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  1. Send me an email to [email protected] I have some in stock, using the Peco Buffer, sprayed and finished. Comes with resistor & diode for wiring to DCC bus. Contact me I'll send a picture. Cheers, Robert
  2. Have recently had an enquiry in relation to these Lamps Phil, and have made some up bespoke for another customer. As we move away from "production runs" and concentrate more on commission work, it has come at a good time. I intend to semi-retire next year so the website will be removed in 12 months time. We always finish our Exhibition year with the Hull Show but I hope to continue to be invited to our local shows; Bridlington, Pickering & Hull Enquiries are always welcome, by email and if there's something specific, such as your lamps, then I'm only too please to help where possible.
  3. Brian, Pack it up neatly and send back to Peco direct. Address it to BEN ARNOLD who is Engineering Director, and STEVE HAYNES who is Sales Manager and ask them for comment and replacement. Address is: PECO Ltd, Underleys, Beer, Devon, EX12 3NA Best wishes, Bob
  4. Cheers Barry, yes sounds like you had a good day! I was obviously "not in the right mood" - I didn't want to damn Peco at all as their stuff is very good, it was just a frustrating exercise at the time..................Anyway, I have yet to design the underside of the board so quite looking forward to it now it's working! I'll try a couple on some of the points as well (although I have bought the "Conrad" ones which I've used before). It looks like the switching for colour lights is a good idea, I tried a couple of LEDs to see the effect and I like it. I will be having a couple of semaphores
  5. Original comment edited - note the following. Perseverance has paid off; it's not wholly clear on which way the plugs go into the sockets (they can go either way) so if, like me you can't get it to work, switch off first. then turn the plugs the other way up and restore power. Original comment: Hi Barry, is there any chance of you helping me out here? I've got one servo and one switch rigged up and nothing works (the display & buttons are ok). After reading other threads who have had similar negative experiences, I am about to ditch this in the bin, until I read your "...............p
  6. Interesting. I logged on today to find out about this "damned thing" - I can't get it to work even at the first stage - one switch, one servo! Looking for help and inspiration I thought I'd have a look through the Forum. I wonder, has ANYONE (apart from Peco) got this to work successfully, or is it really a white elephant? Going to Youtube next to see if there's anything positive about it (again apart from Peco). All in all, not a good advert for Peco but hey ho. I could've spent my £60 on something more useful by the sounds of it. Not impressed at all.
  7. Would it be absolutely wrong to put a Generic Class 5 sound in my K1? It's on its way from Liverpool and I have a Class 5 (generic) sound decoder in my spares box...............or, is there a decent recording yet?
  8. Hi Folks, Was shopping today and came across this in a discount store. It's a model to 1:125 scale of Beatrix Potter's house. If it's of interest to 'N' 2mm modellers, check out the link to Amazon here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/BEATRIX-POTTER-RABBIT-Sawrey-Painted/dp/B00GZKA7HK or, get back to me and I'm willing to return and purchase them if you're seriously interested. (I will add a little fuel and postage). There were two on the shelf today. I guess they could obtain more. Appear to be solid resin. Very nicely decorated and feel of good quality. They don't seem to be hollow. W
  9. Looking good! BR Hoppers, Fish Vans and Horse boxes on my list together with the BR Parcels fleet. Hoping the 'hard copy' Catalogue doesn't disappoint - Hornby wouldn't commit when asked if it was going to be a 60th Anniversay Special which, IMHO, it ought to be. Well done Hornby.
  10. Interesting stories. It is a fascinating subject and it's getting way beyond comprehension now. However, if you are modelling eras where Prefixes or Suffixes are relevant, it's interesting to note that some letter/number combinations were either not used, or not issued in a certain year. For example ABC123A. ABC might only have been issued with A, E,J,M and P suffixes, so ABC123D would be incorrect, as would ABC234S. Then there was the possibility that ABC was only issued with 11 - 349 and that was it, therefore ABC509R would be wholly wrong - and they stood out like sore thumbs in "investiga
  11. My advice after 50 years in the business. Keep it simple! A power supply, Two wires, One switch and that's it! Make it complicated and it will be.
  12. I know you say "cheaper" but you get what you pay for, obviously. If you're populating coaches then the Chinese ones will do a good job in forming bulk passengers which can't be seen. They're also cheap enough to cut in half (!). In my experience, the Airfix trackside workman figures have been an excellent choice for 50 to 60 years, although I haven't bought the other which used to be polypropylene ones recently from the Dapol stable. If it's scenario work you want to undertake then the following offer cast figures, but they're not in the "cheap" range, but as I say, you get what you pay fo
  13. Hi all, one day at an exhibition I noticed a number of vehicles (4mm) on a layout with varying Registration Numbers. If I may impart an observation from my early days in the Police service (early 70s) that, although it was becoming more frequent, it was often unusual to see vehicles from other areas, although as it was gradually happening. It hadn't been too long since the DVLA (or DVLC as it was to become known) had gradually taken over the LVLOs, the Local Vehicle Licensing Offices. At the time, the LVLOs were responsible for issuing Registration Numbers to the Motor Trade in the locality
  14. Hi all, In relation to my enquiry regarding the Class 128 sound project. I'm indebted to Paul Chetter (pauliebanger) for his help in sorting out one or two niggles I had with the sound project on a Zimo 644M purchased from Digitrains. This was after seeing the excellent article in a recent Hornby Magazine and deciding to give it a whirl! The problem at first was that I realised the sounds themselves didn't match the documentation which came with the decoder and I had some erratic responses. This was, at first, confusing. I wrote a note on the forum asking for advice and Paul kindly respond
  15. Perfect squares, rectangles and most of all, 90 degree corners! Thanks for the tip.
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