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  1. Thank you very much for your comprehensive answer. I had, as you suggested contacted the manufactures but no response as yet. I am indeed armed with some digital callipers to check those crucial measurements!
  2. Hello - this may be a foolish question but I have a load of spoked wheels on the older cup bearing type axels. Is it possible to mount these on newer pinpoint axels? If so can they be bought sepapately or am I 'having a laugh'? The wheels look fine to me. It's basically to update some white metal wahons. Ks and suchlike. It seems similar to this http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/108243-oo-gauge-12mm-spoke-wagon-wheels-for-ks-kits/ As an aside are wagon axels all 2mm in diameter? Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Nice work - I have a soft spot for the E2. If you google billinton-e2 there are quite a few images available
  4. I bought a small circular tube cutter from the pound shop. It's designed to cut copper tube for plumbing but I doubt would last long doing that! It's great for plastic and cuts by revolving around the tube giving a straight cut.
  5. Was the conversion to metal gears successful as I have a split gear on a tenshodo spud?
  6. It certainly looks the part - I've one awaiting the same treatment
  7. Another good job. I recall an article in Model Rail where they used Halfords Skoda Baltic Blue so that's what I did on mine. Not a bad match. If you want to see that colour in the flesh let me know and I'll nip it in on the way home from work.
  8. Nice one - don't forget the nose seam. I nearly filled mine on the Dapol/kitmaster kit then checked the photo's.
  9. There used to be an ebay seller called - total tyreman who did lima traction tyres (or equivalent). I bought some for lima models - a 117 I recall so that should sort the 121 out.
  10. Thank you both for your assistance - I'll order a couple of PM4s and see how I get on. I've invested in Roger Amos' Model Ralway Electronics which opens up a whole new vista. I appreciate your offer of further assistance.
  11. Hello - I have an old layout which I'm trying to wire. The track is peco code 75 with electrofrog points. Two of the points have lost their spring but are otherwise in good condition and are fitted with SEEP PM1 point motors. Can I repalce these with PM4 self latching point motors to 'repair' these as the layout is ballasted and I don't fancy lifting them? I am running DC and have a Gaugemaster 'D' controller. & cdu. I have been looking at different switches but find that there is a bewildering array no doubt specifically suited to different jobs. Would the best switches for point mot
  12. Revell have just released some german aircrew in hard plastic More details and a view of the sprue can be seen here http://airfixtributeforum.myfastforum.org/about16967.html They are due to release some RAF personnel which may have some useable poses
  13. It is indeed only single motored as it's only for use on a shunty plank - it has had traction wheels replaced and extra pickups fitted
  14. Hello - I'm just in the process of adding extra weight to an older model (Hornby class 25) but do you have to take into account the balance of the model? I've filled the fuel tank with lead shot but it it advisable to balance out the motor with equivalent weight such that the 'axel loading' is equal? Changing the subject slightly - is the cab configuration totally wrong (not that you see much of it!) Thanks
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