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  1. At first glance, I thought you said “ Can we have Doris Archer back please…..” That takes me back quite a bit…….. …
  2. More..... A view of Euston Station, with the tower office block and other buildings along the front now demolished ...and the side streets on the west side of the station also now cleared of buildings. You can also see the partial demolition work taking place on the west side of the station itself. .
  3. We crossed posting there. See the post above. .
  4. As far as I know, there are no plans to reconnect this line with the GWML at OOC. The curvature of the disused track bed meets the new GWML relief lines at wide acute angle, intersecting where the disused line crosses Old Oak Common Lane ......just to the right of the bright green barrier seen in the photograph. This would see the current road bridge being removed. The widened GWML track formation will cover most of the area formally occupied by the HEX sidings and most of the "green triangle" of open land you can see between the houses in Wells house Road (the triangle of houses at the bottom centre of the photo) and the current GWML formation. There was a plan to use part of the old line as a head shunt for the new OOC station, which entailed a flyover to be built, but I think that was scrapped some time ago. There have also been (unofficial) proposals to reinstate the line, but only into a bay platform at OOC, to allow a Chiltern mainline service to OOC that will provide connections with HS2, Crossrail and the GWML. However, these are just ideas ATM. .
  5. The Chilterns Tunnel, south portal site, showing the outside storage area, containing the concrete tunnel sections. Also, more covered structures have been added to this huge construction site (on the left). .
  6. 1.5km into the Earth, the tail end of Cecilia. Look at the guy on the side of the TBM, by the slurry pipes, to get an idea of the size of the tunnel bore. .
  7. To get an idea of the depth of the concrete roadway, being laid in the base of the tunnel, look where the dude in the orange suit is standing in this photo. The top of the vertical sides (not the sloping sides) of the launch pad, align with the top of the roadway when laid. This photo was obviously taken before the roadway had been laid. The roadway provides a flat base to the tunnel, enabling construction vehicles and plant to be more easily moved within the tunnel, will provide the foundation upon which the trackbed will eventually be constructed and contains the tunnel drainage. .
  8. Meanwhile, at Long Itchington Woods...... Assembly of the TBM cutting head and preparation of the launch pad (old photos...assembly is now more advanced). Note the size of the TBM compared to the dude standing inside it. .
  9. There is no narrow gauge railway. The 'roadway' has the tunnel drainage built into it and the moving bridge has passed along that section, so I don't know if the apparent marks are related to either of those? .
  10. Old Oak Common from above. The Heathrow Express depot closed a while back and is now being stripped out and decommissioned, ready for demolition. You can see the HEX sidings are being removed. A monster sized, portacabin office block is being erected to the left of the HEX depot, to house site offices. The GWML track formation will be slewed and widened to accommodate the 8 GWML platforms and tracks. It will extend to approximately where the tall green silos are located. Work on the tunnel box site, to the left, alongside the Crossrail depot, involves piling work to allow the construction of the box retaining walls. .
  11. With site clearance and site preparation almost complete and with enabling works (moving utilities etc,) quite advanced, construction works on the Curzon St. station has started. Piling work has commenced. .
  12. Concrete tunnel sections being transported to the TBM.... .
  13. Chilterns Tunnels. Before the concrete "roadway" has been laid...... After the "roadway" has been laid...... .
  14. Nah ! That big tank of green goo, is for pouring over the ragtag rebellion troublemakers, if they come too close. .
  15. I don't know if this one would be practical or not.... If there is difficulty in incorporating the panel LEDs into the MiniPanel switching, why not have the LEDs independent of the switching, driven by a separate Alpha Mimic** module, with no connection to the switches or MiniPanel ? If the Alpha Mimic is installed under or in the panel, then the only wires that need to connect this with the rest of the layout, are a pair of wires from the nearest place on the track power bus. This would also eliminate the problem of disparity, or false indications given by the panel LED's if points or routes are switched from the handset. Any thoughts on this, or is it a non-starter? p.s. ** Alpha Mimic simply eavesdrops on point switching commands being sent out on the track or accessory bus(es) and uses that information to illuminate the appropriate LEDs on a mimic panel.. It doesn't matter where the points are controlled from, from a control panel, DCC handset, computer control program or any other form of switching. If it's by DCC, it's all the same to the Alpha Mimic. .
  16. Although you can easily open them up to remove wires, the Wagos are not meant to be used for regular, or irregular disconnection of wires. For joining layout sections, or baseboards that you might want to separate (either regularly, or only very occasionally), then a plug and socket type connector is what you should be looking at. .
  17. You arrive at the airport with the boarding pass in your hand or on your phone already. You won't collect a boarding pass at the airport, particularly for domestic or short haul European flights, unless you are one of the relatively small number of people who leave check-in until you get to the airport, or if you intend to collect your boarding pass from one of the self-service machines, rather than print off a paper version at home, or the office. Unless you've booked hold baggage, there are no formalities or check-in procedures necessary, until you present yourself for boarding at the gate. Getting through security and finding your way to the gate is another matter. As for playing with fire, you are absolutely right and that's why I said it depended on which airport you are departing from and I would always advocate allowing contingency time in getting to the airport, as I would in getting to a railway station to catch a train. If I was catching a train from Euston to Manchester, or KGX to York for instance, I'd want to be at those departure stations at the very minimum, 15 to 20 mins before departure time, but allowing for contingency time and barring any mishaps on the way, I would probably be planning to get there at least 30 to 40 mins before the train was due to leave. The concourses, eateries, bars and shops at those London termini are usually full of people who've turned up anything up to an hour or more before their train's departure time. Gatwick and Luton airports are a bit far out though, particularly Luton and getting to and from those airports will add a time penalty for a lot of people. Possibly some faff as well. It will depend on your starting and ending points. For example, East Croydon to Gatwick is 15 mins by train East Croydon to Kings Cross is 36 mins. Ealing Broadway to Heathrow T5 will be 26 mins when the Elizabeth Line is fully open Ealing Broadway to Kings Cross takes at least 40 mins .
  18. Not criticising your general point, but you can leave out the one hour check-in nonsense. 90%+ of domestic passengers check-in online, prior to arriving at the airport. For some low cost operators, it's nearer to 99%. For cabin baggage only, there is no check-in time or minimum time, except that you have to allow yourself enough time to pass through security and get to the gate in good time before boarding starts. That necessary time allowance will vary from airport to airport. At some large airports, it would be wise to allow up to an hour, just to navigate through the "system" and terminal. At other smaller airports, 20 to 30 minutes will suffice as a bare minimum. With hold baggage, there is of course a minimum time before departure for the bag drop. With regard to the opening point about depending on where you start and end your journey, whether is by rail, air or road, the overwhelming majority of city to city trips start or end at a residential address. City centre to city centre journeys are much less common. .
  19. I don't want to appear negative and I think this competition is good and much needed, but the choice of brand name is utter cr** and the made up PR nonsense to explain its meaning or symbolism, is pretentious and frankly pathetic. I wish it every success though. .
  20. They've already returned and are growing in number. Electric deliver vans are being ordered in fleets of hundreds and even thousands, by the bigger operators. Lots out on the road already, even if it's presently a small percentage of the total fleet. .
  21. May I suggest it would be better to ask in one of the DCC sections, on the forum. Ron .
  22. Do you mean that the Prodigy WiFi isn’t showing up on the iPhone’s list of available connections? .
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