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  1. Peters Spares make their own replacement wheels and axles with the Lima axle length (24.5mm instead of 'standard' 26mm). Much better wheel/flange profile then the original 'pizza cutters' and 12mm diameter instead of 10.5mm. https://www.petersspares.com/peters-spares-ps34-lima-replacement-12mm-wagon-coach-wheels-x1-pair.ir
  2. Those are great Bill, I know you've posted them before & we discussed the timber being felled locally & sent elsewhere. I think a lot of traffic happened after the 'great storm' in October 1987. There might be more info in the Railfreight books at home. It's good that you noted the pit (of doom?), a shame it's not obvious in the pictures. Would have been interesting to have lived in one of the old stations
  3. Sadly all the domestic coal traffic was centralised on Exmouth Junction coal concentration depot from the end of 1967 so the good ol' 16t mineral was not part of the picture afterwards (except perhaps in other traffic....)
  4. I went back & looked at the picture in the book again, it's not very clear but I'm sure it does go below rail level rather than just slid between the hopper and the rails, as the tube emerges from the ground beside the tracks. This site has a sketch showing the arrangement as I'm assuming, showing how planking would cover the pit https://www.igg.org.uk/gansg/7-fops/fo-grain.htm
  5. This was either in this thread s couple of weeks ago, or the 'Things that make you " thread. The trouble is, they seem to overlap a lot and things end up in both. Then we start muttering about repeats....
  6. It's a serious subject, but you just know this place is going to be stuck with the 'temporary' name https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-bristol-53240033
  7. Just re-reading above, worth pointing out some of the prototype images are from Cornwall Railway society and Steve Johnson's Cyber heritage site. The last image with the 31 and OTAs was in David Mitchell's Railfreight Devon & Cornwall book. You really should make sure it's not copyright, or take it out. In the first image, it's just possible to see a conveyor/elevator in front of the OTAs, there was a small pit between the tracks to allow the grain wagons to discharge and load into waiting lorries; there's a picture in John Nicholas's 1992 book 'The North Devon Line'. I'd like to incorporate something like it on Kings Tawton, mainly the elevator & not necessarily the pit (it could be covered by planks, ie not actually modelled!).
  8. Ditto, slightly annoyed I missed it to start with!
  9. There's an outline plan of the prototype station layout in this 'Can you identify where .." thread, plus a bit of discussion about the way the loop operated once the signal box closed
  10. My colleague in Plymouth considers us in Exeter to be in the north. Another colleague lives in Cheriton Fitzpaine. He doesn't have responsibility for the orange paint pot, but he is the snow warden and has a yellow snow shovel. I said I wouldn't want to shovel yellow snow ...
  11. There's a limit of 10MB per post, so the number of images varies according to the file size. You can either resize the images a bit smaller (i have a feeling 1200 pixels wide is about right for website use), or do multiple posts. Or pay for 'Rmweb Gold' and get unlimited file sizes per post....
  12. Great to see this in its own thread Nick and thanks for the namecheck! Having seen pictures later in the build that you posted in the prototype thread, I know the finished article is impressive, but even at the stage shown you've captured the essence of Lapford to a 'T'. Looking forward to more pictures
  13. Thanks Nick, it's that mixture of freight, (mostly) short loco hauled trains and DMUs that's always been the attraction. I'm concerned if I cut off the bottom of the edging that it will be difficult to position, plus I've already glued the sections together before priming them! There's a couple of spare sections, I'll experiment with them first....
  14. Glad my experience is useful to others! I remember mentions in the past that you were doing something based on Halwill (Beaworthy?); is that still ongoing then?
  15. I've hit a snag-ette. I'm using Peco SR style concrete platform edging to give an ex-SR feel (although most of the North Devon stations had stone edging). When I set the platform edging up to check the clearances, it looked rather high compared to the coaches. A quick measure showed they are 15mm above rail height when sat on the level of the track. Interestingly, code 100 track was practically the same. According to various posts here & elsewhere, the platforms should be no more than 3 feet = 12 mm above rail height. So the edging is 3mm too tall I assume it's been made to work with track on underlay, unfortunately I had covered the whole station area with the insulation board, thinking to build the platforms up from that. It looks like I'll have to dig out a trench for the edging to sit in The really annoying thing is, I had looked at the article in Peco's own "Guide to 00 gauge railway modelling" which built a platform up from board level as I was intending without the track on underlay. Looking at the pictures again now, it does look like their platforms are too high....
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