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  1. That's looking great, the correct area, and the correct era, thanks..!


    I'm just wondering thought about the laser etched templot diagram on the cork, it's an idea I'd had before, but never looked into seeing how easy it was to export the templot file as a laser cutter friendly file?


    If you had a minute to do a very quick description of the process that would be great. No point reinventing the wheel eh?!



  2. Hi Nick, definitely not my layout, merely a contributor to the group...


    I think the last time I checked the dimensions of the layout it was big x still pretty big :lol:


    To be honest, I couldn't tell you the accurate dimension, but i'm fairly sure that the station section itself without the new extension is around 30 ft long, though I'm sure that a couple of people on here would be able to confirm that..


    Hopefully soon, when we have trains going off scene on the new extension, we'll be able to create a nicely polished video of a session which can be shown on here and also on the Perfect Miniatures stand at exhibitions..



  3. Looks great... have you thought yet about getting yourself some S7 axles, and sending the wheels off for re-profiling ?


    On another note, it looks like you have been able to 'push' everything from your blog into a normal forum page... would you be able to enlighten me on how you did it?? I wouldn't mind transferring everything from my Blog onto a normal forum page if it's possible in one foul swoop.. ??



  4. Good question. The next major project which is well under way is the extension so that we can actually run trains off scene.


    We're not too far off, with a few working wednesdays, and some slightly warmer/drier weather I think we could be done within a couple of months. Then we should be able to work a lot more on the scenics.


    Chatting with PJH yesterday after the meeting we decided that whilst controlling the trains isn't an issue with the new Gaugemaster wireless controllers we have, we need to work on sending bell signals to those controlling the fiddle yard at the other end of the house to let them know what train headed by what motive power is about to arrive. All good fun stuff..



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