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  1. Follow you on Instagram (West Coast Resprays) Absolutely outstanding layout and stock. Looking forward to seeing more on here. Keep up the great work. Cheers Anthony
  2. All looks fantastic mate. I particularly like the IZA's. I have a fair few to weather myself! Cheers Anthony
  3. 37058

    N gauge Class 50

    I have a 007 and sadly I think they're all grey. Nothing a quick mask and a spray of satin black wont sort out... Cheers Anthony
  4. See you in the morning mate. SSA is packed and ready to go. Cheers Anthony
  5. So that reply from myself was for nothing - That's 5 minutes of my life I will never get back Cheers Anthony
  6. See you there boss I wonder if it will be as warm as last year? I'll pack my short just in case! Cheers Anthony
  7. Nobby, If your referring to the village in Lincolnshire, then I've only just realised myself that there is a said village A lot of people at exhibitions ask why Sutton St. Annes. Well the answer is simple. Take my last name, chuck in St. Annes at the end (where the layout is loosely based - Lytham St. Annes) and hey presto... Well, I thought it worked anyway P.S. The missing T from Sutton has now been corrected. Cheers Anthony
  8. This is looking awesome mate. Loving the flame cut number panel. Ingenious idea. Being an avid 31 fan, this does somewhat sadden me though... But it's all in aid of great modelling, so I'll let you off. Cheers Anthony
  9. Cheers Dave, Really looking forward to this after attending as a punter last year. Here's a wee run down of Sutton St. Annes and a couple of snap shots... Sutton St. Annes is a small coastal town located somewhere alongside the Fylde coast, between the towns of Blackpool and Lytham in North-West Lancashire. The line to Sutton St. Annes diverges at Kirkham & Wesham on the Preston to Blackpool mainline. Although Sutton St. Annes is a fictional location, most of the trains that you will see running are based on actual services that would have been seen operating in the area between 1990 and 1995. IMG_20190413_094743 by Anthony Sutton, on Flickr 31413 arriving by Anthony Sutton, on Flickr GMPTE 150138 by Anthony Sutton, on Flickr Sutton St Annes by Anthony Sutton, on Flickr 142051 by Anthony Sutton, on Flickr Do you like first & second gen DMU's? How about a class 31 or 37 on 'Club Train' duties? Let Sutton St. Annes take you back to the day's when real trains still operated in the north west. Cheers Anthony
  10. Awesome work Jon. Really enjoying following your thread. Keep up the wonderful modelling. Cheers Anthony
  11. Phil, that 114 is absolutely stunning! First time I have seen one of these modelled in 2mm! Just had a quick gander on Flickr and found this 55993 Class 128 by surfacestock, on Flickr Note the pair of 128's (Hopefully these will be available from Revolution in the near future) and a Mk1 BG tagged on the back! Also a 114 with a single BG 55931 by surfacestock, on Flickr Cheers Anthony
  12. Real shame about Footplate and Weslo Steel, but great news that you have managed to get Kevin and another layout from the Alsager club to attend at such short notice. Well done Andy. See you all in the morning. Cheers Anthony
  13. Fantastic work Carl and looking to seeing Hither Green in the flesh at Mountsorrel. I have 20 of the to get built, but I can't see them being completed for a while yet! See you soon. Cheers Anthony
  14. Really enjoyed viewing Wormhill on Saturday at Stafford. Cracking layout. Looking forward to seeing it again, in April. As long as I can get away from SSA ! Catch you soon boss. Cheers Anthony
  15. Awesome work Duncan. I must really crack on with my fleet! Cheers Anthony
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