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  1. Not every Door position on a 455 has a GOP Panel only two of the four vesibule areas have them per coach but its an improvement on the one either end. And i read earlier in this thread that the 455's are getting the traction package mod due to unreliabiltiy of the current EX Sub 507 motors yet they are the oldest units operated by SWT and are the most reliable far more than the desiros and 458's its just to do with the current cost of having to overhaul 50 year old motors and control gear.
  2. You can still get to see it and the locking room the steps where taken down before they fell own due to rott problems mind you last time i was in the locking room of the box it was in a rough condition
  3. While not a 'shunting' class of loco Bournemouth Depot has two 73's for shunting 455's around
  4. Camelot 73082's Boiler left the Bluebell this week bound for Crewe could of been that as its a relativley small boiler
  5. A 2-10-0 on 50 Steamings over a year is £30,000 not including transport or anything else just the loco.
  6. Whole proces http://www.flickr.com/photos/paulfuller128/sets/72157633900651121/
  7. Saw a picture on Allelys Facebook of one of their trailers being loaded with the tender
  8. Are you still looking for pictures as i might have one or be able to get one as one of my freinds Built the box
  9. Lovley layout really nice protoype shame the Viaduct cant be used anymore beacause of the rare sand lizards that now use it for there habitat
  10. They most certainley are powered by 507's however theyre getting old and converting to 3 phase is the preffered method as they are the most reliable units in our fleet it would be worthwhile to convert them to ohle if the time comes there very usefull to having no toilets so maximum seating i have also heard they are going to get strengthened to 10 cars and 5 car units using old 456 parts
  11. The Class 455's where built in the 1980's with some of the phase 3 4557xx units having ex 508 trailer coaches which are 1970's theyre currently undergoing a refreshing C62 overhaul and soon to receive a new traction package for the three phase motors like the desiros so they can do the regenerative braking and get rid of the old control gear the idea being that it will be easier to convert them if they did put Overheads in and also this will mean they will last till 2030 plus so by then theyll be quite old.
  12. Usefull for lifting buckeye couplers on ED's as well, and defendeing trains and playing depot cricket.
  13. The 450 could be converted from a bachman 350 as in reality its just the 350's fitted with overhead gear although the bogies have the shoe beams mounted on them. Other stock running localy are 37's we had some the other week on a special freight train occasional 66's too and of course regular summer steam spepcials to/from Swanage Weymouth.
  14. Aah another layout based near me! this should look very good, i dont know if you have seen it but there is a brilliant book called rails around poole Harbour i think its an Oakwood press jobbie but is very good. Also looking forward to seeing some 442's
  15. Also remember that the wall nearest the turntable was changed sometime in the 50's after an M7 struck it also the gable was changed at that time too cause of the accident. The ratio kit for the single road locoshed is based on Sidmouth not too disimilar if you wanted a base to scratch build round?
  16. Really wish i knew something about steam locomotives such a terrible tragedy.

    1. darren01


      read some book's

    2. Captain Kernow

      Captain Kernow

      Sorry, am I missing something here - what is the tragic event that you're referring to, Tom? Has there been an accident involving a steam loco somewhere?

  17. My comments about the power of the U boat and struggling uphill are based upon the facts having worked on the loco in question and several other U's i was just pointing out that its fairly steep climb there only a class 4 so it might and probably will find it a struggle sometimes with a load of 6 or more.
  18. Off topic i know but is the SWT liveried ED battle of britain per chance?
  19. When i was last there in November i was told it was 1 in 58 climbing one side of Imberhome bridge with a level track panel under the bridge and a falling 1 in 60 the other side im pretty sure that is what it was though it may have changed.
  20. Tis bit of a problem that i cant remember the exact details of the extensions gradient but on a wet day i think even the U will struggle
  21. No its returning from Crewe after having boiler repairs
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