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  1. What a smashing looking kit, be nice to see you actually building something at last, lord knows you have been threatening us with a build for ages. I shall greatly look forward to your progress on this one and expect regular updates everyday haha!
  2. The Warship is complete except for the bogies. After getting up close and personal with the real thing, I now feel I need to do significant detail work to the bogies. Its on the "One Day" List
  3. Very nice photo, just how I want mine to be, BR green and filthy! Thanks Michael
  4. Hello Nigel, Merry Christmas Yes it has been a long time and Spearmint should have been finished a couple years ago. Sadly I have had so many other commitments and distractions along the way and now I am struggling to find the enthusiasm to continue. I keep a very regular eye on all the forums and enjoy reading other peoples work, I really hope that after Christmas I can make a start on modelling again. Spearmint is nearly finished, the tender is complete and the main loco just needs some detail work and the cab interior completing. Perhaps the new year can be a new chapter for both of
  5. Looks good Rob, I dream of the day I can paint my A3. The paint run does not look that bad indeed you should be able to save it from stripping. What paint did you use?
  6. Hello everyone, Hard to believe that it has been 6 months since I last posted on here, where does the time go? Well, for me it has been a busy 2011 so I have had little time for modelling but recently I have found a little spare time to continue with Spearmint and try and get her finished. As you will have seen in previous posts, the finishing line is well within sight with just the last few detail parts to fit. I have been taking photos of the process as usual and will post them here in due course. What I do need is some decent photos of the prototype. I have a couple good bo
  7. Yes, BR Green all the way and yes, that is how Flying Scotsman should be! (run for cover) lol Brian, that Duchess is very nice, huge loco, who's kit is it?
  8. Hello Mike, Yeah pretty much like in this photo, great photos by the way, thank you. I am always on the hunt for any pictures of Spearmint especially in her later years.
  9. Evening All, Was nice to meet a few of you at the Warley Exhibition last month, we all had a great time. Spearmint had her first public outing and although not finished, you comments and praise were most apprieciated. One of the main topics asked me during the weekend was the driving wheel springs, I have been asked to post some more photos of the springs so while I had the chassis totally stripped down last weekend, I took some. As you may have read in an earlier post, the springs and custm made using the hangers from the Ragstone Models castings, I cut the spring part away and ma
  10. Hello Bob, A very good observation regarding the tender, yes it is wrong for Spearmint. The locomotive has been modelled on Spearmint as I have a good selection of photos to go on but if I am honest I have never really paid much attention to the tender until I was a considerable way through constructing it. So at the moment I am unsure what to do, I would not really have a particulqar problem with re-naming and re-numbering Spearmint if I can be sure that what I have modelled is a true match to the prototype, I shall have to give it some more thought. As I am so far through with the bu
  11. Hello everyone, thought I'd give you an update. Painfully slow progress, so many things seem to get in the way but winter is coming so hopefully will give me a little more time for my hobbies. You will recall that I have had an issue with the buffers for the tender becouse the ones included in the kit will fould the side frames. The options would appear to be either move the buffers inwards by approximately 1.5mm each or have non-working buffers. Obviously I am not interested in either option, the buffers must be in their correct position and they must work. The only solution would
  12. Richard Glad to see you back at work again so to speak, you must be having the same problems with spare time as me. Not much is happening this end either but that is all about to change. That Fairburn seams to be becoming a bit of a pig but I am sure you will win it over eventually. Glad you are back on the Aspinall but how could you even think of not installing the inside valve gear, shame on you! I shall pull my chair up again on this one, inside valve gear has really peaked my interest, I have Finneys 1854/2721 to build with inside motion, can't wait but it will be a while befor
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