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  1. Had a very enjoyable time at Burton today. Some very fine layouts on display and I've come away with plenty of ideas for a future adventure into Narrow Gauge.
  2. Well that is one option for anyone shooting footage at exhibitions. Ditch the raw video clip sound and put in a suitable backing soundtrack. In anycase if the person filiming in the OP's post was using a phone then they're not a serious YouTuber. Whilst I admit phone cameras are very very good nowerdays they will still fail to come close to a proper video camera. You get far steadier shots from a proper camera then you will with a phone, not only due to image stabisation but also the weight of the camera helps. It seems that many of the serious YouTubers actually use Digital SLR's to shoot their footage then a dedicated video camera.
  3. I have a YouTube channel but I don't make any money from it and have no desire to. YouTube isn't the easy money making platform it used to be. Some of the restrictions they impose on content creators to gat said mony are quite silly. I've filmed at shows in the past and uploaded the results to my channel and still do at times. However talking in the background is part of a show and I have never (and would never) attempt to get others to be quiet. If someone is persistently talking loudly I move to another position. For me, YouTube is a nice place to share my video I've shot on a day out.
  4. Why not? Whilst I've seen neither in the flesh the images of both that I've seen are simply stunning. To my mind, both are exceptional examples of railway modelling and both extremely inspirational in their own ways.
  5. School alarms tend to be very sensitve. I've heard many stories from Caretakers when they've had to rush in during the middle of the night to investigate an alarm activation only to find it's the latest addition to a classroom display wafting in a breeze. The majority of the lighting also now runs from the same alarm sensors and as a result those are in every room, be it a classroom, hall or office. In my experence all schools also have CCTV, either just covering the exterior of the building or interior too though that tends to be secondary schools only.
  6. https://www.gcrailway.co.uk/modelevent/ Link to the main event site above. The Boston Club will be there with Tytton Hall Yard.
  7. Just been the top headline on the local BBC Look North program including an Interview with their chairman in the clubs clubroom.
  8. https://www.mdmrc.org/stamford-show-2019.html My eyes were welling up looking at the photos on the Market Deeping club's website. I really cannot think how I'd feel if I were in the postion that the exhibitors at Stamford currently are. My thoughts are with those affected and the Market Deeping club. With my own layout currently attending a show this weekend I decided to bring my stock home with me tonight for peice of mind after hearing about this awful event.
  9. Deeping Lane is all set up and ready for tomorrow morning.
  10. On some DCC systems it is possible to run a DC only locomotive but you do have to be very careful what motor is equipped. I've seen an old Lima 47 fry it's motor when it was placed on DCC! Allowing a DCC equipped locomotive to run on DC is just a setting on the decoder. Why Hornby has taken the decision to set this setting to 'DCC Only' is in many way's silly in my opinion. The DC setting is there to allow for backward compatibility and I feel that's very important. Admittedly it takes but a few seconds to change the setting yourself but for that you need to have a DCC system and know how to use said system and how to change the setting. For those who choose to stick with their DC setup that isn't possible so they will end up with a non-functional loco at source. Sticking with DC is perfectly acceptable I hasten to add.
  11. Haven't been to the Derby show since it moved into the Roundhouse. Train tickets are booked for the Saturday and I'm really looking forward to it.
  12. I too found the race somewhat boring. Although I do think that has something to do with the highlights. I'd used to enjoy watching the gaps change as Drivers push to catch each other. That's sadly lost somewhat in the highlights as they jump suddenly. Doesn't help that I spent most of Sat and Sun afternoon watching Rally Argentina where time is key!
  13. Seemed it was a weekend of heartbreak for drivers who were destined to win their respective races. Leclerc in F1 and Elfyn Evans in the WRC, the latter with a last stage puncture that plummeted him from 1st to 3rd. Is it sad that I started laughing when Seb had his spin?
  14. Ah, but they had a simular TV at Warley which included the Mk1's.
  15. I think if the diesels in question were the only ones of their class in running condition then the decision would have been different.
  16. Dapol had a TV at Ally Pally showing updates on forthcoming items. Nothing about the Mk1s appeared on it. I did spot something right at the bottom of their display cabinate that looked Mk1 ish but I never managed to get close enough to look properly.
  17. https://www.gptoday.net/en/news/f1/246012/technical-analysis-why-ferrari-could-not-solve-the-problem-in-melbourne https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/formula1/47527705 Some interesting therory in these two links that could explain Ferrari's issues.
  18. It was interesting to hear the drivers asking about the fastest lap. If Lewis had better tyres he might have been able to put up a bigger challange for it. Merc had to cover off Seb's early stop however I do feel it harmed both drivers races, they'd have been better off coming in later, although hindsight is a wonderful thing. As for the coverage, I think swapping the title music is a bad thing. i do wonder if that's something else that Sky has stipulated due to the iconic nature and assiciation of the chain with F1. Would be intereseting to know if Sky use it or not? I didn't like how they put a 'What's happening next' snippit of comemntary on the beginning of the ads. That just hits home that your watching highlights rarther then a live race. Other then that it was a shame to miss out on the techical insight we got from Karun Chandhok. Personally, whilst the Highlights annoy me, I won't be getting Sky just for F1. I've never bothered watching Quali and I doubt I'd watch free practice either. I do however pay for WRC+ coverage.
  19. Was it just me, or did the pause after the red lights all came on seem very, very short when compared to other starts. I did think it was bad luck for Danny Ric, having his front wing ripped off by a bit of grass like that. Suppose he's got to get used to starting in the middle of the pack again and fighting for position off the line.
  20. Thats one point, how about an unpowered option for those who don't have wires?
  21. I always take a brush for dusting with me to shows. One of the first tasks I do after setting the layout up along with track cleaning is check for dust and cobwebs. Most important for a layout that spends more time stored then up and operational.
  22. Have had a very good weekend with Bostcoft at the Lincoln Exhibition. A big well done to the Lincoln Club and especially Sean for all his hard work taking over the manageing. I've had the honour of exhibiting at every Lincoln show since they started the adventure of putting on a 'big' show at the Lincolnshire Showground. It's really gone from stength to strength since then and even suvived a forced change of venue. i worry that it felt quiteter this year then previously, suppose the sunny weather Saturday didn't help with people possible choosing to do something outside rarther then visit an indoors event. However, the walm reception here and from people I talked to during the two days means that it's a quality show and I wish the Lincoln club all the best for their future shows, including the D&E adventure later this year.
  23. Bostcroft is all loaded up ready for the off after lunch.
  24. In my opinion, it's silly to have large numbers of sound fitted locos stood idalling. It makes it difficult to hear the one your actually moving. Wherver possible with Deeping Lane I try to only have one loco atually 'running' at a time. There are one or two shuting movements where you do have to keep a couple running but thats only due to the locos in question only being stationary for a short period before moving again. Shutting down and starting up would therefore cause long pauses in movement. I'm very picky, stabled locos must be shut down and sound must be turned off when a loco is in the Fiddle Yard. The same being true of all my layouts. As for steam sound, its improving but I do find locos sound wrong at high speed. For slow speed like shunting sound adds an extra dimension. Although half the trouble is driving so engines coast instead of 'puffing to a stand' which is just plain wrong and something I really hate. Again, more recent sound projects are far better in this respect and easier to produce realistic coasting.
  25. It's not just Force India changing name this year. Sauber have changed name to Alfa Romeo Racing.
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