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  1. Not at all Iain. It's almost plug and play with any Android or iOS device that has the appropriate app downloaded. Engine Driver or WiThrottle respectively, for DCC systems that have built-in capability or added WiFi modules (e.g. Digitrax LNWI, MRC Prodigy WiFi etc,), or apps specific to other DCC systems connected to a local network, or stand-alone network (e.g. ECoS Cab, TouchCab, RailDrive for ECoS, TouchCab for Lenz etc,). .
  2. If you don't want the phone to ring, just select silent ringer mode, or select the do not disturb function, or put the phone into airplane mode with the WiFi switched on. It's not really that difficult Don. .
  3. For those with a DCC system that has built-in capability, or the availability of add-on modules, you can have direct communication with a mobile device (phone etc,) and therefore no need at all for a PC or Mac running JMRI. Engine Driver, WiTrottle etc, can be installed on the phone, which talks directly to the DCC system directly, or through the add-on module. e.g. Prodigy WiFi module. .
  4. The outcome of Packham’s legal proceedings isn’t going to stop the “anti-brigade”. Have a read of this clap trap..... https://theecologist.org/2020/jul/09/struggle-stop-hs2 .
  5. Typical anomaly seen on Amazon when something is no longer available, or is out of print. .
  6. Big Al Mayo. I haven't watched any of his sometimes entertaining and amusing videos for a long while. This video was just a bit of fun and he does add captions at the end. "If you actually follow my steps in this video, YOU ARE A DUMB ASS AND DESERVE THE END RESULTS" "My video is the result of clever editing, so please DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME" .
  7. I don't think it's fair to say he's typical. There are many examples of superb work, scenic work and wiring included, on YouTube and online blogs. Ken Patterson does tend to rush through various processes when demonstrating techniques for the What's Neat YouTube video magazine. Maybe that's a typical style of presenting over there. Full on full speed to cram it all in. What he is good at though, is that he's a very good photographer of model railroads and some of the episodes of this monthly magazine, contain quite informative content. As for claiming some sort of superiority in British modelling? Don't make me laugh ! There's plenty of bodge it work here as well. Alongside good to excellent modelling, many a typical UK exhibition usually consists of 50% mediocre, poor or substandard work. Even some total rubbish. (disclaimer: you might justifiably dismiss my own efforts as rubbish) Having said that, from my limited knowledge of US exhibitions, which is admittedly only gleaned from the internet, they appear to be very poor for the standard of layouts, in comparison with the exhibition circuit in the UK It's the home and club layouts where the real action appears to be...and there are plenty of stunning, high quality pieces of work in evidence. .
  8. To avoid confusion and misunderstandings, it might be useful to learn a little of the terminology. It's not jargon, in the negative sense, but if you read up on the subject and grasp the simple basic principles, you might see why using correct terminology not only helps in conversation and reading on the subject, but also helps to reinforce your own understanding. Anyway, that's my theory and I'm sticking to it. There is really no such thing as a "Master", or "Slave units". Best not to use that sort of language anyway, as you might find yourself getting into hot water and "getting your collar felt", the way things are going. What you need is a DCC system, with its central component part, the Command Station. All DCC systems come with a Command Station and most have a Booster built-in. The system won't work without them and both are inside your Elite. You already have this and a replacement DCC system will have them too. Additional Boosters can be added if they are needed. How you interface with the system (control or drive the trains) is through a cab or throttle (what in DC terms we normally call a controller), which can be built-in to a console type system, like your Elite (which has two); or through handsets (tethered or wireless). Normally, addition throttles can be added to a system, so that multiple users can operate on the layout at the same time. The Elite is at a bit of a loss here, because the additional throttles are usually Hornby Selects, which when connected up to an Elite for this purpose, would have their Command Station and Booster functions disabled, so you would just be using the throttle interface. Not ideal as they are too cumbersome to carry around. Use your Elite and as your experience and knowledge grows, have a look at what alternative systems can do and how they can be expanded and arranged to best suit the particular layout and how it's going to be operated. As far as books go, unfortunately a lot of the good books on the subject have been out of print for ages. Here are a few that are worth hunting down. Your local library may be able to source these from their central county or district wide catalogue. .
  9. Why wouldn't they? They move the point blades and hold them against the stock rail. The frog is not affected by the point motors, unless using a built-in switch to change frog polarity on live frog points (e.g. electro frog). They should work just fine with insulated frog points. .
  10. Certainly is. No faffing around fabricating bits of metal and making cranks etc. They used to be sold in the UK by a few stockists, but I don't think anyone has sold them here for a while. Another similar bit of kit is the Bullfrog Manual Turnout machine. Made from laser cut plywood. Used to be available both ready assembled and in kit form. https://www.handlaidtrack.com/bf-0002 Note the built-in switch. .
  11. What's soldering got to do with anything? Now, Basil................. .
  12. Yes. Designed for use with N through to 0 gauge layouts. The electrical contacts are double pole, double throw (DPDT) rated at 5 amps, so they have plenty of capacity to power a frog or just about anything else you’ll want to drive. .
  13. Guilty as charged M'lud. I'd say both yes and no to that Don. Where do you draw the line? Don't buy Hornby's Humbrol paints, because they're bought-in products made by other UK paint manufacturers? Don't buy Peco's Smartswitch or Smart Frog, because they're rebranded ANE products? Don't buy a Skoda because it's a rebodied and rebranded VW? Don't buy another different model of VW, because it's made by Skoda and is just rebadged as a VW? I'm sure you catch my drift....? .
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