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  1. An interesting project, but a bit too large for 00 or H0. Alternatively, buy the off the shelf, ready made display from Train-Tech. Smaller screen area, with less information displayed, but it’s a more appropriate size and can even be fitted in 00 models of modern multiple units. http://www.train-tech.com/index.php/smart-screen Ron
  2. It’s an excellent point that isn’t made out often enough Mike. It irks me somewhat whenever there’s a news story bleating on about rail fares going up (yet again) and they always use the poor downtrodden season ticket holder complaining about how much their massively discounted season ticket costs. The discount isn’t trivial either. What is it, 35 to 40% off ?
  3. It could be more draconian than that. With the predicted population growth (the UK is now at 67million and expected to pass 70 million before the end of this decade) and with increasing demands for travel, attempting to price control demand and overcrowded trains may not be sustainable. Actually restricting the sale of tickets and the use of trains will have to be implemented to prevent a total meltdown of the service.
  4. Without knowing anything about the cost of restoring and keeping such machines in working, running order; I suspect it would cost a fortune to keep a 60 going. As the last British made, mainline diesel loco, is the national museum getting one?
  5. It’s not in addition to the existing intercity services. The existing trains, as in the intercity services on those routes, are being moved from the classic lines onto HS2. This allows extra capacity on both the new line (with new signalling technology and all trains running at the same speeds) and the classic lines, where most of the intercity trains have been removed to make more paths available for local and regional trains, plus more opportunities for freight paths. The HS2 captive stock can be of higher capacity too, including the option of fully exploiting full sized double deck stock. Part of the original concept for HS2, was to focus on the larger part of the market, which is point to point. Onward connections and being part of longer cross country journeys has never been a major part of the plan. Having weighed up all the options, a captive, point to point route gave the best return. With the exception of Liverpool, running “classic compatible “ trains off the end of the line to further afield destinations was only included to take advantage of the spare capacity, particularly north of Birmingham and to create “added value” to the line. A premium over what? Most of the core services run by Avanti (and any successor) will relocate from the WCML onto HS2, where the line is available. All the talk of it being for “the elite”, or “rich business men”, or even being a a “white elephant “, ignores the fact that HS2 will be carrying the same passengers as those who use ICWC services today. Ron
  6. The plan includes the tram system running to and under the new station. There's a local transport hub for buses and taxis along the side elevation, towards the old station building area.
  7. The front entrance of Curzon St. station is literally 150 to 200 metres from the frontage of Moor St. Station on Moor St. Queensway. If you are thinking of the old, preserved Curzon St. Station building, that's located towards the far end of the new HS2 station and way down the length of the long platforms.
  8. Hi Mando, try posting this in the DCC Help & Questions section of the forum. Hopefully the good folks on here will help solve your problem. (p.s. may I suggest you request this thread is moved over to that section, rather than duplicate it) Cheers Ron
  9. It was a hybrid made for Bachmann. MC2 sized PCB MC1 functionality 4 functions (MC1 = 2 function, MC2 = 4 function) 21-pin (not available on either the MC1 or MC2) .
  10. They refer to totally new models as “new tooling products”. ”Completely new” is only used in the context of announcements of additions to the range of available items. It is inconceivable that they will not pre-announce re-livery or re-issues and somehow just sneak them out without warning. Ron
  11. To be fair, I don’t think it says that at all. There’s a subtle difference in the wording. They talk about unseen re-llivery and new tooling products. “Completely new”, in this context, I take to mean all items not previously in the range, to include both re-liveries and completely new tooled models. Ron
  12. To quote from the letter accompanying the Combined Volume. (my bold highlights)...... A key bit here..... To me, that sounds like each quarterly Bachmann Times magazine, will include a separate brochure, or pamphlet, much like that for the Members exclusive models, containing the new release details. If they stick to their stated intention, the new items will then be available to purchase from anytime from a few weeks, up to 3 months from the time of the announcement. We don't know yet if they'll repeat the Combined Edition next year, but it might be a likely scenario. If so, it might not include models that have been released earlier in the preceding year, but which have long sold out. There'd be no point in including them if they were no longer available to buy. Again, we'll have to wait and see. I suspect they will have plans to spread new releases over the 4 quarters, possibly using re-liveries and accessory items to fill the gaps where newly tooled models are not planned to appear. We have already been warned (quoted above) not to expect much in the first quarter of this year. .
  13. I might be way off, but that’s just my perception of the increasing weight of public discourse against HS2. I don’t agree with that opposition, in large part due to the lack of any credibility to the whole debate. Whatever the actual weight of opinion against HS2 really is (who can measure it accurately?), there’s no doubting that there is now huge pressure to either descale the scope of the project, or to scrap it completely. We need it, but it should not be costing 50, 100 or 106 billion £££. If it’s scrapped, be prepared for even worst political chaos over overcrowding and the lack of capacity in the years ahead. How much will a ticket have to cost to control demand? Should walk up rail fares be abolished and travel be limited to reserved, limited availability tickets (first come first served rationing)? Some serious choices will have to be faced.
  14. My copy of the 2020 combined edition catalogue, has just dropped through the letterbox. I’ve only had a chance to quickly scan the accompanying letter, but it seems to confirm that there are no “new items” and that future new releases will be notified by a quarterly bulletin. A quick glance indicates quite a few new liveries, but it’s mostly consolidation and the same as last year. In future, no more photos of the prototype, or graphics illustrations to accompany new announcements. They say they will only show photos of real examples of a model when making announcements of new releases. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that basically says they won’t announce anything until it’s only a few months off being ready to ship. I’ll have a proper read, later on today. Ron
  15. This latest “ news” on HS2 costs going even higher, is being discussed on all the national talk radio stations and has been the main subject on all the phone-in programmes this morning. On here, most of us know that the public and political debate is very poorly informed and that “public opinion” and the opinions of many politicians, is largely grounded in ignorance and misconceptions. However, that “public opinion” and the growing weight of political opposition, is very likely to bring this project to a halt, or at the very least, see it significantly cut back in scope. I can’t see how something like 80 to 90% opposition to the scheme, is going to be ignored. What we (here and everywhere else) cannot ignore, is that the supposed cost of this project has gone completely out of control. Even with an acceptance that it will cost a lot more to purchase the land and carry out all the major tunnelling and complicate civil engineering works, than comparable schemes elsewhere have cost, the sums being bandied about beggar belief. Is this what happens when a government created quango (HS2) is set up and virtually given free reign to run every aspect of a major infrastructure project? HS2 , the organisation, is a whole discussion subject in itself. Ron
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