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  1. Love that view with the moon. Looks like that last viewpoint won't be available in around 5 years!
  2. Fascinating stuff. I can see the idea behind the cutaway in the carriages, but was there any use made of the half height part below the windows?
  3. Rick, I'm a bit 'late to the party' here. I do like what you've managed to fit into the small space you have. The platform work is impressive. Can I ask, did you need to prime the rails before using the Woodlands Scenics paints? I have some rail colours but they seem not to work well unless the metal is primed first.
  4. A 'Growl' of tractors. Marvellous. (Ignoring the '2 windows, no nose' item on right, although at least it had a descendant of the EE engine )
  5. A few images of the wave walker in place alongside the station today. It's a big bit of kit, much larger than the platform used during the 2014 rebuild of the seawall. Also showing the temporary 'container wall' alongside the Dawlish Water outflow - not quite sure what this is for A class 150/143 combo departing for Paignton, viewed form the stone pier A couple of images of the completed walkway between the station and Kennaway Tunnel. Sadly there are metal railings being installed alongside the pathway so the view of trains is impaired; not sur
  6. Really like this. Showing again that a simple track plan can be used in so many ways, but evoking a definite location. And I think you're approaching the prolific now ...
  7. A fantastic bit of film! A close bit of fly shunting at 2 1/2 minutes. Definitely "of it's age" though - referring to "a motley crew of students and gypsies..."
  8. Peter's Spares manufacturer replacement wheelsets with finer wheels to drop into Lima stock. Unfortunately out of stock currently but might be worth contacting https://www.petersspares.com/peters-spares-ps34-lima-replacement-12mm-wagon-coach-wheels-x1-pair.ir
  9. Hi Neil, that looks pretty good from here. Have you just printed the black onto white transfer paper, leaving the numbers blank? I had thought this was the way around the lack of 'white' ink in most printers; if so, it seems to work fine.
  10. Rick, I'd seen the finished item in the gallery & said then how good this looks, thanks for posting up details of the work. I've now realised 4 things: 1/ I can legitimately run one of these on my North Devon layout - seen at Lapford http://www.cyber-heritage.co.uk/north_devon_line_okehampton_web_optimised/342 Lapford Thur 19.6.86.html 2/ The Electrotren model is near enough to scale 3/ This is a darn sight easier to do than splicing 2 Jouef hoppers to make the Grainflow version as others have done 4/ I can't find anyone with stock of the Electrotren wagon in the U
  11. Possibility in 0 scale with a reguaged SPUD but smaller scales might struggle for adhesion. I wonder how heavy the real thing is?
  12. There was a wagon repair yard at Exmouth Junction, but might have closed by then. Besides, this train is heading away from there. Fairly sure most of the wagons are revenue earning, apart from the 'Dutch' livery Sea Urchin(?); there's possibly oil, bitumen & LPG tanks for Cattewater in Plymouth. The Cargowaggon van could be anything, possibly empty clay traffic. HEA hoppers could be coal for Plymouth or Drinnick Mill, empties for calcified seaweed or barrier wagons. Final van also could be anything; MOD for Plymouth area, empty to Cornwall for clay or beer or another barrier.
  13. Sorry to read that this hasn't been the success you had hoped. It's a very ambitious build in 4mm, especially as the sand grains will probably behave differently at this small scale. As you say, a bit more space with shallower angle might help. I hope someone else is able to take it on; more so, hope that you will be able to progress with a simpler tipping system.
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