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  1. pitbull1845

    Bocott Steel & Redbrook Sidings

    I could do, that's what I've done with the scrap wagons.
  2. pitbull1845

    Bocott Steel & Redbrook Sidings

    Hi, Just a quick update on the layout, we'll start at the main steel works first. I was never happy with one of the buildings, which originally was going to be for the maintenance of the private shunter. So I decided to change it to another warehouse type building. It's not finished yet but I think its already an improvement. Over to the docks run round and exchange sidings now, nothing major to report, Just finished off the staff crossing and barriers. 58050 is waiting to be released so it can run round it train. This was a Warley purchase, lights dont work (I'm guessing they should?) Finally over to Redbrook sidings, PaulRhb gave me a nice clean Freightliner container last week, and I've attempted to weather it and now put it in place by the shunters/drivers crew room. That's about it for now, other than to say thanks to Mark for his MEA input.. Although I'm still unsure whether to do coal or scrap.. until I make that decision they'll remain running as empties! TTFN
  3. pitbull1845

    Bocott Steel & Redbrook Sidings

    Hi Chris, The idea is to be able to run two era's when funds allow. So late 90's and current scene.. That's the plan anyway.
  4. pitbull1845

    Wyvern Road

    Charge?? Thats not how it works within our circle of trust..
  5. pitbull1845

    Wyvern Road

    Great progress Nigel, won't be long and we'll all be round for a session..
  6. pitbull1845

    Bocott Steel & Redbrook Sidings

    I wasn't aware they were used for scrap, I'll do some research.
  7. pitbull1845

    Bocott Steel & Redbrook Sidings

    A successful weekend at Warley, wish I had more money, so much stuff that I would've liked for Bocott.. The intention was to buy wagons for the steel works, however it didn't really go to plan.. This pair were the only Steel wagons purchased! I ended up buying a loco that I've wanted for a long time. And then everywhere I turned, MEA wagons kept appearing on the stalls and I kept buying them, so now I have a rake. I need to come up with a reason to run them now. I also purchased a few items from model railway scenery and hope to get to work on them soon..
  8. pitbull1845

    Tidworth - NSE circa 1990.

    First time I've looked at Rmweb over the weekend. PaulRhb that truly is a horrible photo! I got back about 9pm tonight after a thoroughly enjoyable weekend operating Tidworth with the usual suspects. Thanks to those that said hello, Ian's layout is great to operate..and always fun with the crew; as some of you may have witnessed the p#ss taking that goes on. My only picture of the layout was when we had an unusual visitor to the line. Soon to appear on a German you tube channel.. I'm sure the link will be added when its done.. Also met Richard from the "NewJunction" YouTube channel (nice bloke) and he also took some footage of the layout, so hopefully it will make the cut. Thanks to Ian for allowing me to be part of the crew..
  9. pitbull1845

    Seven Mills Sidings

    Love the 20's Andy, O gauge is soooo tempting!
  10. pitbull1845

    Bocott Steel & Redbrook Sidings

  11. pitbull1845

    Bocott Steel & Redbrook Sidings

    I was just going to get a mini.
  12. pitbull1845

    Bocott Steel & Redbrook Sidings

    Hi. Not much of an update as I've been working all weekend, but I have managed to hide the exit from the sidings. I know it's not very imaginative but it's the only thing I could think of with the limited space. I just need to add a few more scenic details and start looking for some people to populate the layout.
  13. pitbull1845

    Bocott Steel & Redbrook Sidings

    I thought you'd like it Arnie, I've seen a few of your pics on Flickr recently and thise locos woukd look very at home down here!
  14. pitbull1845

    Bocott Steel & Redbrook Sidings

    I've had a tidy up in the garage and there's definitely room for an O gauge plank! Anyway, back to the real world, I thought I'd post some pictures to give an idea as to how it all goes together.. I still have room to add another board which would be the proper fiddle yard. In other news, 56059 has arrived in the reception siding with the early morning empties from Leaford distribution centre. And the new shunter, nicknamed "Mambo" prepares a single SPA, which the 56 will take to Redbrook sidings for attachment to the 16:45 enterprise working to Eastleigh yard.
  15. pitbull1845

    Bocott Steel & Redbrook Sidings

    Thanks Mike, the idea was to have several small sections to satisfy my constant changing ideas. Each one should keep me occupied in theory.. That is until the O gauge layout build starts, that PaulRhb has made mention of..

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