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  1. Sobering to think that in the last two sets of photos posted, even the most 'modern' shot is now over a quarter of a century old. Feels like yesterday...
  2. Only just catching up on things RMweb, so a bit late to the party (and I apologise if I'm completely missing a joke here), but the sills of a car are meant to be load bearing, so a glued-on bit of thin brass (or fibreglass) simply isn't going to do the job, I'm afraid. What you need as a minimum is a similarly profiled piece of steel seam-welded over the hole - myself, I'd cut the rot out & joggle the edges so the repair piece fits flush to make the repair as neat as possible. Incidentally, the textured coating is stone-chip - that needs to be stripped off in the area of the repair (it catches fire when you're welding, don't ask how I know...) and a new coat painting on afterwards before the top-coat.
  3. He's likely in his 40s now, so probably looking for a desk job if his back's owt like mine...
  4. Happy birthday Dave! Thanks for so many wonderful photos, which in turn trigger so many wonderful memories - can't put a price on that
  5. The days when big stations NEEDED to have BRUTES all over the place...
  6. Thanks for another year of wonderful photos, Dave. Happy New Year when it arrives & may it bring good health & good cheer!
  7. Mine tripped on the brink & fell over head-first! It didn't help going to Tracks to the Trenches 2018 the other weekend & travelling behind 778 either...
  8. My credit card wishes you hadn't noticed that...
  9. My Dad went mad & bought the 2 litre - first car I had a go at driving (round the car park where he worked - it was an auto, which helped somewhat). I seem to remember it rusted really quickly - I wonder if any survive?
  10. If its only destination is destined to be the bin, then I'll happily send a few quid your way & give it a new home - I could do with a Class 24 body to apply a few modifications to...
  11. Yeah, they're all right... Unfortunately, mine's been off the road for a few years for various reasons, but I'm hoping to get it sorted next year, all being well
  12. Both a little late and a little off-topic, but the perennial car in the garage is a Riley One-Point-Five, I believe (from the position of the boot badge & the shape of the numberplate light cowl) - a Mark I, I suspect, from the rear lights. They were definitely available in a couple of shades of light blue - I have a full set of leather interior in said shade languishing in my shed, 'just in case'... It might well be this colour, shown in the 1957 brochure (possibly Florentine Blue, although that's just off the top of my head!) Cheers to Dave for a wonderful thread, and a (belated) Merry Xmas & Happy New Year to one & all!
  13. The Class 44 in J5034/J5035 is 44009 (D9 'Snowdon') - it was fitted with a replacement nose at one end after a collision in 1969, so had discs at one end & a 4-character headcode panel at the other. Kevin
  14. My sign was used as a tray for mugs of tea when we were digging between the platforms in 1987 & using the old station building as a tea-hut (before we moved across the road & colonised the old octagonal keeper's cabin for the same purpose). Seemed a shame to leave it when we moved out...
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