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  1. Same here Dave. I had an email from John at Crafty Hobbies with the new range attached in case I wanted anything before he orders. It’s great to get such fantastic personal service and avoid missing out on certain releases. These will look nice with an EWS/DB 66 new the front. cheers Mark
  2. Hi Andy, Thanks for providing the latest Bachmann news in one easy to find and read place as usual. EFE Rail was unexpected but sounds like a great initiative with Kernow. Nice to see some JIA’s as I never got any first time around. The DB 66 is what I’m most pleased to see announced. I think they will fly out as it’s about the easiest loco to simply renumber and potentially add etched plates to create so many current locos. It’s a superb choice. Cheers Mark
  3. Hi Andy, I first took an interest in trains at the age of 4 and soon had a Hornby track plan pinned on a sheet of chipboard. By chance I discovered N gauge at the age of 8 as a result of moving house. My mum had commented on a train board to the owner of a house she went to view that was folded up against the wall on brackets. He said it was going to get scrapped as he would have no room for it where he was moving so when we got to go and look round I was shown how to operate the layout and it was left. We use to go to Poole to visit family and the Graham Farish range and layouts were in display cases at Merley House. I always liked watching the 100 wagon train on one of them. I wonder what happened to it all. Cheers Mark
  4. Joseph, Not sure what you were trying to achieve but you send an email then moan on a public forum straight away. You shouted the word NOT and then complained it must be better than this. It comes across as rude and moaning that you didn’t get an instance response which it turns out you did. And all this could have been avoided if you had read the automated email response. Perhaps a proper apology for your opening comments to Ben & Mike wouldn’t go amiss instead of telling Roy to retract his perfectly reasonable comments! Cheers Mark
  5. Hi everyone, Has anyone contacted Hattons for spare/replacement axle covers and received them? My first model had 2 missing which I phoned and a really friendly lady made a note to get them sent. I followed up a couple of months after on the email chat and was told they would come when they had some. My new model that came this week had one middle axle glued on and looking underneath you could see this had split during assembly so I used the chat again to ask for a spare. I was just curious as I see a couple of posts saying they had them. I didn’t really want to send models back for something that I can fix. Thanks Mark
  6. Looks great. cheers Mark
  7. Northern versions like these? Unbranded purple and the white. Both look smart on the new Bachmann models. cheers Mark
  8. Fran, I thought you told Clive “neigh chance” when he asked lol! cheers Mark
  9. Fran, I thought you told Clive “neigh chance” when he asked lol! cheers Mark
  10. Hi Fran, I’m not suprised the superb LLW nuke ones have been so popular again and great that they’ve sold out. Amazed at how quickly, that must be some model record. As soon as I got the email I messaged my not so local model shop to get my name on the two packs. He had already placed an order and think he knew I’d be after some. It’s good Accurascale are supporting local shops that know their customers well so you don’t miss out. cheers Mark
  11. Hi John, I discovered last week there is an issue with doing this Unfortunately. Whilst rebuilding a 66 with this bodyshell I found the 2 part windows don’t fit as these were what I had to hand. The 3 part Windows fit a shell that has a raised plastic lip that is curved at the corners where the front part of the glazing fits nicely into. The 2 part glazing has sharp angles for the front pane which won’t fit and the 2nd pane towards the cab doors is smaller in height than the opening on this bodyshell too. Sorry it’s not a nice simple swap as I thought it would be for the model I was doing, but hope that saves you some time/money getting bits that won’t fit. cheers Mark
  12. Hello everyone, I agree with Andy about how smooth and quiet the Deltic is. As mentioned a few pages back at Glasgow the sample had a little run on Rannoch with its ordinary DCC decoder and before it had its proper circuit board and it was very impressive. What you can’t see from a video/photos is the amount of weight the loco has too, so it should be able to handle any prototype train with ease. Personally I’m looking forward to the 92’s and 37’s, but the Deltic is going to be superb. cheers Mark
  13. Hi Fran, Hope you guys are all well. That is sounding very good indeed. cheers Mark
  14. Can you PM me,  Charlie (On [email protected])

  15. Hi James, are your operating crew trying to attract a new audience to shows with the full monty routine lol! cheers Mark
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