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  1. I must admit I'm tempted to do the next one with silver solder. I'm pretty sure that if used in small enough amounts at a time I should be able to get enough heat into it for the silver solder to flow. That should be nigh on indestructible. I think I may also change the diameter of the crank material swell, its a touch small and I will enlarge to 3/16". I think I may have done one silly thing yesterday. After soldering with the micro flame i quenched the axle immediately in cold water, and fear I may have caused it to move just the tiniest amount. I'm thinking I should have left it to cool gently which would have stopped any stresses in the metal showing themselves. This however is my error and not the kit so I'm still happy. JB.
  2. Hi Michael, yes soldered to a Slaters axle. Not sure how much detail you need as an answer, but I had to use a micro flame to get enough heat into the whole lot to allow the solder to flow nicely into all the joints. I also used electrical solder with plenty of powerflow flux to make a stronger join than 145 solder would have given me. if you need any further information just shout. JB.
  3. Thought I'd crack on with the etched crank webs and produce the axle. All went very nicely until I'd got it together and found the cranks are 1mm too wide. Damn! Will redo tomorrow. JB.
  4. Colin, I think you have the top of the brake hangers sticking out too far out from the inner frames, and that will be the cause of the interaction between buffers and brake hangers. JB.
  5. Ah that's great thanks. I have more revisions to do, and also to work out how to do a Finescale version but I think I'm there with how to do it. Will be an add-on etch of course. Watch this his space but hope to have a properly sorted final prototype for the Kettering show in March. That's what I'm aiming for at least. JB.
  6. Sorry, I've loads of photographs of the loco from the tender, but nothing to hand showing inside and details, though I do recall quite well how it does together if not need any info.. JB.
  7. Thanks Adrian. It got some good interests, you should have said hello.. gooefully have sole sole further updates soon, as I need to try the etched valve gear, including making up the crank axle. Hope you had a good day! JB.
  8. Good session on the loco yesterday and so some shots of it on the layout. JB.
  9. Many thanks for your casual observations.. Once I have a Chimney on there I can make a final call. JB.
  10. Careful Richard, 7mm is a slippery slope. If you're nearby it is the Bristol Gauge O Guild show tomorrow. JB.
  11. Thanks Ade, pop by Love Lane layout, and the loco should be sat in the loco yard unless I'm out taking it to see people about bits and pieces. JB.
  12. SWill try and get a few more bits done tomorrow before its big debut. It'll have a big clean before then with glass fibres all over the shop and fingers! Although 5 laminations per brake hanger/shoe, im very pleased with how they've come out. I've spent the last couple of hours trying to justify the boiler dimensions, but I can't quite... Strange thing being that the boiler can't go down any further and the top of the firebox is the correct distance from the top of the cab. A chimney casting from LG on Sunday may change the look of things. Unfortunately he has run out of dome's, if you make it down I'll tell you why that may be a good thing. I still need to do a V2.0 etch for the body, and the first thing will be to make the smokebox rivets a whole lot bigger. I was erring on the side of caution when I first drew it, a bit too much. Ejector elbow is a work of pure fiction in terms of design just to have something to put in there other than bent wire. Is anyone coming to Bristol on Sunday?
  13. Take a look on the D16 thread in this area of the forum. JB.
  14. Thanks Ade, really happy with it so far. There will be a mk3 chassis etch and mk2 body etch, but for a first full test build I really can't complain. JB.
  15. Magnificent! Cant wait to have the space to and tools to try something similar. JB.
  16. Welcome back Andy.. I may have a kit for you soon.. JB.
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