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  1. Thanks, the hard standing Its a work in progress,. so hopefully when it is toned down more it will compliment the building.
  2. Morning, I'm Still here, I just haven't done much with the layout. What I should really be doing is tidying up the garage to make it a more enticing place to visit and then my modelling mojo may well return. Its a mess and can't find what I need half the time. I'm on leave this week and one of my children has covid, so we're kind of confined to barracks,so hopefully I'll find time to sort it this week. Anyway, I've started to paint the hardstanding and make it look less like cream cardboard, not going that well but then this is where I struggle. I have some good ideas but getting the look I want is beyond my own ability a lot of the time. I've added a picture, apologies for 37 421 appearing again, but I really am limited on stock at the moment, and I feel like I'm being priced out of the hobby at the moment (which probably doesn't help the mojo either I'm not happy with the weathering on the building either so that will probably be repainted or re-adjusted. Thansk for looking Scott
  3. Cheers Ian, was great to catch up with everyone..
  4. Evening, Well things are still moving along, if a little slowly. Track is almost all fixed down, once done, it will be sprayed a mucky brown colour. I can then do the hard standing and any ballast. I've also been having a go at a scalescenes low relief build which can be seen in the picture below. I think it will do for this small layout. When I start my larger one I'll probably switch to Wills brick work. Not a lot else to report really, just looking forward to wiring it up and making it come alive.
  5. Thanks Paul, I may need too, but the majority will hopefully be concrete.
  6. Afternoon, A small bit of progress, I've started to put the track and hardstanding down. Just using thick sheets of mount board for the base and then I'll add either paint or printed sheets to represent the surface. I'm happy with the way it's coming together, but still plenty to do.
  7. Hi Rob, I'm sure you could knock up a mini Heathrow on a length of ply.. All joking aside, my mojo went whilst I was training for a new job role. I'ts now returning slowly but surely. Hang in there mate....
  8. Yes there is an off scene, exit stage right.
  9. I've not had much time recently (or cash) so trying to do this on a budget, using all the things I can find in the spares box!
  10. Afternoon. This may come as a surprise, but this layout has now been scrapped. I've decided to concentrate my efforts on smaller diorama type layouts instead. Thanks as always to those that have contributed to the content with ideas and encouragement. I've started a new thread on the box file page although my current project is a bit larger than a box file, so may start yet another thread here! Cheers Scott
  11. Hi Graham, Every time you do a new layout it makes me question whether I should give N a go. I really like the concept of this one. Keep up the good work. Cheers Scott
  12. Hi James, We did indeed, and Braybridge is still going strong and is with a mate of mine now. The plans keep changing on this depot layout, you'd think there was only so many ways you could lay track in such a small place. But never mind, it's doing the trick and keeping me interested. Hopefully I'll have an update sometime soon. Cheers Scott
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