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  1. Hi Fran, Thats great news on the sound front to get Bif involved. Cheers mark
  2. Hi James, I do like Class 60’s and those you have done are splendid! The 37’s in rather run down condition look great too. All the best Mark
  3. Hi everyone, Here are a few more views around the station. The general view you see from the front. The drinking traveller, complete with “carry oot” of Tennents! Close set up of the old signal box, you can just make out the lever frame and bell box to the right hand side next to the door. Thanks for looking, Mark
  4. Hello everyone, I’ve been having a play today and that included taking a few close up shots around the station to give you a few different views. First a couple of drone shots of the cottage gardens, Thanks Mark
  5. Hello everyone, Thanks for all the Likes/Comments. Somehow managed to get a pass out to attend Perth exhibition at the weekend with the rest of the Scottish Modellers crew. The demo area was packed both days as we all try and attend Perth as it’s an excellent show put on by Stan and the team. I did have to bring Eilidh Saturday but she really enjoyed it - interesting to see a show from a 5 year olds viewpoint! She said she’s going to help operate at St Andrews too. A new addition to the Rannoch schedule is the Network Rail Radio Survey train. Top and tailed with a pair of DRS 37’s it adds a nice bit of colour. I’d seen this working in issues of Rail Express a few years back and had them recreated for me which were collected at Perth. Thanks Mark
  6. Hi Dave, That RF 47 looks great really captures the condition of them at that time. Thanks Mark
  7. Hi everyone, I was rather impressed by the 66’s in the cases at Glasgow when I was chatting to one of Hattons Dave. I was lucky on Sunday to get a close up look at Bifs sound fitted sample and listen to it on the DCkits stand at Perth. Bifs 66 sounds were already by far the best on the market and I do have a few special versions for use on Rannoch. This new model with the big base speaker and new sound file is simply outstanding and has made my mind up to get at least a couple of sound fitted examples for the layout! Thanks Mark
  8. Really good day at Perth today, looking forward to Sunday with the rest of the Scottish Modellers crew. Well done to Stan and team for organising. thanks Mark
  9. Hi Michael, I think from memory the carriage lights are on F12 which should work as I use the Prodigy too. cheers Mark
  10. Hello everyone, By strange coincidence since my last post Rannoch will now make its first show appearance in almost 2 years at St Andrews this August as stand in for Keith’s excellent Bere Banks. A few shots of the layout, the 67 is on a test working using what was by then redundant Parcels stock which worked up the line in 2006. Interestingly GBRF did something similar several years later ahead of taking over the Alcan workings with a pair of 325 EMU’s Hopefully see some of you at St Andrews this Summer! All the best Mark
  11. Hi everyone, This statement makes for interesting reading, more so for the facts it doesn’t seem to reflect what we were all expecting. Yes no money was obvious. I was surprised to see a loan from funding circle, clearly suggesting he was getting into difficulty as projects should have been fully crowdfunded with profits going in to fund his core range - as Dave originally implied a long time ago on here. Shame to see Hattons facing a loss of £20k. The real revelation of Dave being owed £50k was a major surprise as his accounts don’t seem to reflect this. With all his noise about not having a business account/getting this set up and the issue of taking payments and his PayPal being blocked etc seems to point that a lot of money was paid into personal accounts/ personal PayPal. We really need to know where this money actually went or indeed still is as it doesn’t seem to be accounted for or disclosed as it should be. Even now now at this stage with Dave claiming he is owed £50k does not seem to be the full facts and needs investigated. Mark
  12. Thanks Dave, yes your right with 3 girls I’m going to need a few train weekends away in the future! Don’t worry will certainly see you at Barrow. Hi Chris, many thanks and don’t worry it wasn’t 10 years ago you first saw the layout in person it was only 2013 at Glasgow (I think, will need to check the plaques). Glad you still like it, it’s held up fairly well over the years. This was the first time I’ve used it in a long time. I discovered one small fault where a fishplate must have become dirty inside as it created an insulated gap on the point at the north end just as you come off the viaduct. This was a quick fix using solder paint in and around the joint/rail gap and everything is back to normal. I discovered a photo of a 67 working a pair of Super BG’s and a Super Guv as a test load back in 2006 and after finding a GUV for £8 on eBay to add to a pair of BG’s so I’ve got a new train to weather and detail and the engineers set behind 37406 has seen an ex Transrail branded OCA from a Cambrian kit added to make this up to 10. Thanks Mark
  13. Hello everyone, A Decade of Rannoch on RMweb! This year Rannoch has been on RMweb for 10 years, scary I know! I was still in my twenties when I started the build and turned 39 this year. Had no kids and daughter number 3 arrived last Friday. Tonight I’ve cleaned the track, given it a quick dust and put some stock out to recreate the original vision of 2005/6. A time when 37’s still worked the line, 67’s were on test runs ready to take over the sleeper and a good variety of freight still ran. I haven’t had much time to just play trains for a while now so it was good to run a few tonight. I started off with 37416 in its debranded Royal Scotsman livery on the sleeper. I saw the loco at Waverley one morning when the Fort Bill portion had failed to run. The model was superbly recreated by Andi Walshaw and has Bifs sounds added. It’s taken many years but thanks to Charlie and Arran with their 156 I can finally capture the images I’ve seen so many times on Flickr of the sleeper and a 156 passing at Rannoch. Hope you like the photos and thanks for looking. All the best Mark
  14. MRDBLUE17

    DJM, the end.

    © 2018 DJ Models Ltd. Registered in England & Wales: 08601496 VAT number: 182275891 Thats the details copied off his website so yes he should have been paying VAT for all money taken. One model locomotive run will have taken him over the threshold for VAT. There is an issue in all this still given the many excuses over the last few years that Dave potentially could well be liable personally for some people’s losses. He claimed PayPal had issues which stopped him using it. Then there was also mention of not having a business bank account and that he could not take payments as well at one point. (From my own business knowledge this had to relate to PCI compliance). Getting a business account is actually very straight forward to do once you have registered a company. So if money was paid via PayPal and then into his own account it’s not gone through the business despite being on his invoice. Has VAT been paid on this and is it even registered as part of the business accounts. Very difficult to find out but you could well try and claim directly from Dave. Mark
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