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  1. Its been a while, but I've been allowed to visit Coleborne and Wimhill. The work on the goods yard continues, with Brian wiring in the point motors. Nick meanwhile, is working on the head shunt embankment. All I do is drink coffee and chat! But I did take a few of pictures at Wimhill. Im sure Brian will be along later with more updates.
  2. I've been watching a lot of 1990s South Wales videos on YouTube recently
  3. Welcome to RMweb, I've been subscribed to your YT channel for a while now, really like what you've done with the space available. The layout looks great. Cheers Scott
  4. Are those sidings or a stabling point for when the diesels take over??
  5. Hi Andy, Good to catch up with you and Ian today, thanks for all the ideas!! I look forward to seeing your plans some time soon..
  6. Good luck with the move Leon, Looking forward to seeing mini Margam
  7. Hi Andy, I've considered most things and to be honest that's the problem, I have too many ideas. Funnily enough though, having removed the station and sidings at the front, its given me an idea! So all is not lost just yet..
  8. Not sure yet... The station and approach has gone so far.
  9. And so it begins.. The demolition team have moved in.. Frustrated as usual with lack of progress and funds, a smaller layout makes the possibility of actually completing something. I just want to play trains now..
  10. Finally! So glad the ZTC is going/gone. Never liked it. Good news on the sidings too, another thing that's well overdue, that extension fits in nicely. Well done team...
  11. Afternoon, Not much happening on the layout this weekend, the only thing of note is that 68008 had been out and about again and has made it to the DMU depot. A quick coffee and a look round for the Saturday depot crew and then it will be off back to Redbrook. Latest gossip from the depot is that a heritage loco is due to be brought down for storage and some light tinkering. Not sure what thats all about??
  12. A nice line up you have there Rich. #NSE
  13. I do like the splash of colour on the layout, im hoping the replacement 66587 runs better than the returned one. Sadly the orange one is not being replaced due to the colour issues. The 68 trials are going well though. I'm intrigued by the FL tease...
  14. Afternoon, Another rare working today, 68008 has worked across from Lulworth, courtesy of PaulRhB. Here for trials and route learning. It will be stabled at the Freightliner depot, where theres plenty of room, due to the recent light engine moves of the 66's back up north. Rumour has it that due to loco shortages, freightliner could be looking to pull out of Redbrook? With several other interested parties making themselves known to the leasing company.
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