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  1. Hi Alex, All good with us thanks. That first black and white shot is spot on except I’ve 507/514 in metals on the Workington Blooms. Might yet add a pack from Rails to increase it to 15 as I can probably fit that in the new fiddle yard. ( better get on with that too lol) All the best Mark
  2. Hi Alex/Cav, Have to say these are looking great. The Thornaby 37/5’s pairing should look good on these. Hope all is well with you both All the best Mark
  3. Hi Ben & Mike, Look forward to the update soon. Now I think I heard a rumour from our mutual friend in Ireland last week that there’s nothing yellow for Mick? I guess we will just have to tune in to find out lol! cheers Mark
  4. Thanks to those of you sharing pics of your nice new 33’s. I’ve got 33029 and D6515 on order. I actually don’t mind the weathering on 029 as before it was repainted, I’d seen a few photos of it looking quite tatty. Although it looked immaculate when used on the Windermere service. I’m hoping that a cotton bud in thinners will remove the front end weathering on the yellow panel as that doesn’t look right. As for D6515 I like the look of it so only decided to order it this week as well. Thanks Mark
  5. When I spotted a friends FB post with this exciting news I actually checked it wasn’t April the 1st! I’ve always hoped someone would do the class 89 RTR so this is an absolutely fantastic announcement from Rails and Accurascale. IC Swallow and GNER, neither fit layout plans but who cares. All the best with this I hope it goes ahead. thanks Mark
  6. Hi Tom, Thats not a bad price at all. I do enjoy having a good look round at shows for those odd wagons or coaches at good prices. It’s always nice when you get lucky. It’s amazing too what you find in your local model shops. My rake of 10 when new at release only cost £170 from Richard when he had his shop in Morecambe. Good times! cheers Mark
  7. Hi everyone, I would like a second set of auto ballasters and a few extra JPA’s in Castle cement. Bachmann certainly gave us a lot of impressive modern era wagons and it will be a shame if some are never produced again. I’m just glad/was fortunate to buy decent rakes when prices were very low. When they started going up I hunted out the extra HTA’s and HHA’s to create full train loads for the future WCML layout. Revolution, Accurascale and Cavalex are really starting to dominate the modern era between them and at good prices which is good for us modellers. cheers Mark
  8. Hi Fran, I’m really glad I took the decision to order a 10 wagon set of these in the grey/orange livery to run on Newlands Park. Might even put the 85 on them for the Hardendale workings. Whilst the grey looks a bit light in the photos it’s probably not a bad shade for creating the work worn faded weathered look these wagons appear in. All the best Mark
  9. Hi Fran, Just had the email with the update. The KUA is looking fantastic, all that piping detail above the bogies and the air tanks and the hood itself looks very sharp close up. I had better get on with the new big layout so I can run them! Hope you guys are all well, thanks Mark
  10. https://flic.kr/p/zYTvW5 Thanks to Mike, for helping sort out my ordering last night, I have ordered a rake of 10. These will be fantastic wagons from the quality of the previous TEA and MMA’s and great to see more wagons in OO from you both. I recently found this photo on Flickr which shows some full size fresh out of the box wagons which will be easy to create when these come out along with a Hornby 60. Cheers Mark
  11. Hi Ben/Mike, I enjoyed the live update last night. It’s a refreshing approach and a bit more personal like when we all get to see each other face to face at shows. Slightly envious of you 2mm modellers with some fantastic models coming along however the 4mm news on the timber wagons and cad for the IPA’s was interesting as I want a fair few of each. All the best Mark
  12. Excellent choice Charlie, perfect for Plumpton and covers a lot of the North West on that journey. Still preferred a 31 and mark 2’s back in the day lol! cheers Mark
  13. Hi Wedge, If you have already altered the CV settings as a few posts above then the unit won’t run on DC if that’s been disabled. If you reset to factory settings CV8 first then try it on your DC circuit it should run then. Hope that helps Mark
  14. Hi Kev, Nice progress with the units. The 305 looks great but I’m very interested to see the 325 progress so quickly already. Cheers Mark
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