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  1. Another option for an earlier Andrew Barclay prototype would be this one: https://ribblesteam.org.uk/exhibits/steam/andrew-barclay-1598-1918-efficient/
  2. You could try york modelmaking https://yorkmodelrail.com They should be able to give you a quote from the artwork and have a good range of materials (no connection apart from a repeat customer)
  3. Hi Lars, Thanks for the interest, at present we’ve put the layout to one side for a little while, chances are we’ll revisit it at some point
  4. This is how the Tanfield Railway does it https://www.flickriver.com/photos/[email protected]/48654536987/
  5. Very nice David, I’d definitely be interested in a P4 set for the Barclay Mike
  6. Apologies if this has already been asked, having recently taken delivery of a Hattons 14” Barclay I was wondering if wheels for one of these might be possible with a view to P4 conversion? Many thanks Mike
  7. Duncan Models do a kit for a Priestman Panther, see about 2/3 of the way down this page http://www.duncanmodels.co.uk/price_list_steam_vehicles_and_items.htm I can’t remember when the particular type was first built but it might be suitable I’ve built the dragline version which with care went together fairly well and I’m planning on converting it to radio control when time permits Merry Christmas Mike
  8. To be honest I wasn’t aware there was a difference in the frames, perhaps this idea is going to require a bit more thought...
  9. Thanks for the offer, based on the build date I’m assuming the cab is the same as the Hattons model, it’s the 1906-1920 cab with the curved cutout I’m looking for info on Regards Mike
  10. Does anyone know of a scale drawing of the earlier pattern cab for one of these locos? Like this: https://ribblesteam.org.uk/exhibits/steam/andrew-barclay-1598-1918-efficient/ Cheers Mike
  11. Thanks for the advice Giles, I’m now waiting on loads of bits arriving so I can have a go at a lorry. I’ve also found a diecast dumper model which might have potential (it’s a bit like the one about 4 minutes into this video) Many thanks Mike
  12. Incredible work Giles. This thread has inspired me to have a go at converting a vehicle or two, I’m wondering if you can give any suggestions on suitable transmitters for the deltang receivers? Thanks Mike
  13. Does anyone have a test print file for things like wall thicknesses, rivet sizes etc. that they’d be prepared to share? cheers Mike
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