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  1. Discounted o gauge Hymeks, class 03 & class 17 at Hattons. Link to Hymeks- https://www.hattons.co.uk/hattonshelp/versiondetails.aspx?id=5157&utm_campaign=mar-0695-heljanogaugedieselbargains&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Klaviyo&_kx=F02iWZn-aFOQbzfyQKUhAogwfHkNDSjJQpioR9Wdt68%3D.JGQeXh#models Paul
  2. This popped up on my Facebook feed so grabbed a screen shot. I tried to find a link to it but unsuccessful. I wasn't sure which thread to but it on this one or the one in preservation re the filming!! Paul
  3. 47828 with 47805 on the rear stand at Scarborough after running a Statesman Rail special from Scarborough to Appleby. The train is seen on its arrival back at Scarborough. 11th September 2021. Paul
  4. I went to the Worth Valley mixed traffic gala, with today being Diesels only. All pictures were taken with a Samsung Smart phone and resized to fit here. Paul
  5. If its modern Railway laser lines. Paul https://railwaylaserlines.co.uk/product-category/lighting/
  6. 68031 waits to leave Scarborough with 20.34 to Manchester Picadilly. 8th September 2021 Paul
  7. I found a Bachmann 21 pin decoder in my stash and fitted that. It runs well on an NCE powercab, but is better on 1-128 steps. However as reported elsewhere the lighting is on one end only. Paul
  8. Well done James. I shall keep watching. I too have the same signal box just needs glazing and interior. Lovely kit. Paul
  9. Well, the layout is at the caravan in Scarborough! First time I have operated it since the last post. ( I do have a larger loft layout to tinker with). Both the Peckett and the 05 ran fine along with a new purchase of a conflat and container. Some pictures of my play session below! Paul
  10. 47848 & 47815 make a smoky departure from Scarborough with the Scarborough Spa Express. The booked steamer having failed. 26th August 2021 Paul
  11. They also produce Danish locos so maybe the containers are loaded with UK and models for other territories which need sorting. Paul
  12. First born. 66001 at Hessle Rd Junction Hull with Hull Hedon rd to Masborough steel train. 19th August 2021 Paul
  13. 60062 passes Ferriby with 12.02 Hull Hedon Road to Masborough steel train. 13th August 2021. Paul
  14. 66605 at Hull Dairycoates with the 06.22 arrival from Tunstead Sidings. 12th August 2021 Paul
  15. Hi Chris, yes it looks the biz, just have to wait for my decoder! Paul
  16. 31296 arrived yesterday safe and sound. Lightly factory weathered which is not too bad. Not sure if I will keep the number though. I have ordered a loksound decoder from legoman at DC kits which should arrive in a few days. Paul
  17. Yes that's me! As soon as I have finished doing silly shifts at work in 10 days I shall be taking it to the caravan for some sea air!! Paul
  18. 37402 at Seamer West Junction with York parcel sidings to York Parcel sidings via Scarborough and Ferriby. A route learner I guess. 15th July 2021 Paul
  19. 47614 + 47853 arrive at Scarborough with1Z45 06:29 St Albans to Scarborough The Yorkshire Coast Statesman Railtour. 10th July 2021.
  20. 66711 leaves Hull Dairycoates with the stone empties back to Rylstone. 1st July 2021. Paul
  21. 66780 leaves Hull Dairycoates with the stone empties back to Rylstone. 25th June 2021. Paul
  22. Latest test shots and info. https://www.Dapol.co.uk/O-Gauge-Class-66-First-Shots-Under-Review Paul
  23. There was an N gauge layout at the Doncaster show a couple of years ago. This featured a viaduct in grey with all the surrounding buildings also in various shades of grey. I feel sure it appeared in a magazine. Paul
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