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  1. Well, the bogie went together better than I could have expected, absolute joy to build. There is a lot of detail missing from this spurring from the rear etch problem on this sheet, but needs to be built to check other clearances. JB.
  2. Very interesting Michael, in theory so long as one is using layers, it shouldn't matter what colours you use, as the etchers concert it all to black and white in the final process. JB.
  3. One of the trickier parts of designing this kit was the depth of the frames just in front of the lead driving wheels. It's very shallow, and so to split the frames in line with the footplate would have made them quite weak. A massively over-designed solution was required. JB.
  4. Thoughts and opinions please. Proof of concept on this one. Which do you prefer, baring in mind the time taken too. Also, I haven't put the extra laminate on the bosses of the laminated versions, if that makes sense. Standard method of laminated rods - took about 3 minutes. New method involving 13 pieces - about an hour including cleaning up and making pretty. I could have done a better job on the fluting on the ends of the rods. I have put both types of rods on the sheet, though in a perfect world I would scrap one set in favour of a bit more space for something else on the etch (not sure what yet). Or keep both sets so the laminated rods could be used for the less experienced builder? JB.
  5. Main frame overlays on, tabs cleaned up and axleboxes and wheels installed. All nice and square. JB.
  6. Well the long and short of it is that etchers have done me a good deal. Given me the scrap etch gratis, as I thought they would and have said they can either send me a new correct sheet, or will do me a deal for the artwork they will need to do on any modifications that need doing at my end, so I have started a mk 0.5 scrap etch test build of the chassis. I can't go too far with it as a lot of the parts are scrap, including annoyingly the full length footplate which is where any doubt currently lies. However, if things keep fitting together like this, I'll be a very happy chappy... Fingers, toes and any other appendages crossed! Particularly happy with the drag box and motion bracket. Doesn't look much like a 4-4-0 at the moment but will come together in time. JB.
  7. I do have an N7 mostly drawn up... I'll try and find the artwork... Are you modelling stratford ? JB.
  8. Close... but not quite.. There isn't a kit for this one as far as I know, however there is already a particular nice kit for the coffee pot. JB.
  9. No problems Richard, As an aside, i just realised i had these from a few years back... Sadly all of the old RMWeb stuff has been deleted. A great deal of valuable content lost from a lot of people. oh well onwards and upwards. JB.
  10. Can you tell what it is yet ? A loco I'm looking into for no.2, but desperately in need of better drawings. JB.
  11. Richard, I don't believe you want to take the valance and footplate off of the jig until after the boiler and smokebox have been attached. This keeps it all straight flat and square until the boiler holds everything in place. Is there any way you can reattach to the jig? JB.
  12. That's great DAT. As mentioned, so far this is for Scale7, but I'll be able to do a F/S add-on sheet once I know it all works.. JB.
  13. Thanks Doilum! Yes it will have a complete set of directions and map if it goes public. JB.
  14. Well the etches have arrived. Unfortunately the etchers have missed some artwork, so will need I wait for a new sheet to arrive before I can crack on with a test build. JB.
  15. Hi, those parts are the.. i) Boiler Barrel ii) Firebox wrapper iii) Inner Smokebox wrapper iiii) Outer Smokebox wrapper The beading that you can see on the firebox wrapper should hopefully line up nicely with the cab front sheet and the rear of the leading wheel splasher. One thing to note is that so far this kit has been designed for Scale7, however if it all goes together as I hope, I can produce a fine scale add-on etch. I should also be able to do an add on to make a D16/2 with the belpaire firebox. JB.
  16. Hi, no tender just yet, Im hoping someone out there may have made the tender already, but if not I shall try and find some drawings to make one up. Shouldn't be too taxing after doing the loco. JB,
  17. Great repair job on the Dean goods.. like that ! JB.
  18. HI Richard, I have built two of these kits now, although the 7mm version which was an upscale of the LRM kits. Not a bad kit at all, though i don't envy you doing the part where the front frames fit to the smokebox saddle... JB.
  19. Very nice Tony, The backhead is a work of art ! JB.
  20. Hi all, been a while since I was on here last. I thought this may interest one or two though. Its been well over two years in the making drawing, but finally today I have sent off the artwork to get these etched, and I can't wait to get the sheets through the door to crack on with building. I'm hoping to have it built by the Bristol GOG show, if not before. If it all goes together as well my brain thinks it will, it should be a pretty quick build. There is a lot of 'proof of concept' in here to really aid in accuracy/speed/keeping things square. JB.
  21. Scale7JB

    Guildex 2019

    By far best layout at the show! JB.
  22. P.s. The J15 really needs the speed curve on the DCC chip adjusting, so please excuse the 0-60mph starts. JB.
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