idea is going to require a bit more thought...
  13. Thanks for the offer, based on the build date I’m assuming the cab is the same as the Hattons model, it’s the 1906-1920 cab with the curved cutout I’m looking for info on Regards Mike
  14. Does anyone know of a scale drawing of the earlier pattern cab for one of these locos? Like this: https://ribblesteam.org.uk/exhibits/steam/andrew-barclay-1598-1918-efficient/ Cheers Mike
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