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  1. I built a Timberline kit I had in the stash. The Hardware store: An old kit with some small faults. I had to true up the walls, as they were leaning and too wide. The shop windows, built from wood strips and plastic castings were a challenge as the templates were wrong and the windows too wide to get a good fit.... But it turned out pretty good. I added the awning as I didn't plan to have a lot of interior in this one. Needs some details, then it's finished. I'm considering which signs I should add to the huge sides....
  2. Isn't Fugates TOMA more of the old Domino layout rather than the Chubb design? What actually differs them? I think I agree that conceptual designs like those mentioned are not for everyone. I actually thought of the TOMA when starting on my layout, but the drawbacks with sizes and joints were kind of prohibitive to me.
  3. Painted the new rockwork today. WS pigments. I have now soaked the surface with diluted Modpodge so I can add the black/raw umber wash. The rocks will now change character from iron rich to more granite.
  4. I'm confused. So if I share updates on my build, there's no base for discussion? I share quite a lot of various build techniques and the results of those (especially on the blog). I may be silly, but I kind of thought that others were interested in that, and might have an interest to discuss these?
  5. I made a retaining wall out of Depron foam that I scribed with a pencil before painting it with gesso and some paint. I glued it in place with hot glue. I surrounded it with my homemade Sculptamold.
  6. Good to see some input. Yes I read and like a lot on the forum. The thread from Allegheny I must have missed though. And no, I am not only in it for the likes, that's what Facebook is for. Discussions, questions and exchange of information on the other hand is my great reward.
  7. Is there really a point to continue making updates here? Or should I stay with my blog only? My thread here has just a couple of thousands of views, where's my other threads on other forums has 10-20 times that. With discussions and comments in accordance with the number of views. Is it maybe so that the small US/Canadian subsection on this forum just hasn't enough interest? I don't know, what do you think?
  8. I made some utility poles today. It's an Auhagen kit. I installed them temporary on the layout. I will add E-Z line later.
  9. Tested the new turnout control. I'm really satisfied.
  10. I installed the new lights over my layout today. I use 6 W LED bulbs with 2 feet gaps in between them. It's a LOT brighter now!
  11. I installed lights in more of the buildings and connected them on the layout. Now I'll have to see what else needs lights.
  12. Installed lights in some of the buildings today. The General store. The Pool hall. The Bordello. It is great with LED lights.
  13. Some new pics. C-25 at the engine house. K-27 filling water. The town of Holy Cross. The mining company presidents residence.
  14. I've started on the trees. Definitely going to need a LOT of trees for the layout....
  15. Thanks! It's not my primary job, I work mostly in the cultural history field.
  16. This is actually the Needleton water tank on the D&S.
  17. Finished my latest painting. D&RGW K-28 #476 taking water at Needleton. 60 x 48 cm. Mixed media on artist grade aquarelle paper.
  18. Finished my latest painting. D&RGW K-28 #476 taking water at Needleton. 60 x 48 cm. Mixed media on artist grade aquarelle paper.
  19. Work in progress, "water at Needleton". Mixed media on 380 gram paper.
  20. Turntable installed. Finally a locomotive in the engine house.
  21. Tested my scratchbuilt turntable. https://youtu.be/SHpQah58BqE
  22. Hi all! I felt a bit creative today, so I decided to paint some more on the backdrop. The backdrop at this section is almost 2' behind the scenery. I think that'll give a good 3D effect.
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