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  1. There can't be any complaints about delays with this latest set of announcements. As with the previous three sets of announcements made this year, all the items listed should be in the shops over the next few weeks and couple of months. The backlog from previous years is also being gradually cleared. .
  2. Bachmann's 4th quarterly "British Railway Announcements" for 2020, will take place next Tuesday, 3rd November. .
  3. Run it on DC first. Give it a good workout to check it's running smoothly and that there's no unusual mechanical noise. The practice of "running in" on DC, before fitting a decoder, isn't strictly necessary, but it serves two purposes. With respect to the warranty on a new model; to check that the loco/ train/ MU runs as it should, out of the box. To ensure that any model runs without mechanical issues, before fitting a decoder. This saves the time and effort in determining where the problem lies, if the loco runs poorly. DCC fitted locos are fine to run stra
  4. John, not wishing to be rude or anything.....never mind left and right or forward and reverse, you seem to have turned logic upside down on its head. Forward is forward and reverse is reverse. It has nothing to do with the direction of travel on the track, relative to your vantage point. If I may say so, your problem appears to be a failing to recognise the fundamental difference between controlling a layout, that happens to have locos and trains on it. (DC)........and independently driving the locos themselves (DCC). Think of your PowerCab as a remote control, that
  5. Function buttons displayed for the specific loco selected. Only the functions available on that loco are displayed. Unused functions are not displayed. If the number of available functions exceeds the display area, the screen is scrollable, so dragging the function area upwards, allows you to see the others. Switch to another loco and the functions shown, switch to those for that new loco. Every function from F0 to F28 can be configured as latching, or non-latching, differently for each individual loco. ....and it’s quicker than multiple button pressing.
  6. Dated 2013. Have those been amended since they were first published? After all, there have been quite a number of modifications and changes made along the route in the last few years. .
  7. . Meanwhile in Warwickshire (Oct 2020)...........
  8. As Nigel points out, there can be several types of DCC bus. When people loosely refer to the "DCC Bus", they usually are referring to the Power Bus, which can be a Track Bus, Accessory Bus or both. So why not say so? These are quite different from other types of DCC bus, such as... system throttle/cab bus, combined system/cab buses (e.g. LocoNet, ECoSLink), feedback bus, Booster or control bus (original Lenz and NMRA terminology) ....and back to the topic, DCC Bus terminators/filters, are only applicable to the Power Bus. .
  9. Another new bridge being constructed at the Birmingham Interchange Station site (Oct 2020)....... .
  10. The Chalfont St. Peter vent shaft construction site (Oct 2020)...... Clearance work underway for the Chalfont St. Giles vent shaft construction site (Oct 2020)..... Bridge foundations (Misbourne Bridge), for the site haul road, @ Chalfont St. Giles..... .
  11. . Just to the East of the Chilterns Tunnel South Portal, will be the Colne Valley viaduct, which will cross the various lakes in the river valley. Work sites are in evidence here and clearance work has begun between here and Ruislip. Same place, from a different angle (the South Portal sites visible in the background)..... Clearance work and site preparation to the East of the Colne Valley, heading towards the Ruislip/ Northolt direction.....
  12. Overview of part of the South Portal work site...... looking to the West (M25 in the background)....... Looking to the East (M25 in the foreground)...... .
  13. Chilterns South Portal, looking from a vantage point above the future tunnel entrance.....
  14. You don’t have to use a computer ( laptop or otherwise) to run throttle apps on a mobile device. There’s a module, the WiFiTrax Cab Bus WiFi interface, which can be connected to the NCE cab bus, to allow your mobile device (e.g. smartphone) to talk directly to your NCE DCC system without the need to have a computer in the chain, nor any software like JMRI running. https://www.coastaldcc.co.uk/products/wifitrax/nce-cab-bus-wifi-interface http://www.wifitrax.com/products/product-WFD-30-detail.html .
  15. Altogether now.... ”DCC can be as simple, or as complicated as you want it to be....”. Trite but absolutely true. .
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