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  1. trackwork looks really good Nigel. If you need to do any more practicing, feel free to pop round.
  2. Thanks, Sometimes I wish I still had the plank. It was so much simpler then!
  3. Thanks Andy, I've just found your latest layout. It's looking good already. great era..
  4. Evening, Well I went to Warley, it was nice to catch up with Paul Rhb, Temeraire and Scoobyra but was a bit underwhelmed by the layouts. Don't get me wrong, there were some nice models but not my interest, not a lot of current scene stuff. I think the best in show for me (apart from PaulRhb's ) was "A remote yard" I loved it, I could certainly kill a few hours loading wagons with an RC front loader. I did buy a few things, some cable trunking from "Ten Commandments" and two Bachmann Colas 37's, in the hope it will spur me on to get cracking on the layout. Hopefully I can now start to get back into it now my point issue has been resolved and more importantly my personal situation has finally had closure and I am now able to move on. On that note, If I can just put on my sensible head for a moment.. The last 3 years of my life have been the hardest ever, and I've been in some very dark places during that time. What I have learnt is that its ok not to be ok and that talking to people does really help. If you're having a tough time, reach out. This hobby and the friends I've met through it have literally been a lifesaver at times, you know who you are and I thank you.. Please don't suffer in silence.. Now back to modelling and I hope to show some progress very soon.. Cheers Scott
  5. After sulking about the points, I decided to take action. (Thanks to Rich's morale boost) The points have been unmodified and are now working perfectly. So my mojo is returning slightly. And I now have 6 dcc080's for sale! its been a stressful time of late but the end is now in sight and as a treat to myself I'm thinking of buying myself a loco. (had to sell most of my stock and only have a couple of 08's) I like the idea of a Hattons 66, but I also want a Colas 37. So the jury is still out. I'm also considering heading to warley on Saturday. But will be a long day as I'm on Nights that night. Decisions Decisions
  6. If you are reading this Rod, send help!
  7. No need to feel guilty Andy. I'm either a complete electrical dullard or my system isn't powerful enough. I suspect it's the first one!
  8. Thanks Paul, I may well take you up on that.
  9. Afternoon, Well I'm no further forward with the layout. My mojo has gone completely as a result of those point polarity switches. Really frustrated with it and wished I never bought them. I have a few options, unmodify the points and revert back to what I know, but that will be a bit of a faff. Or use the seep point motor frog polarity option. But I'm told they're not very reliable To be honest I'm also considering ripping the whole lot up again and having a single line BLT and a dmu! Keep smiling and enjoy this relaxing stress free hobby.
  10. This is all your fault Andrew!
  11. I've come out of the garage now before I take a chainsaw to.it. I don't recall hearing anything whilst fiddling, but ill double check tomorrow after work. in the meantime I'm hoping the frog fairies sort it all out.
  12. Sorry for the delay, was having video instructions from PaulRhB. If I've done it correctly then the frog would appear to be fine. it just doesn't seem to recognise the 08 shorting so doesn't change the polarity?
  13. Ok, insulated fish plates are in the correct place. Wiring is as per the diagram. I've upgraded the power to the NCE and they now work fine with normal size loco. The 08 however still struggles and stops. In my case it on the straight ahead route, but us the same on all 3 points. I have a multi meter but have no idea how to use it. (picked it up from the Lidl centre aisle as I thought I'd need it one day) So I'll put a dropper on the non working V and connect it to the switch and see if that works. Thanks for your trouble shooting So far.
  14. yes cut the jumpers and did the other wiring modification.
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