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  1. Leamington show saw the layout well received, a few niggles with dry joints in fiddle yard that we finally resolved Sunday morning and some locos not behaving ; probably should have expecting the issues as the last show was 4 months ago. It was the 20th show since it first appeared in 2013 on the exhibition circuit and to freshen things up we had a banger blue running session which was well received. Big thank again to my trusted operators, Nick Mike and Neil. A few favourite photos of the 70’s session and the more normal 1960’s.
  2. Nothing wrong with a Foreigner of such quality appearing on VOO. The 26s did look lovely.
  3. First outing for 7th 8th March 2020 at Royal Leamington Spa College for the LWMRS 2 day show. Great to see Vale of Oxbury in amongst 6 N gauge layouts. Some new steam stock to run, 3MT and a Sound fitted 2MT and for the first time we will have 2 running sessions for 70’s Banger Blue to make a change to usual transition era. Hopefully you will indulge us! Now which multiple unit is your favourite? Stop by to say hello to myself ( Carl ) and the faithful motley crew Nick , Mike & Neil.
  4. Great to be amongst some classy layouts at Wigan. Looks of really good conversations with the public and old friends to make the weekend speed by. The layout developed an intermittent short on the right side, suspect the seep motors with the polarity switch to the frogs playing up, first time in 20+ outings that we had such a set back. That caused sound locos to keep re-booting , so a job for later in the year. A few photos from the show Western Leviathan 1014 taking the breakdown crane to its next job. Collett 2274 being turned. W30W runni
  5. Layout is running well at the Wigan Show, stop by and say hello to yours truly and the motley crew.
  6. Great to see a transition era depot and station modelled so well. You have made impressive progress. I will follow your progress.
  7. Dave, great to see your new project taking shape. Hope you saved all that lovely ballast from Attwoods for this. Code 55 or Finetrax.? cheers Carl
  8. Why not catch the train to Kings Lynn to come to see Vale of Oxbury at today’s Show ( Sat 22nd ) At Lynnsport. Stop by to say hello.
  9. Steve, the fiddle yard is taking shape very nicely and the scissors are a work of art. When its finally time to exhibit you will have to show Hadley wood in the round as everyone will be fascinated to watch the trains progress the yard. Glad you are mastering servo's will be keen to pick your brains when I set the signals on Fairford.
  10. Matthew from Tail Lamp productions has kindly shared a great video from Epsom show.
  11. Delighted to share some close up of photos of the county. 3D print by ATSO CAD on a Bachmann Farish DCC ready Black 5 chassis. Plates by Fox. Lamps by Modelu.
  12. Saturday was very busy and great to catch up with so many people. The new County of Merioneth 1019 has performed superbly. Photos do not do justice to the quality of ATSO CADs 3 D printed body / tender capped off with a wonderful paint job. He will announce in due course how you can order the kit.
  13. All set up for NESCOT at Epsom. Hope to meet a few RM Webbers, operating crew this weekend are Nick, Steve and myself with guests from the local club. Looking forward to running the County, plenty of photos to come later of 1019 .
  14. First exhibition for 6 months at Epsom coming up on 27th & 28th April. Some new stock to show, including the Pullman with Sound in both power cars courtesy of John at Yoo Choos and fitting by Marks Trains. It’s great to hear. The turntable has been upgraded with the all singing and dancing ADM digital indexed unit, what a stunning piece of engineering adjustable to 0.15 Degrees. No more hit & miss aligning tracks on exhibition! Here is re-named Pendennis Castle being turned.
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