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  1. Good work Jim, They look the part and are on my wish list...
  2. Evening, I've started to add greenery to the new part of the depot, only a base layer at the moment but the splash of colour makes a nice visual improvement, well I think it does anyway. My pair of 08's can be seen parked side by side in the freshly grown area, I also extended the line nearest to the camera purely for effect, as you can see its going to be modelled as an overgrown unused track and adds no operational interest.
  3. Normal service has resumed after that step back in time. 37421 is on the refuelling road, whilst the crew handover. 421 will be back on the test train shortly on the 1Q99 Eastbury- Wyvern Road - Cardiff.
  4. It wouldn't take much to step back to the 90's. (Apart from all the stock!) Hmmm, I'm liking the retro feel..
  5. Evening, I'm out in the garage listening to the Super Cherries on BBC radio solent, its half time so thought I'd post a quick update. I've started to add some greenery now and also added the stone to the piles in the virtual quarry. The depot area is starting to come along nicely too, I'm pleased I removed the bridge and road, it opens up the area and with the modified track plan it gives a bit more operational interest.
  6. Evening, I was in the garage yesterday and started having ideas! Don't worry I'm not ripping it all up. I've removed the small brick bridge and extended the visible part of the layout, which means the depot has expanded slightly. Nothing too extreme, I've just extended the sidings into a loop with a two road depot building. I've kept it simple and avoided adding lots of sidings to the depot. See, I'm learning. The plan is still to have the place looking run down, with the single road shed and office still out of use. The two road shed is from Bachmann
  7. Nicely done Brian, will be nice to see a 450 arriving soon..
  8. Hi Peter, Thanks for your comments and suggestions. I've just been in the garage now, looking at options. Thanks for the info on the blue container too, that makes sense.. might see if I can find some pictures of a modern weighbridge and see what I need. Can't imagine it will be too difficult to represent. Cheers Scott
  9. Thanks Graham for your kind words, Another good idea for me to think about too. The smaller road bridge is the exit to the fiddle yard (which is yet to be built) I'm unsure whether to keep it as a fiddle yard or scenic it and make it into another yard so that the trans have somewhere to run. Plus if I have visitors, my kids or indeed my girlfriend (who's showing an interest in the layout) then we can have our own yard to operate and send to the other one. Again, it's just ideas going on in my head at this time.
  10. Hi, Was in the garage waiting for some glue to dry, so thought I'd do an off the cuff update. No trains running, just a walkthrough of the layout progress. Apologies for the poor editing!
  11. Looks great Nigel, nicely done.
  12. He's good.. I'm glad Nicks practicing on the old stuff before he weather's my modern traction.
  13. Yay! Welcome home Daz. Sounds like a nice project to announce your return with. Good luck.. Scott
  14. Evening, No real update on the scenic area, but I've started to look at the fiddle yard and the options available to me. I could just have it it as a standard FY, but I did have a scenic one before and it looked OK. My thinking is that the trains would be able to run from one yard to another, which means if someone came to visit, we could have a good operating session shunting in each yard and dispatching the freight to each other. Food for thought..
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