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  1. I'm a firm believer that you should do your upmost to keep something moving on an exhibition layout. Observation of prototypical practice is certainly a second goal to me. It helps to have prototypical pointwork and signals and having these wired to assist in correct operation. It also really helps if things work reliably. If basic troubleshooting doesn't solve a derailment issue then the offending piece of stock should be removed. Then operation can contine. What really annoys me is when your stood looking at a layout and nothing is moving. The operators stood having a private and unconnected chat behind the layout rather then operating.
  2. Message on the website in big red letters states they will be posted in 9-10 days due to high demand. I ordered 10 days ago and they arrived today. Have fitted them to my HST but not run it yet. It's the older non NEM type but despite this fitting was very very simple. Unclip top off coupling mount, remove existing coupling, place new coupling into position and clip back together. First impressions are the gap between each coach is certainly reduced from the tension locks. However, there is still a gap that your 4mm passenger would think twice about crossing. That said, I doubt you could close this up anymore without some form of sliding mechanism to open the gap on the corners as per Bachmann coaches. Certainly some form of paper gangway between the coaches will improve things further. I'm looking forward to testing them on the club layout.
  3. Less then a week to go now. I've also been helping the owner of Breydon with it's extension. Hopefully it will be complete enough for the weekend:
  4. Looks to me like the crew of the A4 have forgotten to take the express lamps off after it's previous working
  5. This one's only a week away now. I'll be there helping out on Wolds Way:
  6. Out of interest, any idea which 3F's did work on the M&GN?
  7. I do hope Williams improve this year. Would be nice to see them at least able to fight regularly with the other teams.
  8. I have a J15 fitted with a Zimo decoder from YouChoos. Very good quality sound and excellent advice from them regarding the best decoder and speaker combinations to use. No affiliation apart from being a happy customer
  9. It looks to me like these couplings will be perfect for fixed rakes on exhibition layouts. No fiddly coupling and uncoupling when setting up and knocking down. Especially the latter when you just want stock off the layout as quickly as possible and without damage. Very much looking forward to trying mine out when they arrive.
  10. I've been wanting a better coupling for my older style HST for sometime. Getting around the step in the power car coupling was my biggest sticking point. Every other option for close coupling seemed to need mods in this area. I have a pack on order and I'm looking forward to seeing how they preform.
  11. What about including a discount code in just the digital version?
  12. Longer C4 coverage is really good to hear. Hopefully when the sky deal finally finishes we'll get some all live free to air coverage again.
  13. Shed trackwork wasn't always the best maintained. I've seen a video of an 8F stood by a very leaky water column. There was a huge puddle around the column and the cameraman zoomed in on the tender wheels showing them on the edge of the rails.
  14. Possibly but also it depends on what show's the layouts are being invited to. I know from experience that small club shows in village halls sometimes struggle to book layouts. Low budgets demand that they have to rely on those being produced in the immediate local area. Especially if said area is rural and therefore the number of competent modellers is very low. If there's a local modeller who's good at scenery and regularly churns out a new layout every year then they will get an invite. A lot also depends on how a layout runs when the Exhibition Manager or Scout is viewing the layout. If it only runs well for 1 hour and that happens to be the hour that the manager is there then they'll invite it.
  15. There is an element of lottery when it comes to exhibiting a layout at shows. However, if the layout has been built well then you'll have very few issues and any that you do have will be fixable. I'm often surprised that my own layouts can spend ages in storage only to work perfectly once put up in an exhibition hall. My best advice, clean wheels and clean track!
  16. I've started standardizing on the Hornby close couplings but as mentioned with Bachmann Mk1's the coupling is pulled as tight as it can go. The best way I've found to couple two coaches is to turn the bogies so the coupling extends. However, as mentioned, it can be fiddly. Previously, I used the bar coupling that comes with the Bachmann Mk1's and had no issues with derailments. However, my stock only get's to come out at shows and therefore coupling and uncoupling what is meant to be a more permanent coupling was troublesome and time consuming. Not ideal when it's time to pack up! What about using Kaydee couplings between the coaches that need to be parted and the Bachmann bar between those fixed rakes that never need to?
  17. Hornby diesels now come with a similar close coupling mechanism. Perfectly fine when pulling coaches or longer wheelbase 4w wagons like MGR hoppers. However, get a lager wagon with small bogies like a 100t tank and the coupling often pulls the bogie off on corners. Again, it's due to the coupling not re centering and remaining kinked to one side.
  18. I never realised that it was permissible for lay-by sidings to be positioned between the main Slow and Fast lines. I've always thought that they'd be on the outside of the formation. Is that something unique to Little Bytham or was that done in other areas of the ECML?
  19. Well the High Street is known locally as Chip Pan Ally
  20. None of this modern frame stacking either. He works his magic with one long exposure.
  21. Personally, I think Warm Storage is better then going to EMR. If it went to EMR then the doors would need changing to conform with in modern standards. That would ruin the work put into the paint finish in my opinion. Warm Storage must mean there are options for the set's future.
  22. So two incidents in 25 years then. Not exactly a common occurrence.
  23. Are you able to program any other cv's on the loco or do all of them give you the error 01 message?
  24. LNERandBR

    Oxford N7

    Yes, but I was wondering how the Factory Fitted version stacks up against other projects and if it's worth waiting for. The cost for factory fitted looks to be lower then loco and an add-on sound decoder/speaker.
  25. Start a money raising campaign to get the GCR signalled for bi-directional running! Then you'd have a stretch of standard gauge double track without the pathing constraints of the Mainline railway. Admittedly, the GCR has plenty of other commitments for its funds and manpower. On a smaller scale, hasn't thr RHDR done parallel runs?
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