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  1. hi all I have done a video of the new train tech relay unit Richard Brown trains in the attic
  2. With the summer starting we are looking at our garden railway the first job was to fix Thomas here is my video on this job
  3. train tech will be selling a unit that will do what you want to do. here is a link to there page http://www.train-tech.com/index.php/accessories-extra/relay-controller Richard
  4. I have learnt a lot from here and made some friends and helped many people. but the forum came to it own 3 years ago when I lost my younger brother who was 29 years old I was given so much support from everyone and it helped me to carry on. I have enjoyed all the meet ups and my best memory was at the RMweb live was driving the little train at chase water railway i think it was called Richard
  5. hi here is my video from the show Richard trains in the attic
  6. hi all thank you for a great show here is my video of the show Thank you Richard Trains in the attic
  7. I don't know if I will be able to film all of them in one day. but let hope so Richard Trains in the Attic
  8. I will be going to the show. as long as it is on so if anyone want to see a partial layout which will be at the show please let me know as I will do my best to film it and put it on my youtube channel. Richard Trains in the attic
  9. I know that it might sound like a silly idea but why not pop down to your nears model show or model railway shop or model railway club someone there might be able to help. other idea will be to buy a sprog which will let you to read and write your decoder.
  10. hi can anyone tell me who I need to contact to film for my youtube channel at this show I have filmed for the past few years but can't remember who I emailed about it. Thank you Richard trains in the attic www.youtube.com/c/trainsintheattic
  11. hi all here is my video from this great show Richard trainsintheattic
  12. hi all here is my video of the great show Richard Trains in the attic
  13. Hi all here is my video from Warley today Richard Trainsintheattic
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