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  1. Hi Jools, By coincidence I have a sound fitted 37025 which I’m going to take the decoder out of and put into either 424 or my ROG 37. It’s fairly straight forward to do as the decoder is 21 pin so easy to remove and add to your other model along with the speaker. I’ve got 37099 fitted with Bifs sounds and will be adding Bifs WH sound 37/0 to 025. You can get a matched pair of decoders from Charlie which is great as the horns will sound on the leading loco etc. Hope that helps Mark
  2. Darryl, that’s probably a very competitive price these days for a newly commissioned highly detailed wagon. You can’t compare on size as number of tooling required will be similar if not more with the extra tops on the HFA’s, plus possible future variants. Kernow have a 4 wheeler at £40 and suspect this is only at £30 due to the sheer volume that will hopefully sell. cheers Mark
  3. MRDBLUE17

    Class 88/93

    I think the Class 88 is a much needed model for the current scene and I hope Dapol do eventually do it as the 68 is a very good model. They did say a few years back that it was certainly under consideration, but the single livery was a concern. I would add a couple to start with to the DRS fleet. cheers Mark
  4. Hi Shoey, I had been hoping to get a couple of Freightliner sets to mix into a rake but was fortunate, thanks to some eBay sales, to also be able to order the DB triple set after seeing a painted sample. There is an incredible amount of detail in the photos and these are very useful to create some accurate freight-liner trains. Last week I got a nice box full of Arrans excellent C-Rail containers. The hardest/fun part was choosing which ones after watching various Anglo-Scottish workings on YouTube. Cheers Mark
  5. Nice looking layout Andrew, I’ll need to find that to have a proper look. cheers Mark
  6. Hi Alex/Cav, I realised I never posted here when I received my BBA’s. Too busy chatting on messenger with Will so you’ll no doubt already know my thoughts on how good these wagons are. So glad that I ordered these when you announced them, and as someone has said on here, even the high quality photos you posted don’t do full justice to the detail you’ve incorporated. The mesh deck is superb but it’s all the detail underneath you don’t appreciate until you have the wagon in your hands. The pipe work is excellent and those bogies really are a clever bit of design, brake disks on all wheel faces is a very nice touch as are the brake callipers. I only had chance to pose one on Morecambe and yes the big layout needs to get finished so I can run them all with the 37’s up front. Thank you both for doing them. all the best Mark
  7. Congratulations to Paul and to the continued expansion of Accurascale. All the best Mark
  8. Cheers for sharing that photo Andy, looks very good. I’m looking forward to the NSE version. Bachmann are doing a great job with the southern units. A little layout project will be needed to run them on. All the best Mark
  9. Hi everyone, If you are wanting one of the fantastic Realtrack 156 models reliveried by Rainbow Railways the ones currently listed on their website are the last currently available for the time being. The very last 2 in Anglia livery will be finished soon. Theres one less as I’ve finally added a Northern purple one to my fleet. Cheers Mark
  10. Hi Everyone, The EFE Rail brand was a surprise but, as far as I can see, a welcome concept from Bachmann. It’s allowed products we might not have seen produced again be brought to market and available throughout the country. I never got any of Kernows JIA’s first time around but on Saturday was able to collect the 6 I ordered from my local model shop of choice Crafty Hobbies in Barrow. (Actually really nice to be able to go back in a model shop and get those other bits too) Great service from John & Shelagh who had emailed the list at launch before ordering to make sure people could get what they wanted. Cheers Mark
  11. Hi Alex, These are looking great. It was on my wanted list and preordered straight away. Having just got the superb BBA’s this week, looks like we are in for something special again. cheers Mark
  12. Hi Kev, It was good to see you and glad the bus has a home on your layout. Looks just right on that bridge. The EMU’s do look rather good, especially the 325. I was able to visit Crafty Hobbies on Saturday and there was even a steam special through Barrow around 7pm so all worked out well. Hopefully we will all be able to meet up at a show again soon. Cheers Mark
  13. Hi Fran, Nice to see the progress, those BS blue ones do look very good but I’m pleased I ordered the grey/orange ones to create the workings from Shap up to Scotland. Cheers Mark
  14. Hi Alex, These look splendid you and Cav have done a great job making these. They have arrived before track work is completed on the new layout so need to get cracking on so they can get a run. all the best Mark
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