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  1. Thanks Paul, I have laid a piece of track along with the 3rd rail as a tester and after experiencing that frustration, Nigel's suggestion may be the preferred option! Thanks Nigel, I didn't know about the Barry Island workings...
  2. Morning, Just thought I'd touch in with you and keep the thread alive. Things have been progressing at a slow pace, but at least it's progressing. Layout update With the small depot at the end of Fiddle yard 1 pretty much completed, I've turned to the much larger fiddle yard 2. The sidings for the dock/freight branch have been started, I hope to fit 4 in, and then another 4/5 for the rest of the world. I'm also incorporating a Freightliner depot into the layout, which will be for loco and wagon maintenance, I'm starting to build my collection of container wagons and although the port container terminal serves all TOC's, FL have the monopoly which is why there,s more of a presence. The other locos are able to use the satellite refuelling/stabling point nearer the station. Fleet News The latest loco to arrive is 08624 in FL livery, soon to be moved by road to Leeds to visit Richard at Roads-and-Rails for some specialist treatment. I also have the Pink Panther Hattons 66 on order, to add a splash of colour! Plans The layout has been based in the S.Wales area for a while now, but as it develops and changes and the focus is turning towards container traffic I'm thinking maybe I should move the location back down South, and I'm even looking at 3rd rail. Although I'm not sure how well 3rd rail works with code 75? For those that remember I used to have a layout called Redbrook Maritime, and this was supposedly set in the Southampton area. Which is great for me as research is so much easier as its only a 30 mins drive away, so it seems to make sense to move it. I just need to think about what I'm going to do with the steel wagons I have on order from Cavalex and Accurascale! Thanks for having a read through and as always, views are welcome. I'll leave you with a picture of the latest member of the team. Cheers Scott
  3. I like the livery too, my reasoning behind having it is that Arlington saved it from the scrap yard.
  4. Cheers Neil, Mine too. Im tempted by the O gauge 37..
  5. Afternoon, Hope you're all still coping ok. I've managed to do little bits on the layout inbetween shifts and home schooling. I've also bought a few bits of rolling stock for the layout and for use on a little side project that im planning. They haven't arrived yet, but no doubt will when I'm at work.. I know its getting a bit samey, but I'll leave you with yet another photo from the depot. The sun was shining and I thought it looked quite natural. I wont post anymore of this area for a bit now, promise.
  6. Great video Nigel, layout is coming on so well.
  7. Evening. After the successful pilot of the refuelling site, Arlington Fleet group have now officially taken over the operations at the depot as well. Which is good news for the local enthusiasts, as anything could turn up now.. Which is my excuse for running what I like. (When I can afford it)
  8. Trust me Brian , That isn't an untidy work bench! Nice little amendments to the layout, any ideas for the scenic section?
  9. Didnt take long for the shed to visit the shed.
  10. Thanks guys, it just makes the fiddle yard a bit less boring..
  11. Evening.. Just a quick update, ive been working on another weekend project. With the demise of the roundy roundy option I decided to add a small scenic section at the end of the station FY area. Its not finished yet, but its almost there.. Its supposed to represent a part of a DMU depot.. I need some depot clutter and more scenic bits amongst other things. But I'm fairly happy with it..
  12. Hi Stu, PaulRhb and others havr often suggested modules to appease my ever changing mind.. I have an idea about that, but ad a separate entity to the current layout.. Its on the "things to do list " Cheers Scott
  13. Sorry to hear about the job hunting, I wish you luck.. I was thinking the very same about different eras. Once Im happy with the layout thats something I could very much look into. The late 80's/ early 90's is popular within my inner circle of modelling mates. So would be a good place to start..
  14. Happy Birthday in advance, Rob and Andy, Have a great day at home! Andy, I think changing my mind and coming up with different ideas makes me happy, or certainly did. But I'm at that point where I want to have a layout that I can tinker with rather than rip up. I have been guilty in the past of maybe playing to the crowd, rather than doing my own thing.. But it's all about me now!
  15. Today is my eldest sons 13th birthday. I mention this because I was looking through some old photos and found one of him aged 3, sat on my baseboards in the garage. The boards look the same with no layout on it just ideas with track loosely placed. I can't go on another 10 years like that so Ive decided to downsize. My plans of a roundy roundy is no more. the scenic bit is staying and the other side will be a manageable fiddle yard with a work bench on the end. I'll now concentrate on the scenic side and hope to get a near finished layout so that I can actually play trains!!
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