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  1. As much as I would like a KXA too, I can’t see them being viable to be done as they are very limited in operation. Mainly to the flows of imported waste from Barrow Docks to Sellafield. Of course there’s always rule 1! The new type FNA however could be an option as they operate in very short model able trains throughout the country and sometimes with a PFA with container of low level waste as well. Would certainly compliment what’s available and coming with the 37/6’s To add to Frans useful formations if you look at Flickr and put in the search, Trains Workington docks for example or Trains at (insert a Cumbrian coast locations Drigg, Maryport, etc) you will get loads of DRS workings come up with the PFA’s amongst them. I’ve spent many hours looking whilst researching for a future layout. cheers Mark
  2. I’m looking forward to the DRS class 20/3’s and the 2 HAP in NSE from Bachmann which look like appearing next year. The only other items are the VEA vans to finish off my 90’s era project stock but not sure where these sit in the current production plan or development stage. I suspect we will see some new liveries on the 90 which is a very nice model. A DB one would be nice. With prices what they are now my spend on Bachmann next year looks to be far less than previous years but this is really just down to what we know is due out that I would like. If the new Scotrail 170’s come later in the year or something new is announced that appears sooner this can all change. There is a lot more competition and choice now than ever before and other products fit my modelling plans so selling and saving to fund these probably means a bigger spend overall especially where things will be produced in shorter runs and possibly only once too. Bachmann seem to be getting a harder time at the moment but they have a vast catalogue of decent models so there is probably at least something for everyone in the range at any time and plenty to tempt impulse buys when out at shops or shows. cheers Mark
  3. I’m looking forward to getting the new yellow 31. It will be nice to pair up or top and tail with 31233 I already have. I’ve also got the 31 TTS chips for them as they generally sounded pretty good. cheers Mark
  4. I complete agree with you James. I’ve kept hold of nearly all my Bachmann 66’s and don’t intend to reduce this. Over the last few years I’ve only got rid of 2 or 3 that just didn’t fit in. However the new Hattons model is far superior in detail and lighting not to mention the EM2 speaker and Bifs new sound file. With Hattons getting input from Bif and Mick to help get aspects right this really will be worth waiting for. Having had a sample running on Rannoch back in August, it ran faultlessly round my rather tight fiddle yard curves and into a siding I don’t normally use right at the front of the layout and could crawl along without any issue. The big speaker really works well and I hope to get a couple of EWS examples with sound in service ready for Glasgow. Thanks Mark
  5. Hi Danny, One thing to look out for if renumbering are the cant rail grills and nose ends on all corners. 606 has RSH split cant rail grills so not the same as 7-9. Flickr is good for DRS locos but look at both sides. 37606 is a really good choice as it featured on some of the first top and tail Cumbrian coast workings before the DBSO’s we’re ready with one of the 37/4’s at the other end often 409 and 402. cheers Mark
  6. Hi Ben, Its great to see the positive improvements and new range for the next couple of years. As you know I will be getting a pair of 86/6 in Freightliner the hard part will be choosing which to renumber the second one as. They will certainly be handy for a long rake of FSA/FTA and the ecofrets that have all just been announced. The West Coast model of 33029 is also a welcome addition seeing use throughout the country, even to Windermere! D6515 is tempting too looking at the artwork seeing plenty of mainline use including a very model-able branch line society working in the North West with 4 MK1’s and 33029 in top and tail. All the best Mark
  7. I’m sure I’ve got an old copy of Rail with the 4 celebrity 90’s lined up at a launch. They certainly were popular locos at the time. I think I only ever saw the old SNCF one at Edinburgh in a very faded and work worn look as it had the livery for a long time. cheers Mark
  8. Hi Ben/Mike, Nice to see this one coming out in OO as well. Will add further variety to the Freightliner workings and good timing with Heljans 86/6 announcement and Bachmanns 90 already available. cheers Mark
  9. Hi Ben, Nice to see the Freightliner 86/6 appear already. A pair of those are ideal. A WCRC 33 is also a welcome addition cheers Mark
  10. Hi Accurascale, This is yet another fantastic announcement and at a very good price point for what is really a bespoke wagon. My planned Cumbrian coast layout has been extremely well covered stock wise in the last 2/3 years and this just adds further variety and a wagon I didn’t think would get made. cheers Mark
  11. Hi Fran, Thanks for the update and no worries about the delays. Well worth it to get what is going to be a stunning machine right. Plus will give more tie to save to upgrade to sound fitted as well. thanks Mark
  12. Hi everyone, Great announcement from Accurascale. I was surprised when I got the email earlier but already ordered one with sound to go with the rest of the DRS fleet. All the best Mark
  13. Hi Mick, My thoughts had been towards a 37 but a 185 would be a winner or even the 175. Far better as gives us all something different and very useful. cheers Mark
  14. Hi everyone, I had missed the news of the extra liveries, but the Royal Scotsman liveried ones are very welcome. By complete chance saw 66743 heading North through Dunkeld earlier this year with the Scotsman and a year ago saw one of them top and tail with another GBRF loco on a set of auto ballasters. For now I will be getting a pair of EWS/DB locos with sound as they will be very useful additions for Rannochs next show at Glasgow in Feb. The sample Bif had at St Andrews really does sound fantastic with the EM2 speaker and the loco ran faultlessly over my tight curves and point work. It even ran into the front siding which I don’t normally use and it didn’t stutter once which is very impressive. With regards the compressor speed up I know Bif has tried to give the best functionality for everyone. He has put it on a Function as in the video so it can be controlled as you wish but also it’s able to be switched on and left so that it will come on randomly and run for 30 seconds before returning to normal. This was on an earlier 66 sound file and had changed on a slightly later version to a Function I got, but Bif kindly put it back on a later version for me so it kicked in automatically. It works really well as when you run a train into a loop and leave it idling or say on a depot it will kick in without that loco being under control and adds further interest while you are running another train. Watching the video with Bif, Mick and Ben was really useful as we’ve not seen a British model with so much light and sound functions to play with and I’ve learnt more about things like Radar Hiss too. Will be looking forward to these. Cheers Mark
  15. That looks great Kev, it’s really coming together well. now if you build that 325 you dont need to put wires up and I can lend you a nice blue GM to haul it on your layout. A pair have been to Fort William after all lol! cheers Mark
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