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  1. Morning Kevin, I bet that got a lot of attention from the spotters! Hope you're well, and good luck with the house move. Dedicated garage for the trains?? Cheers Scott
  2. Cheers Andy, I've just come in from the garage, and I'm still feeling positive about this one, I've just added a stabling point and I think it will look good when its all done.
  3. Cheers Rob, I must admit I'm more of a warehouse person, but its about 16' long and I think that would be too many warehouses. I haven't left a lot of room between the track and backscene so can't do too much scenically..
  4. Cant go wrong with that idea Rob, and I'm also liking the concrete wall suggestion, I think that would work well across the back. I'm no digger expert but I think the bucket is called a Clam-shell??
  5. Evening, Not much of an update, other than to say that I've been playing about with the track plan and seem to have reached something I'm happy with. On paper it looks just like a fiddle yard, so nothing exciting but it does the job for me. Sidings, shunting and a loco stabling point is pretty much all I need. (Until I fancy a mainline station!) I'm limited as to how much I can do at the moment as concrete sleeper code 75 track seems to be in short supply, but it is on order with my local shop "Model Rail Solutions." So my attention has turned towards the sc
  6. Thanks Graham It depends on when you last checked in and what layout you're talking about! I've basically ripped it all up and have started again, although with a lack of code 75 track, its come to a standstill. I've gone back to modelling a yard with Eastleigh and Westbury as the influence, but not modelling either one.. I'm still thinking about a little n gauge mainline layout!
  7. The last one I did was a Network rail 57 when they were all the rage..
  8. I quite fancy some of those red lobster wagons. Just need someone to 3D print the ballast box to go on top of the BDA..
  9. Evening, The latest project has now started. It's not something I normally do, and would be happier paying someone to do the work. But thought I'd have a go at painting my faded blue 08 into a shunter that I see at Eastleigh all the time. That is 08511, on of 3 RSS shutters that operate in the yard. This isn't my thing, and its far from perfect, but I'm relatively pleased as to how its coming along. There has been a lot of input and discussion from several friends within my RMweb splinter cell, for which I'm grateful. Like I say, its not going to be perfect, but if
  10. Thanks Andy, I would be tempted with another set too!
  11. As requested Brian. 37421 passes the new yard as it approaches Coleborne Junction. On the subject of the yard, it was the first time I'd seen it yesterday and it really adds a new dimension to the layout, its only small but done really well.
  12. I do like an MOD train, I made one of those warflats once before. I also have some of the Cavalex on order. Although I haven't seen an MOD working at Eastleigh for a while.
  13. Thanks Rob, After seeing them all together running around I'm happy.
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