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  1. I ordered 4 NER kits from the last batch and Dan is a true gent and consumate professional. My kits arrived very quickly as I ordered when the list was announced. If you ring and speak to him he'll tell you when the kits might be available and payment only goes when the kits are ready. These kits are excellent, rare in terms of prototype and are eye-watering second hand. I for one was immensely glad when Dan started re-doing the 4mm kits even if only on a hobby basis and with longer lead-time. You're never going to be mislead or promised something that can't be delivered. The hobby could
  2. Always loved this layout when it was being exhibited. I seem to remember a great website at the time as well. I think a key element for me was the relative simplicity of the track layout but with wonderfully observed detail and great attention to detail. No attempt to cram to much in. The back story was also well thought out and added a real dimension to how believable the layout was. Great to see shots of it again.
  3. High level do a kit for the Class 03 that states it is also suitable for middle and later 04s. Their chassis kits are excellent (happy customer). Jonathan www.highlevelkits.co.uk
  4. Seems a short life compared to many UK classes but I'm no expert on the life limiting factors of these locos. What I do know, as a regular Eurostar user, is the new trains are no match from a comfort and finish perspective. Far inferior in many ways although thankfully the toilets are fresher.
  5. Excellent, looks great from that teaser picture. As someone who grew up in Washington I shall be watching closely. Jonathan
  6. Ken Hoole's North Eastern Branch Line Termini has a whole chapter on Richmond with many fine photos and track plan. It did indeed have a gas works and some beautiful architecture much of which survives.
  7. DaveF beat me to it - it was the Middleton book I was thinking of.
  8. Forgot to add, most probably utilised Hexham locos along with others working in from the Newcastle area. In 1947, 4 G5s were stabled at Hexham: 7245, 7268, 7313 and 7329.
  9. One of the books that I have has a small section on the branch. It is a recent book mainly dealing with Newcastle to Carlisle but can't remember the name unfortunately and I'm at work (will dig out the ref later). There was a small section on the old Northumberland Railways website, which was defuct (sadly). However, a quick google and it appears to have been resurrected http://www.railways.whblakey.co.uk/index.php?page=allendale . Probably not much more than the Disused Stations website but it has a basic trackplan. The site in general is quite a nice resource for lines in the area.
  10. Dave, are you meaning the old South Dock shed? If so, as well as the excellent old maps link, the North Eastern Rail Association has LNER (NE Area) Locomotive Shed Diagrams Vol 2.This has detailed trackplans for a number of sheds including Sunderland. See www.ner.org.uk under facsimile publications. Jonathan
  11. A bit further north than your intended location but it looks a bit like Longwitton on the Rothbury branch in Northumberland. http://www.disused-stations.org.uk/l/long_witton/index.shtml Suggests to me that it could be plausible as a glorified halt on a line in the wilds of Durham/Yorks. Jonathan
  12. There's also a track layout and description of Eyemouth in Ian Futer's book - Modelling Scotland's Railways
  13. Good summary on the ever useful disused stations website. Now part of Culcheth Linear Park: good walk but not much apart from track-bed and bridges. http://www.disused-stations.org.uk/c/culcheth/index.shtml Jonathan
  14. An excellent show as always with both sufficient quantity and very high level of quality - not a duff one in sight. Highlights for me: Blakeney, Dewsbury, Bank Hall Sidings (lovely and grimy), Halifax Kings Cross and Solway Sands/Blockyard. Got to play on the last of these layouts while they were short-handed so many thanks to that team. Jonathan
  15. 247 developments list one without giving the type: http://247developments.co.uk/loco_detailing.html Alan Gibson list an early diesel exhaust - not sure if this is the same thing. http://www.scalefour.org/alangibson/4mmlocofit.html#britishrlwy Either way might be worth an email/phone call. Jonathan
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