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  1. I think this one has to go to the Stanier 8F. As much as I like the 04 and other LNER types the 8F better fits the criteria given.
  2. To meet the criteria it'll be a Black Five. I do have a soft spot for the B12's but they're not techically 'mixed traffic'.
  3. I think I'll jump on the J15 bandwagon there too. One of my favorite classes of loco. I do think though that the vast majority of 0-6-0 types would fit the 'all rounder' category.
  4. Really enjoyed this last night. It didn't have any of the false jeopardy that many other recent shows have. Just a nice down to earth look behind the scenes of the Museum.
  5. Best, A4 Worst, GWR's half hearted attempts.
  6. Another vote for the Q1 here.
  7. I've always had a soft spot for the Penrhyn Ladies. Linda and Blanche:
  8. HST, it has to be a HST. There is no other locomotive or unit or train that has done basically the same task day in day out for over 40 years. Everything else has seen a great decline and the fleets still running mainline today are vastly reduced when compared to their heydays. Time is now finally catching up on the HST but I'm sure there will still be plenty running fast InterCity services for many years to come.
  9. For me Type One means only one thing, well two as they liked to pair up, the Class 20 'Choppers'. Preferably in BR Blue
  10. For a freight type 5 I'd go for the Class 56.
  11. Class 55 Deltic, it has to be a Deltic. As much as I like Grids, Bones and Tugs they're not as charismatic as the Deltics.
  12. Class 47 it has to be. Long lived and appeared in a very wide range of liveries. One of those 'maids of all work' that kept the wheels turning for British Rail throughout the country.
  13. Has to be a Class 37 for me. If we're going for sub classes then it'll be the heavyweight 37/7 with the flush front:
  14. Type Two diesels, it has to be a class 25:
  15. Have registered my interest. It would be very good to see a Train Formation sheet for the different liveries if this goes ahead.
  16. If articulated engines include those of the narrow gauge then I would vote for the Ffestiniog Railway's Double Fairlies. If it's strictly Standard Gauge only then I'd say the U1.
  17. You do lose some 'flex' between stock when going around curves however I've seen no issues on the stock I've fitted these to so far. This includes pulling and propelling through standard Peco medium pointwork and second and third radius curves. The trick is to choose the length of coupling to suit the stock your fitting it to. So for Bachmann Mk1's and other stock with cam couplings that move out on the corners you can fit a shorter coupling. (the 'Close' coupling mentioned on the WHWG website). For fixed stock like HST's the coupling bar and therefore the gap between the coaches is longer however this gives them room to move on the corners without clashing.
  18. Does one of the existing couplings work for the Bachmann Intermodals? An inner coupling for those would also be awesome.
  19. Many people use Kaydees for fixed rakes too. That's where they are a viable alternative.
  20. I think it pretty clear that these are for use in fixed rake formations. Both my HST's now have them, my Hornby Mk2D's and Oxford Mk3's too. Seriously looking at rolling them out throughout my Bachmann Mk1 and Mk2 sets too. Just because they are so much easier to uncouple and couple up then the current Roco close couplers I've got on those sets.
  21. I think your point rodding looks brilliant Tony. It was well worth the effort you put into it. Only thing I could suggest is the colour looks a little uniform grey. A little variation to the colour wouldn't go amiss. Although that was probably your plan anyway
  22. https://shop.nnrailway.co.uk/ Link to the NNR's appeal page where donations can be 'purchased'.
  23. I would think it's the responsibility of the layout owner/operator to ensure these things are correct just as much as the photographer. If the layout owner wants their layout to be portrayed in a favorable light then they should be just as much on the ball as the person taking the photos. Having had Tony taking photographs of one of my own layouts I can certainly say that he is very professional in the way that he captures his images. Yes, he questions what he sees before him but this is always given in a constructive manner. He also makes it quite clear how the images will be used.
  24. Tell me that someone is a 'lad' and I think of a primary/early secondary school boy. Hence my reaction to the post by Steamport Southport, apologies for any misunderstanding. I have heard people being called "little old boy" too. Although the 'old' makes it clear that the term is referring to someone past retirement age.
  25. Issue there is trying to not upset the young lad given that he really should be encouraged. He could have little to no idea of the fact his diesel is out of period for the layout. All depends on his age and how mature he is. Of course it's completely right to educate him. But the problem is doing it in a tactful manor that leaves him happy.
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