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  1. This is looking good Martyn. Very atmospheric. Is there any prospect of the resin sack pallets being available to others? They look just right for fertilizer traffic.
  2. I've always liked the high 'window to pillar' ratio in Pacers, which gives a very good view out. Having said that, I'd far rather be in a 153 (which is effectively a bogied Pacer and probably what should have been built in the first place).
  3. We've traced various parts of the tramway over recent years, including the Ventiford basin at the other end, where the stone was loaded onto boats to travel down to Newton Abbot. Brian Harrap originally pointed out that the rails had been excavated back in 2016: When we visited recently we found that a recreated tram wagon has now been placed on the rails: Some other images from 2019, including a culvert under the Heathfield (Moretonhampstead) branch. And a rather incongruous sign at the nearby foot crossing at Teig
  4. It's very good, but the footbridge was obviously ready-to-plant and didn't really fit the location well. Reading the caption on Flickr, that really does seem to be the case, a late addition of the bridge using a standard design.
  5. Interesting. This will be the end of mechanical signalling then. Bit confused by this statement: Siemens Mobility will be supplying its Controlguide Westcad control system at Exeter power signal box (PSB) for Cornwall, and at Plymouth PSB for Devon So Exeter's covering Cornwall, despite Plymouth being closer?
  6. That's rather good. Imagine the climb up to Tallerdigg. And you could have sat behind the driver & watched the line ahead....
  7. The "Have I got news for you" Twitter feed reported it like this: Model train maker Hornby celebrates 28% jump in profits, making it the most successful rail company in Britain.
  8. That's definitely one for the "when the real thing looks like a model" thread!
  9. Is the last vehicle one of the courier van conversions?
  10. And that is still the attitude of far too many that seek to regain perceived past glory, instead of looking forwards to new opportunities. Apologies for going off topic and into possibly political waters!
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