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  1. Hi Fran, Does that mean send Guinness? No worries whenever they get here is just fine. So long as everyone is safe and well that’s the main thing. All the best Mark
  2. I bought a triple pack to de brand and weather for that exact working. Whilst not exactly the right variant, There were typically a few mixed into rakes that run from Oxwellmains to Inverness under Freightliner traction. Colas now haul these workings and the large bogie cement tanks have mostly taken over. Cheers Mark
  3. Hi Fran, Didnt see this one coming and looks like another very nicely detailed wagon. I possibly saw them when I was very young at Hamworthy but I don’t remember them. I know they use to run in fairly large numbers with imported Coil to Swindon in the early 80’s from photos I’ve seen. Whilst these are too early for me the focus on steel wagons does bode well for the future if the later bogie types appear! Cheers Mark
  4. Hi Fran, What about the EWS FCA’s with a few container types for them? The Freightliner Services ones being good for the Lime from Hardendale. Cheers Mark
  5. HI TOM, I AREN'T SURE WHAT THE DIFFERENCE IS EITHER? Interested to know if you find out though. cheers Mark
  6. Sounds like a good idea Mick, another positive aspect of your 2 tier system will be to prevent posts such as “nothing in it for me” and “that’s a bit expensive” as within everything else there will surely be something and a price point for everyone. Now back to Hornby - how about either white roof intercity mk1’s or the Pilkington Glass set. Cheers Mark
  7. Hi Mick, Keep drinking and you might just wake up to find you’ve ordered the rest! I can bring the 10 I’ve ordered to run with yours but I hope the KSA follow in the future for a nice mixed rake for me. All the best Mark
  8. Hi everyone, Who knew that not long after Glasgow show we faced lock down and a very uncertain year. Hopefully everyone has stayed safe and well and is getting through this as best we all can. Having a hobby like ours certainly helps and hoping this little scene brings a bit of festive cheer to you all. Merry Christmas to you all and hopefully see you out and about at shows at some point in 2021. All the best Mark
  9. Hi everyone, Quite agree, from experience, with what Tom said. I have a pair of 57’s both with Bifs excellent class 57 sounds and same version which run perfectly together. Bif also does a matched pair of 37’s which does work very well and gives you the added benefit of sounds that are dependent on direction so for example the horn sounds in the leading loco only. I have an identical pair of DRS 66’s that given the same decoders, matched settings etc behave completely differently with one taking off much faster. Not ideal when I wanted these to top and tail the RHTT. A
  10. Thank you Mick, that’s very kind of you. I will find a way to do that when I get chance and share the techniques used. All the best Mark
  11. Hi everyone, After getting the Grey & Orange set for Newlands, I couldn’t resist the BS Blue set as well as it’s such a stunning livery. At least I can stick a 66 on those. They capture the bulk of the real thing well and really look the part so well done to all at Accurascale. A couple of shots on my mini layout project Morecambe. All the best Mark
  12. That looks fantastic Andy - thanks for sharing such a sharp image. I saw them at Glasgow in the cabinets and was very impressed. What with these and the WCRC 57/3 I’m certainly a very happy Bachmann customer. cheers Mark
  13. Hi Fran, Whenever you want to announce the loco I mentioned down the virtual pub last Friday night is totally fine with me . Will you be joining us this week? All the best Mark
  14. Hi everyone, Whilst searching for trains to run on Rannoch I discovered the IWA’s had run up the West Highland Line for a period in 1988. LL 37’s on the Mossend to Corpach speedlink workings. I even found a shot of two passing at Crianlarich. As far as I can tell it looks like they were used for paper mill traffic. Given how popular the line is I thought this might be interesting to others and with the order deadline at the end of December a nice excuse for a Christmas treat! cheers Mark
  15. Hi Charlie, Nice to see Leeds - Morecambe as the destinations chosen on one of the Northern white bubbles livery. That will be just right for my mini Morecambe project that’s well underway. Thanks Mark
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