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  1. Tim, T-Cut sucks. Period. I use a softer gentler approach to replicate the shine of a just cleaned engine, I use clear shoe polish. With an 'ear bud' I can replicate the polishing circles that were always clearly seen on the side of all the larger flat surfaces. At certain reflective light angles they show up perfectly just as they did on the prototype. From a modelling viewpoint you never have to worry about paint damage. The polish will wear off as it did on the prototype and subsequently I re-polish. No different than when a locomotive wenty on shed after its day on duty. Cheers, Tony
  2. Guys, My publisher, OST publications advised that the book is now available. http://www.ostpubs.com/diesel-locomotive-modeling-techniques-sw1500/ Cheers, Tony
  3. Hi guys, Responding in the date order of your posts...so. Tove: Book two covers the GE 9-40CW, subtly different to the 9-44CW. I had submitted far more than just the 9-40CW to the publisher. ES40DC modifications to the IM model, and my unfinished C39-8 which included a scratch chassis. This info will probably be included in one of the next three books they plan to publish from my manuscrit and images. GP38 HH, it's on my list, but I mainly build 6 axle power over 4 axle. w124Bob: The publisher is going to offer it both in paper and e-book. 298: The scratch building part, publishers use of the term not mine, involves rebuilding the radiator core, more like adding to what was existing. Adding a radiator fan. Your brake cylinders look good. I see you designed them with the brake 'on'. Always a conundrum that one, they are correct only a part of the time, depends on the orientation of the cylinder rod either set in or out. Never 100% correct, is it...? Prof K: The book will be sold by the publisher, OST Publications, they commissioned me to write for them. You can get these etched switch throws along with any other detail parts you fancy from me. my e-mail is [email protected] Use that over PM as I don;t visit RMWeb as often as I once did during the Charlotte Road and Widnes Vine Yard days, both expo layouts now sold and gone. Postage for these etches is not expensive as these parts can be mailed out in an envelope. http://tonysissons.zenfolio.com The parts available keep growing as I need something that is not available by the Details Assoc and other after market parts boys. Or what is available is no longer up to snuff. Prof, these are not functioning throws, cosmetic only. The usual works are under the B/Board. Gene: I was asked to write a book about my modeling style some three years ago now, it's not every modellers cup of tea. I submitted over 85,000 words and around 900 plus images, of which 40% were prototype images. The text covered not only the SW1500 build but also the GE dash 9's, an EMD SD70M-2 build (the flared radiator design), a C39-8 along with locomotive sections such as, 15,000 words plus images on plows and pilots. Another 30K words section on roofs and the modifications I have done to the variety of them ou there, and sections on the main shell, trucks, fuel tank and the plethora of pipework that goes under the sill. A full chapter on modelling tools I make, or modify, to suit certain tasks. Originally no model was finished, it was all about the construction techniques that I have successfully adopted. The publisher decided to break up these sections and extract specifics covering one locomotive design at a time. This entailed additional work to sew all the separate parts that were in separate sections and placethem in a coherent fashion for one locomotive design, then finish it, painting, weathering and all. Hence the first book, decided by my publisher is the SW1500. Long answer to your question... lol, the short answer is, yes, I was writing this book last year. As an aside, I'm one of the handful of true protomodelers here in the US. Rivet counting is as it always is, but when nasty offensive words and slogans are written in the dust on the side of the fuel tank, and they often are, I model it and display it. It's fun that someone else's opinion still offends when the model is on display at an RPM meet. Cheers, Tony
  4. My publisher has posted this on their company blog. http://www.ostpubs.com/diesel-locomotive-modeling-techniques-vol-one/ Book two...? I'm on it. Cheers, Tony
  5. Try this URL. http://www.sfgate.com/opinion/article/Amtrak-has-priority-over-freight-but-5923268.php Cheers, Tony
  6. I have one for sale. Low nose undec. I am happy to tote in my bags. I'm over in the UK this April for the York show with the Wirral Finescale Modellers and Widnes Vine Yard. Can mail it to you within the UK if you are not going to that particular show. If you'd like it contact me off list at [email protected] Cheers, Tony
  7. And a less well known image site here. Might be useful. http://tonysissons.zenfolio.com/
  8. Tim, any experience covering the material you guys asked me to buy and mail over to you...? Cheers, Tony
  9. You and me both, Dan. This sentence in Chris Howard's second e-mail announcement is revealing. Chris writes "We do have a large number of OEM clients and contracts; the issue is we have to be shipping usable materials to these people to get paid." I know when I sent my payment to him I entered into a contract. It would be nice to get delivery for what us modellers paid for. Cheers, Tony
  10. Great news, Phil. Not received any mailings myself yet, but its early Sat a.m. They'll come thru today no doubt. If I'm lucky and wait another couple or so years, I might even get my product I paid $275 bucks for back in June 2010. Thanks for the info. Cheers, Tony
  11. Received this e-mail this afternoon, US EDT. I'm personally out $275 plus dollars. Chris's problem was his poor business methods, keeping his customers waiting over two years for parts surely alienated his customer base and he paid for it. So its back to the modelling bench. His hobbywide e-mail reads as follows: "Guys, I have one last tool path to run today which is for the GP38-2 exhaust hatch. I've made a lot of progress the past two weeks but I am unable to put out any OEM work in time to "save us" or generate model train sales to meet our cash burn. Anything I gain a hint of progress get squashed with another road block. There are a number of areas we have come so close to getting the job done, but the bottom line is the business does not generate enough cash to support itself. So I will post the image as my last message. Tuesday I will seek creditor protection for myself and the business. If we pull through, we have a lot of cool things coming but at this point, it's not in my hands anymore. I tried very hard with one last fight. Thank you for everything, unfortunately we didn't make it. I have no clue of what will happen next. Christopher Howard, Railflyer Model Prototypes Inc. "
  12. Martyn, NS marketing realised that the model they selected (GP60) was the more accurate of what's out there when compared with any wide cab GE offerings. NS are a sharp bunch of cookies, dontchaknow. Cheers, Tony
  13. Matthew, Turn the lights off, then take a photo. You see your camera is getting mixed signals from the lights. The white balance is compensating for so much light emanating from the LED's and thus is forcing the cameras auto function to darken the rest of the image area in compensating for the lights. Make sense..? If you want the lights on, then set your camera to manual and adjust the exposure time to a longer exposure. This will show the lights burnt out in your image but it will permit the light emanating from the rest of the image area to become brighter. HTH, Cheers, Tony
  14. Pete, I have received an invite to present my switch clinic at the Collinsville, IL. (St Louis) RPM meet in July this year, which I accepted today. Chatting with John Golden I suggested that because I'm starting to crank up the switching building program for my layout, I have some 20 plus switches to build, that my presentation will be ALL fresh stuff. Images and several new ideas and techniques I have developed since I last presented my switch building clinic at St Louis in 2008. Fits in nicely for us here on RMWeb. My intent is to crank it up and start posting around third week of May after I get back home from the UK. Got Hobby Holidays teaching weathering to lead next weekend. Anyone who is attending, be sure you bring prototype photos. Cheers, Tony P.S. Thanks for mailing the mag. I owe you one.
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