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  1. That's a very good tip Duncan for spraying over black. Cheers Anthony
  2. Stay safe Duncan. I to am also cracking on a with a load of unfinished projects! Looking forward as always to your progress in these un-steady times. Cheers Anthony
  3. Hello all. My other exhibition layout Sutton St. Annes will be out on the road this weekend. This time at the Macclesfield ex. As always, I hope to see you there Cheers Anthony
  4. Type C for sure. Great job Duncan. Cheers Anthony
  5. Evening all. A little snap shot that was taken before the lighting rig was installed. A little wishy washy, but still captures the feel. Resident Gronk 08601 with 3 OCA / ZDA 'BASS' wagons. Beings the inspiration for the layout came from Northampton CMD and 08601 spent a short while out based at Northampton in the late 90s, I just had to model it. Not sure if 601 ever made it to the CMD, but I certainly remember viewing her in Castle yard circa 1998. The new (gorgeous!!) Revolution N YBA 'Tench' can just be made out at the rear. Cheers Anthony
  6. I'll crack on with the list soon. On a layout this small, its easy to make a list. Saves a thousand questions then I had the fan cowls custom 3D printed, supplying measurements I already had. They are printed flat bottom, but its easy to bend them ever so slightly so they fit the curvature of the roof. Drop me a message and I'll send you a couple. I have a bag full. Cheers Anthony
  7. Cheers matey. Yes, I'm a bit of a b****r when it come to the small stuff. You wont see any of it when standing 3' away at an exhibition, but it's there Cheers Anthony
  8. A more close up shot of the yard. A few more details are needed to finish this area, but it's getting there. Note the red flam vaults also industrial gas bottles stored within the compound. I wonder if P&O have noticed one of their 20' containers is missing?? A note on the concrete hard standing. This was laid strait after the track was all glued in place (see earlier post) and has survived the ballasting / water process. This is sheet TX42 concrete purchased and downloaded from Scalescenes. It was then printed on plain A4 paper, cut to size and glued down. To make it more work stained I have given it a good brushing of Humbol smoke weathering power and gently wiped away with tissue paper. Any excess was then hoovered up. The finished result actually surprised me! Another WIP OMWB is Dutch 31233 Severn Valley Railway with RR branding which is currently going through the transformation process. This started life as a plain old Farish (China) 31135, but has now been renumbered to 233 and features etched nameplates, arrows, Crewe depot plaques, 3D printed roof fan cowling, etched vertical grills, NRN roof aerial pods, plated over boiler port, headlights and windscreen washer covers. Who doesn't love a grubby Dutch 31? Oh to have these days back again... Cheers Anthony
  9. An arty farty shot of 37012 passing over the weighbridge. This was before the scenics went down obviously Cheers Anthony
  10. Hi Jo Many thanks for your kind words. That's my favourite part, adding those small details. Really does bring a layout to life. An idea I have had (which I will put into practice soon) is to list all the detail parts and where they were sourced from. For example oil drums and pallets are 3D printed from Peedie Models, grit bins from Scale Model Scenery etc etc. Cheers Anthony P.S. Ainsley's first exhibition is Saturday 4th April at the N Gauge SouthEast show. I'd best get a move on - No pressure now!
  11. Moving onto the scenic side of things now. Rail sides painted rust colour, Woodlands scenics fine dark brown ballast added and in the process of being weathered with Humbrol dark earth weathering powder. 2 lengths of Finetrax code 40 rail installed to act as the gantry crane guide rail. Just in case if you are wondering what those orange things are? They are 3D printed catch pit drain pipes. Weighbridge being installed. Cropped lengths of code 40 flat bottom rail stacked and ready for painting. Will need a lot more of this plus bullhead rail too. Piles of scrap concrete sleepers and a couple of catch pits. Defiantly need more sleepers!! Gantry crane now nicely weathered. Spot the grounded VBA van! Inspiration for this came from the one that is at Northampton Castle yard. Lots of dirt and grime subtlety added plus lots of lovely static grass. Typical run down BR yard... Cheers Anthony
  12. Hi all This is my current WIP exhibition layout - Ainsley CMD. Ainsley CMD depicts a small central materials depot somewhere in the midlands. The CMD sends out large amounts of scrap materials by rail to private scrap merchants. Incoming materials included track panels, worksite materials and general lineside scrap. The track panels were broken down and the materials graded for re-use or disposal. Scrap concrete sleepers were sold off privately to local farmers and construction firms for use as roadways. Wooden sleepers were sold to dealers and farmers for re-use. Rail and fixings were graded for re-use on the network or disposed of for scrap. The scrap materials are loaded / unloaded using either large gantry crane which spans 2 tracks or the small 7 ton Coles mobile yard crane. The CMD also operates a 100 ton weighbridge. Wagons are trip worked into the yard from the nearby reception sidings after midweek or weekend engineering possessions with either the resident class 08 shunter or what ever loco is available at the time. This normally being a class 31 or 37 from the DCE pool. Scrap materials included; Rail off-cuts (from inches to several feet) Flat bottom rail Bullhead Rail Conductor Rail Cropped CWR Switch Blades Magnesium Crossings Bolts Fishplates Base Plates Chairs Pandrol Clips Blocks Open wagons used are ZDA Squid (ex OAA), ZDA Bass (ex OBA), OCA, and ZAA Pike (ex SPA). Bogie bolsters used were YAA Brill (ex BDA) and YLA Mullet (ex BRA). All transferred to the Engineers Department. Various runner wagons were used for the overhanging rail loads. Layout details; 2mm N Gauge micro layout Currently WIP, but will be exhibited Layout size: 6' x 8" (4' scenic) Control: DCC Track: Code 55 Point motors: Servo operated Era: Mid 90s Here are a few photos of where I am currently with the build. I started this last August and have been doing bits here and there since then. I shall upload more photos from the early stages soon. May I just thank Richard Coleman for his help whilst planning and modelling Ainsley CMD. His photos and words of advice have been invaluable. So we start with the track plan. Scratch built gas bottle compound. PD Marsh 7 ton Coles crane built, painted and weathered. All set up in the loft. Ready for scenics now after playing, sorry testing! Overhead gantry crane. This is a Vollmer kit, which has been built and modified. The original width of the crane beam was 180mm wide, but I have cut this down to 120mm to span 2 tracks. This has been been heavily weathered. Knightwing Portakbin / Site office built and painted, Note the venetian blinds... Weighbridge office / Shunters mess. Scratch built using 2mm card, brick paper from Scalescenes and etched window frames. Jumping in with scenics now and LED lighting rig complete. So that's given you a little insight into the build of Ainsley CMD. Will get a few more close up photos a little later on. Cheers Anthony
  13. WOW, certainly a blast from the past! Welcome back David. Looking forward to this one... Cheers Anthony
  14. I tell you what, I have been following this for a while now (this is my first time posting) So very impressive and it just goes to show that even in this day and age of finely detailed models, with all bells and whistles, those Lima models still stand the test of time and are still extremely pleasing on the eye. Awesome scenics and a lovely setting. It's a huge thumbs up from me! Cheers Anthony
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