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  1. They're on the wrong track. They should be going the udder way. .
  2. Well, as mentioned earlier in this topic, the plan is for Eurostar to be merged with Thalys, to form a new combined operator. The merger has been in process for some time and should have been completed later this year, but the pandemic and resulting adverse financial impact on both Eurostar and Thalys, has delayed matters. .
  3. There are a number of good reasons not to carry out on-board checks. As Ian (oldddudders) says, it's too late once the train is on the move. Take a very obvious example..... Why pay people smugglers, what is reported to thousands of ££'s, to risk life and limb, to be put onto a relatively flimsy RIB or other unsuitable small craft, to make the (at best very precarious and at worst, extremely dangerous) crossing of the English Channel, in order to "sneak in" to the UK illegally. No need for that ! Just pay €60, €100, €150 or whatever, for a ticket t
  4. Yep ! The world has been turned upside down by this crisis. .
  5. Are these to go onboard model rail vehicles (locos or other rolling stock) ...i.e. function only, mobile decoders.... ..or for use trackside, to operate layout functions (accessory decoders) ? There are dedicated function only decoders for use on trains/ locos/ rolling stock etc, or a normal, cheap decoder can be “adapted” without using its motor drive outputs. Trackside, there are dedicated decoders for things like operating lighting effects, signals, operating servo driven features and general switching duties. .
  6. Phil, it might be best if you kept your incoherent, extremist, political rantings off the forum. Politics are not supposed to be allowed. The desire to have safeguards in place to have a greater, or lesser degree of border control, for whatever purpose (prevention of illegal entry, for example) is commonplace practice and a valid process around the world. Those controls are no way the exclusive province of “far right” ideology or populist viewpoints. The Schengen area is itself contained within external border controls. Do you think you can just pitch up
  7. ...or just different PR departments phrasing their messages differently, without that information ever entering their heads? .
  8. Except for the pre-production batch, those sent to Newton Aycliffe were not “nearly complete”, consisting mostly of the body shells. 80% of the components being manufactured and sourced from UK and other European companies. Even the early batch of Japanese built trains, contained some, if not all of the UK and European components. The Italian plant has been provided with the heavy plant to prefabricate and manufacture body shells, but I can’t remember, without looking it up, if this was installed prior to the 802 build. .
  9. Not with your NCE system......they cannot be connected together. As a stand alone DCC system, the latest version, the DCS52 Zephyr Express is much improved over previous versions. It depends on whether you prefer to use a handheld throttle, or to operate from a fixed position ( a console based system). It doesn’t suit my particular requirements, but the Zephyr has some nice chunky physical controls. Some might regard those as giving a more tactile user experience. .
  10. Do we know which units were found to have these cracks? Is it specific to one operator’s fleet (GWR?) or have issues been found elsewhere? Is it limited to one sub-class or across different versions? (Note the GWR 802’s were built in Italy, for example.) .
  11. It is absolutely normal and necessary for nation states to have some form of border control. The Schengen arrangements are quite unique, on the scale they operate. The U.K. and Ireland have never been part of that arrangement, for very good, practical reasons. Even if the U.K. had elected to remain as part of the EU, joining in with Schengen would have produced some very serious problems for our nation. Even within Schengen, borders have been closed and strict border checks have been re-activated, when certain circumstances have warranted it. For example the mass wave of
  12. I thought there was quite a bit of controversy in the Netherlands over Abellio’s loss making operations in the U.K.? The issue being that NS, or the Netherlands government, are effectively subsidising rail operations in the U.K. Incidentally, the foreign ownership argument was being used only a few years ago, particularly by a certain opposition party promoting “ re- nationalisation “, whatever that means,. This was a gross distortion of the truth. At that time, which was before the WC, EC, MML and SWML franchises changed hands, foreign ownership was actually limited
  13. DB cited several reasons why they didn't go ahead with their proposed services to London. Initially there were delays in the delivery of the 407's, making them years late. Then they suffered technical problems that further delayed their entry into service. They also had difficulty getting them approved for use on the Belgian and French lines. However the main reasons for not going ahead were commercial. Very high track access charges on the French LGV network. The practicalities, difficulties and costs in trying to deal with the border issues. Competit
  14. The tunnel portals and the work site are beyond the bridge in this rendering.... The portals (with the M25 behind)...... .
  15. The Chilterns Tunnel South Portal, taken at the end of April. The fabrication plant is producing tunnel segments, which can be seen stockpiled to the left. Sections of the TBM's can also be seen, being assembled in front of the big building (centre). Assembly of one of the TBM's is well advanced at the portal itself (seen in the righthand background). .
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