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  1. DCC Concepts will readily exchange any faulty Cobalt motors, with a new replacement. They’ve made several modifications and improvements over the years, since the original model came out. Some of the problems were down to a few faulty batches, the cause of which were said to be identified and rectified. Cobalts have been in such high demand, that DCC Concepts couldn’t supply enough to dealers and stocks ran out. With such popularity, we haven’t had many recent reports of faulty items over the last few years. MTB- Model.com produce 4 versions of their point motor. MP1 MP5 MP6 MP7 Only the MP1 & MP5 are available in the UK at the moment. .
  2. I've just made my first eBay purchase from Germany (to the UK) since "B*****" and the importation changes taking place. It's a DCC accessory module. The purchase price + P&P = €27.12 The email confirmation has the following code... Tax Details: VAT Paid: IOSS ID: GB 365 6085 76 Does that GB coding indicate that UK VAT has been paid? Delivery info: Delivery service Deutsche Post Brief International What should I expect to happen? .
  3. The new Elizabeth Line to Bakerloo Line, link tunnel at Paddington....
  4. The new facilities at the revamped West Drayton station, are being brought into use. https://www.crossrail.co.uk/news/articles/west-drayton-station-transformed-for-customers-as-extended-ticket-hall-opens-with-step-free-access# (note: photo gallery at the bottom the article) https://www.networkrailmediacentre.co.uk/news/west-drayton-station-transformed-as-extended-ticket-hall-opens-and-step-free-access-introduced-for-first-time https://twitter.com/Jenkinsbuses/status/1417772884446035970/photo/1 (4 photos) .
  5. Chilterns Tunnel - the Chalfont St. Peter vent shaft. Article here....... Excavation begins for HS2’s first ‘barn design’ tunnel vent shaft .
  6. A photo of one of the electrically powered shuttle transporters, used to transport tunnel segments and materials in the tunnels...... .
  7. Seep motors are notorious for their switch failing to work properly. It’s a choice between a Frog juicer, or a better point motor with a more reliable built-in switch. Frog juicers are easy to install. It’s the same wiring as for most switches. 3 wires. One to each rail and the third to the isolated frog. .
  8. . Euston Station approaches, just north of Granby Terrace.
  9. Cecilia at approx. 50m into its dig. Construction ventilation installed for the first tunnel (Up line). .
  10. Crikey! Absolutely no DCC system should require that sort of archaic process in 2021. It should be a simple selection within a settings menu, with the option of ON or OFF. Similarly a simple menu selection for a voltage change. ..
  11. I think I read somewhere, that they're using electrically powered loaders to transport the tunnel segments into the tunnels. The spoil is coming out as slurry. One set of pipes is the water supply. The other set, the slurry removal system pipes. .
  12. The Victoria Road ventilation shaft, near to Old Oak Common.
  13. Meanwhile...... At the Chilterns Tunnel. As of yesterday (9th July), the HS2 interactive map is now showing that... Florence has progressed over half a km (510m) into its dig. Cecilia is only 30m in, but should start moving faster over the next week. .
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