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  1. Not my picture . . . . but http://Tugs on the slow by Matt Fisher, on Flickr
  2. Hi RAF 96 - thanks for the reply. Sadly no - F8 not selected :-(
  3. Used to use Lenz - Class 60 TTS worked a treat. I have moved to Digitrax (Fed up with the Lenz controller buttons not working) and the 60 sound is permanently on but the loop bit of the high engine sound. I can start and drive the engine with the correct engine sounds masked by the looped high rev engine. Anyone experienced this before? I can't get the sound to go off :-(
  4. 100 % agree. But also puts some the 'big' manufacturers to shame displaying how their complacency on pushing out the same 1960s tooling time and time again, vice keeping up with development and bringing exciting new models to market, will contribute to their declining influence in the hobby.
  5. The attention to detail is right off the "Oooops the cleaner did it" school of thinking :-)
  6. Afternoon all. After the best part of a decade in this hobby, i have found that new purchase diesels are hit and miss regarding wobbly wheelsets; across all brands. Now this is something I am quite a pedant about, 126 tons doesn't wobble. I've used back to back gauges with hand pressure, back to back gauges within a vice (to guarantee 90 deg from axle alignment), removal and reinsertion of the plastic bushes and mix and matching axles with different wheels. Within all of this I am able to correct 1/2 / 3/4 of poorly seated wheels but it does leave me with some that, to me, and incurable. Before I consider purchasing additional ones, I thought I ask you geniuses out there for your tricks and fixes that you have conjured up over the years; you may just save me the cost of 2 full Class 66 wheelsets. Thanks guys M
  7. Nice video Ian How do those Kernow Cargowagons run - any good? The points on the main line are they Medium or Large radius? You def need some temp speed restrictions for those crossovers :-)
  8. That is a good angle Rob - not one you've shown us before. :-)
  9. Hi Rick You can get then flush. Glue together, milliput and sand away. Awaiting the mojo to hash together an etch for the doors - these have been a EIP for a while. M
  10. Rob - how about a 'screen' as they use at Hinklsey? Post lockdown ride and reccy?? https://flic.kr/p/29T7Edc
  11. Hi all. I used to periodically get DVDs from Jon, his excellent Rail Reflection series he produced. His website is (Sadly) no longer active so hoping he's okay. Cracking reference material for 1985-2005 modellers. Thanks M
  12. Good to see Bachmann continuing to produce products throughout this difficult year. That said - with Loco's now at the £200 for a diesel that is firmly into 'mini-engineering' territory and for that price I will no longer accept non-concentric and wobbly wheels on locos and stock. Time to up the QC in that arena Bachmann.
  13. David was going to say it sounds like you're confusing your General Aviation (GA) flying routines with those of Commercial IFR Operators. A GA VFR / Visual approach is not restricted in following the same rigid procedures as an Instrument arrival. If you want to fly a 6 deg approach with all whites on the PAPIs and then round out that's you're call as a your the Pilot in Command. Whereas a commercial flight is operating to their Air Operators certificate and Ops manual; where they mostly state that instrument approaches are mandatory as they are the safer, preferred option. As RobD2 says, "stabalised approaches" are mandatory, if your not stabalised by 1000 or 500 ft you go around and do it again. Within ATC we have specific instructions to adhere to when vectoring aircraft, instructions that are changing again as we (UK CAA) harmonises with ICAO. Each approach has a platform level - 1800 ft for us. Unless the aircraft is operating IAW a published CDA profile, the aircraft must be vectored to establish on the final approach track 2 miles before the descent point (5 miles on a 3 deg glide path for us). Accordingly, from 7 mile final for the runway the aircraft will be routinely overflying the same spot at the same levels. Often the aircraft are clean until just before descent and the aircraft uses the drag of flaps and gear to decelerate. Modern Aircraft types as so much quieter and no where near the noise nuisance of 10 years ago let alone 20. The Embraer 195 is the largest thing we operate from our 1500m Runway and from the Twr you can't hear it land. Safe flying :-) M
  14. Melly

    OO gauge Turbot

    Judging by the video above - me thinks the answer is NO !!! :-)
  15. I don't think it's beyond the realms of the probable that there will be a significant social and economic backlash at the Chinese for being the catalyst of, and for the lack of transparency about, the current Coronavirus situation. Another change in manufacturing location for the companies to manage?? Perhaps it will give us all time to catch up with those items we liked yet did not need. :-)
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