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  1. Hi Cav/Alex, Absolutely superb announcement and we are delighted to be able to support you with this project. All versions are available to order from Rainbow Railways now: https://rainbowrailways.co.uk/product-category/cavalex/ Hope this is a massive success and perfect for all these HAA’s. All the best Mark
  2. Hi Fran, These samples look absolutely nothing like a class 31! Seriously after looking at the teaser picture the other day and now seeing this update it’s looking very good indeed. It captures the bulk of them really well and I like the refined detail and the brass horns. I’ve currently 4 of this first batch on order and glad I have. Dont apologise about any delays to production either, I would much prefer you take the time to tweak and get them exactly as right as possible in 4mm as they are going to look and sound amazing. Thanks for the update
  3. Hi James, Thanks for your order it’s very much appreciated. I’m not sure why you got the message with a date like that but we will look into that. All being well with production we are hoping it arrives next year. Thank you Mark
  4. Hi everyone, Yesterday it was really interesting to read about the model announcement from Bachmann with of course thanks to Andy for putting the information on here for us all to see. The 69 is too modern for me, only by a few years, but I like the livery on 69001 and will look forward to getting one whenever it comes out. Please for everyone’s enjoyment can we talk about the model or prototype as it develops as many do. Sorry Phil-b259 but your posts come across as though you are well informed, but as a well regarded manufacturer has pointed out to you, it’s not the cas
  5. An interesting announcement and didn’t see that coming from Bachmann. I quite like the look of 69001 having seen a photo earlier today so will probably end up with one. Will also be interesting to see what other liveries appear on the class. cheers Mark
  6. Yes that type of thing generally is categorised into low level waste, the containers end up at Drigg where they are stacked up in controlled areas which when filled get covered over. The waste stone from local quarries gets loaded at Barrow docks and runs top and tail to drigg with a hired in set of boxes when required. Flickr is a superb source of inspiration for recreating all the different nuclear workings and the various DRS traction that has hauled them. I’ve settled on Maryport for a future layout and the low level waste containers run there to reverse to head back to Sellafield.
  7. Hi everyone, Really pleased to see the CADs for the 4mm FSA/FTA’s progressing. Arran already knows I will be after a set of 20 decks to go behind the pair of Heljan 86’s I have on order, will be perfect on a typical Anglo- Scottish working. Will be needing to add a few more containers over the coming months too. thanks Mark
  8. Hi Samuel, Thanks for your interest in these wagons. I’ve not got a lot of information on the Bridgwater workings and photos are harder to find. Certainly the ATO tanks carried caustic soda for the film factory on the Cumbrian coast around the same period. There are photos of tanks around Bristol and also workings to Baglan Bay. There seem to be several of the TTA types in rakes as well. I’ve not seen them mixed with the Clay ones on these workings I suspect just down to different routes taken in the south. I have however seen ATO tanks in workings in the North of England
  9. Hi Richard, That’s an excellent photo and indeed the first 3 are the TU013A tanks. The video nicely captures a fairly freshly painted ECC blue version as well. Thanks Mark
  10. Hi Growling, Yes I think you are spot on from photos I’ve found whilst researching the workings they appeared in. Class 85’s, 90’s and 47’s seemed common on various speedlink workings up to Mossend. There was a fair mix of wagons from Cornwall with clay for several Scottish customers at that time. The TUA’s would then usually travel on to Aberdeen with the odd ones unloaded for road transport to Inveresk paper at Stirling. Thanks Mark
  11. Hi Michael, Those would be carrying Caustic Soda. This was the same for the ones to Corkicle which got unloaded into road tanks in a siding next to one of the signal boxes for the Marchon works up the hill. thanks Mark
  12. Thanks Andrew, they will be quite at home on your layout and fit nicely with the Clay tigers in speedlink workings. Thanks Mark
  13. Hi Dungrange, The 2 debranded versions in clay use are ex ICI livery and that was painted out on them around 1986. These ran in workings from Cornwall to Aberdeen and Mossend. In some photos the ICI logo appeared very faint through the faded paint patch and grime. It does appear that in later years the ATO branded also made it up there as the last one was still there in 2004. They were certainly very grimy in the later years. Hope that helps thanks Mark
  14. The last ones were still in use in the very early 2000’s on workings up to Aberdeen 2001/2.
  15. The picture shows 40129 at Golborne in 1983 and the photographer is Richard Clayton. Revolution finds caustic soda at the end of the Rainbow! Revolution Trains is teaming up with Scottish model railway retailer Rainbow Railways to offer the TU013A TUA caustic soda tank wagon in 00. 28 TUA wagons were built by Standard Wagon of Heywood in Lancashire in 1977, to the design code TU013A. They had a gross weight of 51 tonnes and featured Gloucester pedestal suspension. The wagons were built for TRL and leased by them to ICI for use on caustic soda de
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