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  1. I don't know which sysblme you are using but have it displaying which way you don't want it to show then press the program button eg if it is the point button if you want left as on have the right showing on the ECoS then press the program button
  2. just reprogram the unit and press the opposite button when you set it up Richard
  3. try switching the feed wires on the booster so left track do the right track and vis versa Richard
  4. I have one I just need to find a use for it. the way to program it is so easy you drop the file to it. you program it in python create a file and drop it on the the device
  5. for those of you missing warley this year here i a video of the best bits from 2016 to 2019


  6. Hi I have a small series on my youtube channel where I am designing a laser cut OO shed to print out at my university laser printer here are the videos part 1 which is the cutting and part 2 where I add details Thank you Richard Brown Trains in the attic
  7. I am putting my ECoS into storage for over a year. my question is should I remove the batteries or level them is. I ask this I I am worried that it might lost it memory and os over the year. I have posted this on the EUS form Richard Brown
  8. thank you for the update I look forward till november 2021 when I will get to ride on it when I go to warley model railway show and stay in birmingham Richard
  9. can you share the link please only joking
  10. hi all I have done a video of the new train tech relay unit Richard Brown trains in the attic
  11. With the summer starting we are looking at our garden railway the first job was to fix Thomas here is my video on this job
  12. train tech will be selling a unit that will do what you want to do. here is a link to there page http://www.train-tech.com/index.php/accessories-extra/relay-controller Richard
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