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  1. Adding a couple of extra handsets to even a starter system, will whack the cost right up, to match or exceed the cost of a more expensive DCC system that can be used with mobile phone or tablet apps. If you already own the smart device (phones, iPads etc,) then you are getting your extra handsets for £0 (free). The budget, entry level version of the Roco Z21 (black coloured box) .....the z21 (white coloured box), can be purchase online for a fairly modest cost. The entry level z21 is packaged in Roco train sets and some dealers split these up and sell the DCC system and include MultiMaus handset, separately. Have a look on eBay. Ron
  2. Roco/Fleischmann MultiMaus wired handsets can be used with the Lenz system. They can connect because they use the Lenz X-Bus / XpressNet cab network. lots of useful tips online, inc. on this forum. Quite a few members here do just this.
  3. Slightly off-topic, but just a note for anyone interested. That "second decoder" Nigel mentions, would be a RailCom transmitter. Lenz, ESU and Uhlenbrock sell them. These can easily be installed in any loco already fitted with a non-RailCom decoder (for example, TTS), to give it RailCom compatibility. Just 2 wires to the pick-ups, in parallel with the installed decoder. No other wiring connections required. They can be bought in packs of 5 and by shopping around, they work out at around £9 to £11 per loco. It's a cheap alternative to replacing decoders with a RailCom equipped type, if you have no further use for the non-RailCom decoder, and/or you really want your locos fitted with RailCom. .
  4. As RFS says, it's not such a good deal. However, your calculations are off anyway. The trade-in price to exchange a LZV100 for a LZV200 was originally given as €188 (approx. £162) inc. VAT ..... not £250 ! Lenz have now revised the trade-in prices. The cost of trading in a LZV100 for a LZV200 has now been reduced to €150 (approx. £129) inc. VAT For the older LV100 Command Station, the price has dropped from €249 to €211 inc. VAT Ron
  5. Now superceded by Lenz extending the offer..... Thanks for posting that update Robert. From the Lenz website (still no English language version after almost 2 years !!!!)..... .
  6. ???? I don't understand how you make that link? If people were taking up the trade-in offer, then surely the traded-in LZV & LV 100 's would be going back to Lenz, not being placed on eBay? .
  7. Just don’t mix DC and DCC power and control on the same layout. Don’t put a non-DCC fitted loco (DC) on a DCC powered layout. A DCC decoder fitted loco can normally be used on a DC powered layout, with some provisos. e.g. Decoders don’t like certain types of DC controllers (e.g. feedback type) and may run erratically. DC (so called) electronic track cleaners, such as Relco and Gaugemaster types, will destroy DCC decoders. Avoid at all costs! DC running must be enabled in the decoder’s settings (CV’s). Keep it simple.
  8. Solar Powered trains ? The first one in regular passenger service.......
  9. Note that the review was for the old version of the EZ Command (grey colour). This has since been superceded by a new version (blue colour). You would need to check if this issue is still present with the new, DC powered model. Ron
  10. So much excitement about a kiddies toy! I'm confused. What does this have to do with the model railway hobby? Ron
  11. In most cases this will probably mean that the layout is wired for use with either DC or DCC, rather than both at the same time. i.e. only DC or only DCC. This would be achieved by simply only connecting one type of system at a time (e.g. unplugging one and plugging in the other), .....or by a secure and safe way of switching between the two.
  12. Oh dear! Lenz must have rushed the LZV200 to market........ Jesting aside, it’s taken 8 years from announcement for the LZV200 to become available for sale. I would have thought it’s been tested to the N’th degree before being released to the great unwashed public.
  13. As JST says, why do it? More modern models of these three prototypes, knock spots of those old things, in looks, detail and running.
  14. Unfortunately, the very basic and limited EZ Command doesn’t have the capability to control accessories, such as points.
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