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  1. I'd forgotten that on Keith. It's suggested in an American YouTube video review. .
  2. Just saw the last video , which makes it very clear. The rapidly flashing green track power light on the ICU, indicates a short. If the same short is occurring with the track wires disconnected, that is with the green plug removed as well, not just the wires alone, then check the socket on the back of the ICU, to check it anything has got in there to bridge the pins. Also check the socket holes on the base of the ICU, to see if anything has got in there. If those are both OK, it's the ICU. Do a factory reset first and follow the initial set-up procedure a
  3. To isolate the potential problem, with everything switched off, first disconnect the green track power connector on the rear of the ICU. There should be nothing connected to the ICU, but the power lead. No track or programming track wires...nothing. Power up the ICU first, with the MC2 off. On boot up, all lights will flash momentarily - ignore. Once started... on the ICU you should get.... 1. a steady green power light ( which you say you have) 2. a slowly flashing green track power light (indicating, track power is set to off). Power
  4. The West Ruislip tunnel portal site (looking SE towards London). West Ruislip station can be seen on and behind the bridge over the Chiltern line and Northolt airfield can be seen in the distance (top centre right). .
  5. Have you got the right company? Roco/Fleischmann are part of the Modelleisenbahn Holding GmbH, who are owned by Raiffeisenverband Salzburg (RVS), an Austrian Bank group. Lenz Elektronik have been acquired by Modelleisenbahngesellschaft mbH (MEG), registered in Weiden, Germany. (The name translates to Model Railway Society Ltd) MEG is owned equally by Mr Dietmar Wohlfart and Mr Stephan Huber, who also appear to be the only employees of the company. .
  6. Have you contacted Lenz to get an idea of how long it will take to process and dispatch your order? If not, it might be worth sending a friendly, polite email. Do bear in mind that Germany is in something like the 10th week of a strict lockdown, which is expected to go on until the end of this month, or be extended into February or longer. They are suffering badly with Coronavirus cases. I assume there will be fewer "non-essential: people working at workplaces and it's entirely possible this will affect a company like Lenz. The Lenz web site said in Decem
  7. Are you using the top right hand function button on the side of the handset? What colour is the track status LED on the handset, red or green? .
  8. You need to select track power on. The track status light blinking on the ICU, indicates it hasn’t been turned on. Status LED for Track Power. (Blinks if track power is OFF. Steady on Green when Track Power is ON.)
  9. 2012 model ? It's likely to be a Bachmann branded, ESU 21-pin decoder. Possibly a 36-554, which is a Bachmann badged version of the old LokPilot Basic V1.0 If it's an 8-pin, it'll be the 36-553, which is the same decoder with 8-pins instead of 21. . .
  10. That is the hope; so that pressure is taken off those terminus stations and more importantly, their local public transport connections (underground & buses), which would otherwise be completely swamped and overloaded by the increased number of passengers expected to be travelling in the future. Remember, HS2 is about delivering extra capacity. The extra passengers that are expected to be generated by that additional capacity will put additional pressure on Euston and its local transport connections. Crossrail will provide connections with the underground a
  11. 250Bob, See Izzy's post above. The adapter Gaugemaster sells for this purpose..... https://www.gaugemasterretail.com/magento/categories/model-railway-digital-control/model-railway-digital-control-dcc-other/gaugemaster-dcc77.html .
  12. It sounds like MRC have divulged some information, which they've asked you to keep to yourself. An updated version coming? A revised new system to replace the old? Come on John, your amongst friends here...... .
  13. The line runs underground, all the way from the Euston HS2 tunnel portals, via OOC, emerging above ground, just to the west of West Ruislip Station. That's approximately 14.3 miles or so, including the OOC station. From OOC HS2 station to the West Ruislip portal, the line runs underneath the former GWR Ruislip line, for approximately 8.8 miles. The line emerges at West Ruislip and runs above ground and then on the long, Colne Valley viaduct, to the Chiltern tunnels eastern portal (east of and adjacent to the M25). That's approximately 4.4 miles and the only bit of da
  14. I posted that image in relation to showing the location of the station crossover boxes, particularly the Victoria Rd crossover box (which is off most renders and photos of the OOC site) and nothing to do with the Chiltern line link, but I take your point about the depiction of the grade separated junction not being the current design. .
  15. Is this the one you had in mind John? http://train-tech.com/index.php/accessories-extra/relay-controller .
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